Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hump Day Dog

With a new puppy in the house, Sniff needs special attention.

Photo by his Best Friend Forever.


Nancy P said...

Andif, that is.

Thank you guys for all the sweet good wishes yesterday. Backatcha. :)

AndiF said...

Yep, he's definitely ready for everyone to pat and fluff him.

However, I'll eschew the "mom" -- are you hinting I'm a bitch ;) -- but I'll go for photo by Sniff's BFF.

And here's the first Pack photo, no butts about it. [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa Miller said...

Andif, the dog's life looks pretty good. Glad my two aren't the only couch potatoes pups. I wanna go hiking with your crew.

Nancy-- Keep on truckin'

Wonderful Wednesday to all.

katiebird said...

(waving) The coffee just finished dripping and for the third morning in a row there's a nice steady rain AND I've got a good book.

And good friends. (wiggling under Sniffs head)

FARfetched said...

Sniff looks like, "What's that brat doing now… hey! That's not your dish! Don't make me come over there!"

Nancy, that post title is… well… you figure it out. :-P

Lisa, KB, and all who come later, hello! I managed to dodge the rain on the way home, but it poured at the manor. It nicely packed the driveway gravel on the level section, but washed out the sloped section once again. Dangit. More rain in the forecast for today, and I'm taking the computer to work at home tomorrow, so today I'm in the car. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had some of your rain - about six drops fell yesterday. We have burn bans posted, it's so dry and windy. CA might have earthquakes - N Idaho has forest fires.

Congrats on the new pup, andi - looks like he fits right in with the pack, at least when they're rambling!

Bill actually mentioned getting puppies the other day...well, maybe this fall. Once summer activities have wound down. Yippee!

Hope everyone has a stellar Hump Day - I can smell KB's coffee, so am off to make breakfast. And then - yep, you guessed it. The P word. :-)

Nancy P said...

lol, Andi. See revised front page.

Love the Dogs Mooning over Ohio photo.

Lisa, my truck is revved up.

Katie, it makes me happy to think of you reading on a couch on in the middle of the week.

Far, oh, I thought of that when I typed it, lol.

Beth, awww, Bethie needs a puppie!!

Okay, my apologies to all who come next, but I'm off to the library to write.

katiebird said...

Hi Far & Beth!!

Nancy, it makes me happy to. I'd be happier if I had plans to meet you sometime/somewhere? Can you take a break from your hot-streak?

katiebird said...

Forget I said that, No breaks for you! Get that book written.

(cracking whip)

AndiF said...

Psst Nancy, it's Indiana.

Morning lisa, kb, and beth.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Ahh, poor Sniff!

Nancy, I too am having a light blogging week--a couple of 'em. We're into summer! Relatives visiting and conferences and parties and well, you get the idea.

And I second Beth, bring that rain to Idaho!

Janet said...

KatieBird, quit waving that coffee around. You'll poke somebody's eyes out. ;)

I've got some organic Strawberry Honey Lemonade from Colombia Gorge. Anyone? Anyone? Best part was... it was free!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, lemonade! Hi, Janet! A nice cool glass of lemonade over here please?!

Cute pic of the pups, Andif.

Beth, is packing almost done?

Excited about Nancy's hot streak!

Have a good one, all.

Anonymous said...

I hope so, Anon. I'm stopping for the day. Another couple of days, and we'll be done. Things seem to multiply when I turn my back! Thanks for asking - I'll certainly be crowing when we ARE done!

boran2 said...

Aww. It almost looks like he's posing for the camera.

Happy writing, Nancy.