Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember this?

It's hot. Here's some cold. Enjoy.


Nancy P said...

Good morning, in a few hours.

Bravo to those who played the story game yesterday! You were brave! Btw, it'll never be too late to add a "scene" to it if you're ever so inclined.

Must go snore.

katiebird said...

Ah, THOSE were the days! That's a 'cool' photo.

Sweet dreams, Nancy. I'll be back in the morning.

AndiF said...

I am cooool -- because the electricity came back at 12:20 a.m. and brought with it the blessed a/c after 22 hot, humid, miserable hours.

But then again, there is such a thing as too much "cool". [LINK].

katiebird said...

Andi, I'm so glad you got your power (especially the A/C) back! We've lost A/C before and that's bad enough but, to deal with that AND not having lights or anything else -- miserable!

It's funny though. We're deep enough into the heat of summer that even your "too much" photo looks good to me today. It looks just about right.


Anonymous said...

NOOOOO!!!! AHHHH!!!! (Running to window to make sure it's not December)

Considering we'll have that white stuff on the ground in 2.5 months - maybe sooner - I can't even look at it right now. We have 52 - high of 79 today. Come on up, hot and humid people!

Hope Dolly doesn't affect any of our Texas friends today.

Kelly, started Codespell on Monday - even better than the first two!

Happy Hump Day, everyone. I'm off to - well, you know.

Lisa Miller said...

Cruel and unusual--
Looking at pictures of snow from the Dallas perspective.
Hot and drenched in sweat, sorry I don't perspire, after my morning walk.

But then when Beth is watching it snow in the fall I'll be enjoying a cool 70's breeze.(That is if it's not still in the 80s or 90s)

We could use some of Dolly's rain, but I'm not getting the umbrella out yet. I'll send dry thoughts to Kimber.

I will appologize for the terrible humor in my story addition of Hag Joan at the Rivers yesterday.
But hey, I was in synopsis hell all day. Hope I can slay that synopsis dragon today and get back to editing the YA novel.

A good day to all.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, as soon as that snow starts to fall, get your guest room ready for me! I'm NOT a winter fan, which you'll discover once the season arrives and I start whining...

Good luck slaying dragons - I'll be fighting the same battle next month, once this ^%$# move is over.

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all!

Still not a morning person, but I did get a five mile bike ride in around eight–yay! So, now I'm going to sit in the corner with my mug of tea and that ginormous cinnamon roll and not feel the least bit guilty.

Dropped another segment into the story just now--I saw a couple of challenges issued and thought I would take up the gauntlet.

Beth, glad you're enjoying CodeSpell. I had a ball writing it.

Andi, great to hear you've got your AC back. There's nothing like roasting in the dark while your fridge defrosts itself to remind you of the joys of modern living.

Lisa, synopses, ech! We hates them we does, they bites our toeses and squeezes our brains.

KB, Nancy, (waves with mouth full of cinnamon roll)

Nancy P said...

Nancy waves on the run!!

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, Nancy, Katiebird, Andi, Beth, Lisa, & Kelly and to all those that drop in after.

In H-town we have had a bit of Dolly rain at around 5:30 a.m., but for the moment it's dry.

I am drinking peppermint tea and glaring at page 70 of TOUCH that I keep having to reprint because I can't seem to get it right. Arg.

Have a good day!

Nicola Slade said...

That picture is just plain cruel, Nancy! I've just spent four days in Wales and it rained much of the time. Today (in the south of England) it's warm but grey overhead and the cats are lying around gasping and complaining about the heat (I think it's about 17 degrees!)
Weatherforecasting is a national sport here in the UK and the officials NEVER get it right. Luckily grumbling is also a national sport so we're all happy about that!


Nancy P said...

Kelly! When you take up a challenge, you take up a challenge! I love that last chapter. I wonder who will take it up next. . .

Beth, sorry!! Smirk.

Andi, yay for power. Yay for the photo which I haven't actually looked at yet. I'm anticipating ice or blizzard conditions.

Kb, no hump days for you anymore.

Lisa, here, have a sword.

Kimber, keep us posted on the Moisture Level in Houston, 'k?

Nicola,lol! (We have two cats. One of them is never actually witnessed moving. She just appears on one bed, all curled up and asleep, and the next thing you know she's on another bed, ditto.)

FARfetched said...

Hey folks!

That white stuff. Bleah. Bad traction. No want.

Unwinding a bit… I got Episode #43 of FAR Future posted this morning, only two days late. But I wrote out about 2/3 of #44 today at lunch (looks to be a long one, but fortunately one that I knew has been coming for a long time so I know how it rolls), and it should be in fine shape for next Monday.

Beth, Codespell stays great all the way through. But Kelly (waving) leaves himself a lot of hooks* for the next story, so he's got his work cut out for himself.

Andi, yesterday's t-storms didn't knock power out at the manor, or not for long. But there was a major intersection on my way home where the stop light was out, and the road was blocked both north & west — and I had to go north… and was on the motorcycle… Fortunately, the rain suit did its job and I managed to sit out the strongest wind gusts under a darkened gas station overhang.

Naturally, with a higher chance of rain than yesterday, it's clear and I'm in the car (working at home tomorrow & didn't want to risk wetting the laptop on the way home). Much with the meh.

*A more polite term than "loose ends" :-D

Lisa Miller said...

Thanks for the sword, Nancy.
Did the trick.
The synopsis dragon be slain-- that is until my critique partner and I had some great ah ha moments as we went over it.
Some tweeking and by jove I think she's got it.
OMG I think I finally understand all of my story now.

boran2 said...

Brrr. Although I've had enough of the heat and humidity, I'm glad that it isn't snow.

That was a great idea yesterday, Nancy. You'll have to do it again.

Nancy P said...

Hey, far and boran2.

Rick has left us with a sweet and funny ending to our story.