Sunday, July 27, 2008

Light blogging week

There may be lots of empty chairs on the porch this week. I won't be occupying mine very often, either. What with vacations, illness, or deadlines, we're going to be missing some people for a little while. But the rocking chairs and the porch swing are available, there's coffee and tea inside, and blogworld exists where it is not 99 degrees in the shade. Enjoy. I'll drop in whenever I can. . .


Nancy P said...

O hai!

I have my head down in my manuscript.

Janet said...

Rocking chairs always remind me of a Lily Tomlin charchter. :)

So I'll be sitting on mine while I tug at my panties and socks. :)

Does anyone hear from OMIR/Creede? I sure do miss him.

katiebird said...

Well, let me know if you want to sneak out for coffee :)

I'll be sorting books and mostly off line myself. At least that's what I intend. If you see me, I won't be doing what I should.

katiebird said...


Waving at Nancy & Janet!

boran2 said...

Hi Nancy, Janet and KB! Long time no "see" Janet, I hope that you have been well.

We lost power briefly here during the heavy storms here earlier. Well, I'm getting ready for bed, it's gettin' late here in the east.

Good night all, see ya tomorrow.

Nancy P said...

::tugs at socks::

Janet, I think I've spotted Omir on a couple of political blogs where I lurk, but I'm not positive about that.

Sweet dreams, Janet & Son Wesley, Katiebird, and Boran2. I'm off to zzz, too.

AndiF said...

Morning Nancy, kb, boran2, and dj.

dj, omir still comes by BT. He was around quite a bit last week.

The combination of humidity and early morning light provide a Monday Picture Post which is a natural ode to the impressionist painters.

Light and dark [LINK]

Dabs of color [LINK]

Maria Lima said...

Hai Internets! Rushing through as I begin my also busy week.

I seem to have broken the keyboard shelf on my el cheapo computer desk. ::facepalm::

Oh well, the desk lasted about 5 years and for a whopping $70 - not a bad deal.

I've been thinking about upgrading it, anyhow.

Anyone have any thoughts? (I live in a tiny one-room studio, so must take space into account).

Hope everyone's Monday is great!

Lisa Miller said...

What a wonderful picture. I love rocking chairs and porch swings.
The rhythmic squeeks and motion.

Edith Ann ;-}

Thank you Andif for such beautiful pictures of outside. Here in Texas I'm driven in early by the HEAT and miss being outside much this time of year.

Busy-- seems to be contagious.
Got a bad case of it too.

But taking a break from time to time to sit on the porch is a must.

Marvelous Monday to all.

Anonymous said...

Morning, all. Just popping in. Taking part of the day off from packing to do a quick trip with the girls to Sandpoint for lunch, gabbing, and ice cream. Back at it this afternoon. Boy, will I be glad when this is over, and I can get back to my real life. Which has something to do with words and paper, if I remember correctly.

Enjoy whatever it is you're doing today, everyone!

FARfetched said...

Hey everyone! I brought donuts!

Pretty busy weekend here too… to the theater twice (once for X-Files, once for Wall-E… guess it was a Hyphenated Movie Title Festival). I enjoyed both, but could have waited to rent the DVD in both cases. Especially at eight frickin' fifty a ticket, and then they wonder why people aren't coming to the theater.

At least I made plenty of progress on FAR Future… the latest episode is up, and next week's is already in the auto-post queue. It's nice to get a little ahead; I don't have to throw out the first draft & hope it doesn't have a howling error somewhere.

There's a little lull at the day job… maybe I can catch up with everyone before the other shoe drops.

katiebird said...

Good Morning! (I'm afraid to list names: I'm too likely to miss someone)

Dina said...

Good day all.

What a great sense of place. Makes me want to move out to the country NOW!

Janet said...

I'm stopping by briefly to rock.

The latest about a candidate and his and Texas Oilman fundraiser anti-women remarks regarding their jokes about rape have hit me a bit this week. I thought they wouldn't but it seeped in. And I've just started to let it... "seep in" a bit. And then Mike Weiner Savage comes out with his "autistics are all fakes" crap...

and then blammo:

"Police: Man shot churchgoers over liberal views"

Off the AP: "It appears that what brought him to this horrible event was his lack of being able to obtain a job, his frustration over that and his stated hatred of the liberal movement," Owen said at a news conference.

The Unitarian-Universalist church promotes progressive social work, including advocacy of women and gay rights. The Knoxville congregation also has provided sanctuary for political refugees, fed the homeless and founded a chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, according to its Web site."

