Thursday, July 3, 2008

Guess who?

Happy 4th, ya'll.


Nancy P said...

King George III. Loser!

What a strange pose.

What's everybody doing for the 4th? I'm going to an inside picnic, then writing for the rest of the day, I hope.

See you when it's officially Independence Day in a few hours.

Paul Lamb said...

Hey, it's officially the day now! Nothing big for me. Hang around the house. Backyard barbecue. Come up with some plausible reason to skip walking over to the fireworks. Early to bed to listen to the dog bark at the explosions.

AndiF said...

It's raining here and it looks like it will be raining for a good while. I'm hoping it will clear up later so we can go for a bike ride.

Otherwise, I'll just celebrate the day by reading the appropriate chapters in Zinn's "A People's History of the United States". ;)

Happy Day Off to everybody that has one.

Maria Lima said...

Happy 4th, all! And yes, a happy day off!!

I'm heading out around 9 to catch a train to go visit my #1 fan, Dina. Got Morgause, my new MacBook Air ready to go. Yay for business class on Amtrak! (there are electrical outlets)

Back on Sunday evening.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

katiebird said...

Good Morning, Nancy! I've got no particular plans. Maybe hang out on the patio....

We picked up our daughter at Union Station last night and the train was an hour late. THAT was an experience. The waiting room was PACKED with people. And there was a TARDIS there. I'll post a photo after I wake up.

(waving at Paul and Andi and Maria)

Nancy P said...

I slept LATE, yum.

Kb, must see photo of the TARDIS! So how's retirement so far?

Maria, if you're on line this weekend so you can see this--give Dina a big hug for me, okay? She's such a sweetie. Okay, give your new Mac a hug, too. :)

Andi, if Zinn tells you anything new and interesting, tell US, 'kay?

Paul, if the fireworks are close enough to walk to surely you can see them from your house? Or, maybe, big trees in the way?

Maria Lima said...

Nancy - will do! I'm at Union Station now (DC) availing myself of the TMobile hot spot (usury, but hey, Internets, baybee!!)

Train leaves in a hour. I came early in case of road closures due to the 4th, but there was no traffic.

Was able to have breakfast, shop at Papyrus and buy a bunch of cards, and now I'm hanging out until they post my gate.

Catch you all on the flip side!

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! Happy 4th! We're off to the boat - friends might join us. We'll stay at the dock, since the lake will be lousy with drunk crazies. Then we'll watch the fireworks from our dock - a front row seat! 80 and good chance of thunderboomers today. More boat the rest of the weekend - back to writing on Monday.

Enjoy your trip, Maria - I love Amtrak! And be safe and don't eat too many hot dogs today, everyone.

boran2 said...

Umm, watch that hand.

Happy rainy 4th to all! No barbecue today.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying a long weekend! Thanks be for paid holidays!

Hopefully, we're trying the new Thai restaurant. Not sure if it's open today.

Then staying home to guard the homestead. Neighbors set off backyard fireworks every year, and I always worry they'll land on the roof setting the house on fire! :-o

Have a safe and joyous 4th, all!

Nancy P said...

Snort, b2!

Happy 4th to you, too, Anon/angelina!

Kimberly Frost said...

Happy 4th, everyone!

This afternoon, I'm keying in some edits and drinking some flavored coffee.

Tonight I work overnight in the E.D. Here's hoping that any drunk people sleep wherever they got that way or catch a ride with someone sober.

And please remember, everyone, friends don't let friends drink and light fireworks! Watch those fingers. You need them for lots of stuff.

Janet said...

Hey Nancy!!! I'm quoting CodePink...

"This nation was born out of a longing for freedom from domination by the British empire. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison all warned that the invasion and occupation of other lands would turn America into precisely the sort of occupying force they had rebelled against. "If there be one principle more deeply written than any other in the mind of every American," said Thomas Jefferson in 1791, "it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest."

Our founding fathers who fought against empire and foreign entanglements would be horrified that right before leaving for the July 4 break, Congress passed the largest funding bill ever--$165 billion--for the continued occupation of Iraq."

As for what will I be doing on the 4th? I'll be keeping my son sane while others blow crap up. This is one of those hard ones if you have an autistic child. I'm gathering people with PTSD don't bode well either.

BTW: My daughter did a book report on one of the Jennys towards the end of school. I forget which one because she totally enhales books.

Take care and know that I love and miss you much. xoxo

FARfetched said...

Popping in to wave the flag… so to speak.

I think King G is saying, "I'm the king… I'll pose how I damme well please."

We have a bunch of people coming in this evening. Somehow, six people turned into 17. Stand back, I'm lighting the grill! FWOOOSH!!!

Everyone have a good long weekend!

Nancy P said...

Kimberly, I hope you didn't have to reattach any fingers tonight!


Far, Happy Foosh!

As for me, pooped. See youse tomorrow.