Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Wabbit!

My computer guy saved my computer and everything in it!


Nancy P said...

Hope it's okay to use that rabbit. The source says "royalty-free clip art."

Where was I when I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh yes. . .


FARfetched said...


Now get thee a backup plan! and use it! ;-)

Paul Lamb said...

Yes, get thee to a backup. Do you use a PC or a Mac? (I think you may have covered this ground before.)

I love me my Mac. I'd never go back to a PC.

Happy Saturday to all. I'll be down in the Ozarks, swimming, I hope.

AndiF said...

Yay for the fixed puter and thank the flying spaghetti monster for geeks with persistence (and, we hope, reasonable rates).

And for anybody who peeks in from NYC, head right on over to my niece's just opened Friday cupcake and gelato place, Sweet Revenge at 62 Carmine. (Her name is Marlo and I'm sure she'd approve this message.)

Nancy P said...

G'morning! Hey, Farfetched!

Paul, what a great weekend to be at the Ozarks. When I was married I was down there a lot, and loved it.

I use a pc, because of three lemony macs in a row. :( If I don't have to get a new 'puter, I won't. If I do, I'll consider going Mac again, depending on price. I once had an inexpensive H-P that was a great little machine.

A cupcake shop! Andi, if you've got a photo of it, or of her wares, send it, and I'll put it on the front page tomorrow, 'cause you know I looove cupcakes, and I'd be happy to advertise for her. Love the name of her shop, too. Does she sell Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing? ::licks lips:: The best cupcake shop in my area is called Baby Cakes.

AndiF said...

No pictures yet and won't have any till my sister gets back on Tuesday (at which time I'll be in St. Louis -- boo on work, yay for dinner with maryb). So maybe cupcakes will be a Monday Picture Post on the 21st. :)

katiebird said...

!! I'm so glad! You must be more than thrilled. It would make me crazy to go without my own computer for so long.

(and because I think only of myself Can you add me to the Sisters in Crime mailing list now?

Is there something later today?

Nancy P said...

Hi, Kb! I don't actually have it back yet, but I'll add you as soon as I do.

There are two events today. The first, at 10, is the readers' book club. I'm not involved in it and I can't even recall which book they're discussing today, but they seem to be a group that's self-organized (my favorite kind) and doing well on their own.

The second, at 11, is the first meeting of the Book Dissection Group, which I'll ead. We will be working with Carolyn Hart's first Death on Demand mystery.

Both meetings are at I Love a Mystery bookstore.

Nancy P said...

"ead" is missing an "l"

I wonder how you ead somthing?

katiebird said...

OOOO, I bought Death on Demand when it first came out. I wonder if I can find my copy (I doubt I'll be as luck as you...)

Could I come just to listen?


Nancy P said...

Of course you may!!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! So glad it's fixed and everything is still there! Have a good time at your sisters mtg.

Nancy P said...

Thanks, Anon, and a happy Saturday to you, too.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hooray! And, what Far said.

Hi everybody! Doing relaxy things with Laura today.

Life is finally starting to feel fully normal again after the long family disaster of the last few years. We've both been commenting on how the stress seems to fade a little more every day.

Maria Lima said...


I just got back from a SinC luncheon. Great to see folks again. Now back to being a hermit after a long work week.

Nancy P said...


And, lordy, he cleaned my screen. It's amazing how much clearer everything looks, lol.

Maria, a Sinc luncheon? Who, what, where? Welcome home!

Welcome back to relative normality, Kelly, pun unintended, but I'll leave it there. I'm so glad the worst may be over.

Kelly McCullough said...

Thanks, Nancy,

It was awfully bad for a remarkably long time and then just when the worst of the stuff on the family mental illness front was finally getting better, my grandmother (with whom I was incredibly close) died and that tossed it all back up into the air while simultaneously precipitating a different set of issues and stresses. I still miss her, but the ongoing ache has faded to the occasional twinge and all the back stress has been slowly unwinding for a month or so now.

I basically feel like a thousand pound boulder has been lifted from my back, one that got big so gradually I never knew how heavy it was. The funny thing is I suspect there's another few hundred pounds still to come off. I half expect to get the bends.

Janet, who is too damn hot today in OR said...

Hooray for your computer dude and


katiebird said...

I love the look of the happy wabbit! I hope everyone had a lovely day.

Nancy P said...

Hugs and a fan to Janet.

I love the wabbit, too, Kb. And I loved that you came to the gathering today.

katiebird said...

I'm so glad I came. It was illuminating.

I've already bought my copy of A is for Alibi. But, I think I'll wait until I get the questions before I re-read it.