So... he hates liberals. I guess we took his job, drove up the price of food and gas... Man, did that DITTOHEAD TERROROST have it all backwards. They would have fed him and helped him find a job.

The only churches I've been in since the Kool Aid drinkers took over have been Unitarian Churches here in Portland. Mostly in support of veterans who are speaking out - in many ways they are like the underground railroads for the Peace Movement.

So this jobless guy who still drives an SUV decides to go and shoot up a Unitarian Church in Tenn. during a children's performance because he hates LIBERALS?!?!?! Somebody had way too much Weiner Nation talk radio for breakfast.

I'm curious as to why the "news" fed this as "Police: Man shot churchgoers over liberal views". Are we supposed to be afraid?

Me and my entire family go to the these churches when used as sanctuaries for the political and war refugees.
I feed the homeless. My job supports the Oregon Food Bank.
I worked to try to stop the Veto of the Farm/Food Bill.
I am a Meals on Wheels volunteer.
And I'm PAYING ACLU member. (among other things as most of you know LOL)

I'm just surprised that after all these years (almost 8 to be exact) that I still get surprised.

.... rock.... rock... rock....

Waves to everyone. ... rock.

Janet said...

Whoa. Sorry about the heavy load there. I blame the rocking chair :)

Andi, each time I'm in the Seattle/Olympia area (you heard about the Port protests, right? :)) I thin of OMIR and wish I had thought to contact him and maybe hook up with him... but some of these things are so last minute or there is so much going on I don't think of it at the time. And I never seem to make it up that way unless it's something completely crazy or critical. LOL

Loved the Marmot Drink photo. Brought back a TON of memories. I wish you and I could talk. I wish we all could just meet up.

I might be meeting CaliScribe this hockey season! She's already met my dearest, best friend due to hockey.

Okie doke... I'd better get ready for work. Gotta run a book back to the library.

No... not Nancy's. I haven't been able to start Virgin yet. Each time I look at the cover...I get all "homesick" for some of you BTers.

Janet said...

Oh and Olivia!!!!

How come you aren't sickeningly rich yet due to all your lovely photos??

I'm still willing to pay you for some dewdrop prettys made up as drink coasters.

Functionable Art, baby.

Sorry about your Sens. My Sharks stink. Stank. Stunk. :)

FARfetched said...

{{{Janet}}} consider this porch your personal haven. I'll bring guns… anyone gives us funny business, we'll shoot back & watch 'em run like rabbits!

Andi, the word that came to mind when viewing the Monday Picture Post was "brassy."

Lisa Miller said...

Janet, I'm new to this group but WOW you got a mighty lot to say.
Now don't go thinking all us Texans are uncouth blowhards.
I'm married to a real gentleman.
Passionate about people and his country.
Isn't it crazy how the news can spin things so out of whack?
Must be why I don't watch or read too much news.
My moderate views rarely make the cut.
But I do appreciate your passion about life.
Don't blame the rocking chair, give it credit for allowing you to release these toxic frustrations.
So keep on rocking girl.
...And that's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Andif, I love your pix, very impressionistic (my fav). Do you do this professionally?

Hi, to everyone. Too hot here to rock on porch - unless it's enclosed and has ac!

Kimberly Frost said...

Definitely in the AC here. Will be off-line for a few days, so wanted to stop by and say Cheers! to everyone for the upcoming week.

AndiF said...

Hi Maria, lisa, beth, farf, dina, kb (again), janet (again), anon, and kimberly.

DJ, I'm bound to get back to Portland because we have a lot more places we want to hike out there. So someday ...

lisa, it's hot and humid here too but I'm addicted to the woods so I just go and sweat a lot.

anon, nope, not a pro. But I am the Official Photographer to the Famous Author. ;)

well farf, brassy is the word that often comes to mind for me so that's fitting. :)

Janet said...

Hey there Far. Thanks for the squeeze :)

Lisa, not bashing Texans :) Sorry if it sounded like that. I know of a wonderful Texan, her name is Diane Wilson, along with several others. :) I don't watch the "news" much anymore either. But this week has been tons of el blammos around the work space.

Andi! When you get out here, I know of three major hiker/bikers who can show you around. My spouse and kids :) It seems while they are having all the fun, I'm the one working and putting my pink fanny on the line :) We need to make sure we have each other's contact so that when you do come out we can be more than ready to show you a good time. (Without getting anyone arrested :))