Thursday, July 17, 2008

Three of the reasons I want a camera

In my back yard this week. . .a marmot, two red foxes, and two spotted fawns.


Nancy P said...

It's a jungle out here!

See you in the morning if the bobcats don't get us.

AndiF said...

Heh, bobcats are shy; what you want to worry about is those aggressive squirrels that will mug you for the birdseed you're carrying out to the feeder.

And to add to the menagerie, here's a deer that was completely indifferent to being 15 feet away from me, Giddy, and Sniff [LINK]

And if you get a camera, you can also get pictures of the critters who come indoors to get as snug as bug -- I mean skink -- in a rug. [LINK]

Maria Lima said...

Wow, Nancy, that's some menagerie! The only wildlife around here walks on 2 legs and changes out every 2 or 4 years. ::g::

Andi - love the skink photo!

Still busy with training class - was pretty fun actually, more discussion based.

re: Dr. Horrible - it was so popular on release night, the massive hordes brought down the servers. I bought mine on iTunes for the most reasonable price of $3.99 for the subscription to 3 episodes. Neil Patrick Harris and Nate Fillion SINGING!

Off shortly to day 2 of training!

FARfetched said...

Bobcat story (as related by my father-in-law): something was disturbing the cattle one evening, so he got his German Shepherd and jumped in the truck. They got to the pasture, and he let the dog out. The dog started trotting toward something, and the bobcat yowled. The dog turned around, hopped back in the truck, and looked at the rifle.

"I can't shoot that thing, you'll have to!"

Anonymous said...

Where I lived in NE WA, way up in the mtns, we had bear, moose, cougars, and deer wander across our property - feet from the house - on a regular basis. Probably bobcats too, but we didn't see 'em, so I can't claim 'em.

There's a fox that poops in the middle of the road near my FL property, every evening promptly at 6pm. In the same spot. You can set your watch by it.

On that note, happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend, and thanks for the wildlife stories and pics.

Nancy P said...

Gorgeous deer photo, Andi.

If you want to see some bobcats up close and personal, go to You Tube and put in, "Kansas Bobcats." There are several home videos there that were taken in Lawrence, at the home of friends of a friend of mine. They have a mama and four bobbabies that live in their backyard and come up on the deck! The people are providing water. I don't know if they're also feeding.

Next door, my neighbor fed foxes during the winter (dog food), because they looked starving to her and they were coming every day to eat birdseed. She has cut back on the "real" food, but they still come for the seed.

Nancy P said...

Family Man? If you come around today, don't open that last photo of Andi's! She has given fair warning. :)

Maria, we're not surprised the servers crashed, are we? :) Thanks for the iTunes tip. That's a bargain price for so much Whedon goodness.

Nancy P said...

lol, far. I met some Texas ranchers one time who had a pet bobcat. The bc liked to hide up in the rafters above the pool table and then drop down on visitors.

Beth, those are serious critters! What a funny fox story. I guess creatures have their "regular" habits.

katiebird said...

Wow. I just had my first full night's sleep in over 2 weeks. AND I managed to sleep until about 20 minutes ago!

I'm still a little dazed though so I'll just wave to everyone for now.

Happy Day!

Kelly McCullough said...

Cool pix, both Nancy's and Andi's. Just passing through on the way to my office. I need to get a chapter finished today.

(Grabs large mug of tea and heads for the exit, waving all the way)

Nancy P said...

Happy writing, Kelly!

Maria? I just watched Episode One. It's adorable and hilarious. I can't stop grinning. This is going to be fun. I :pink puffy heart:: Joss Whedon. THANK YOU!!

maryb said...

A marmot ... awww. Where's his (her?) martini glass?

Maria - can you believe how well Neil Patrick Harris sings? I don't know why that surprised me. (btw I LOVE Nathan Fillion despite the fact that he played the evil preacher guy in the last season of Buffy.) I might do the itunes thing.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Maryb (I say, grinning.) I knew there was no way you could resist a marmot AND Joss and Nathan.

I lol-ed when Dr. Hammer showed up! Fillion is so funny.

As for the marmot, I'm thinking maybe Andi will show up with his martini glass to celebrate TGIF.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about. . .first of all, sorry!. . .second, some of us on this blog have a long and colorful history with marmots, from our previous encounters at another blog. We welcome all new marmot lovers. :)

Anonymous said...

And a partridge in a pear tree. Sorry, first thing I thought of when I saw those pix. I hope you live in the country, girl! That much wildlife in the city would frighten me. :-o

No marmots here, but I'll take a dirty martini if that's available. :-)

Happy Friday! Woot!

AndiF said...

I'm sorry, anon, but all we serve here is the dirty marmotini. [LINK] (yes, Nancy and Mary, I am weak, cheap, and easy).

Perhaps, anon, I can console you with a day at the beach and a good book to read? [LINK]

Nancy P said...

I am weak, cheap, and easy).

You know that's why we love you.

I had forgotten about the Dirty Marmotini! Oh, you so know what's going on the front page tomorrow. ::Evil Grin::

Anonymous said...

OK! A dirty marmotini it is!
That is a great book he's chosen for a beach read!

marby said...

I finally figured out how twitter works because Man Eegee posted that he'd be twittering NetRoots Nation. So I signed up.

Who thinks these things up? And why am I not that creative?

At first I wondered WHY anyone would want to post constant updates about their their day on line for people to "follow". Then, of course, I got totally hooked "following" ManEe.

The way life has changed over the last ... 10 years. It's amazing.

boran2 said...

And good reasons they are! These are wonderful photos.

Have you made a choice, Nancy?

Nancy P said...

Maryb, give ManE a howdy for us. And an hola, too.

B2, I Have Not Yet Begun to Shop.

Nancy P said...

Anon, I forgot to say that I do live in the city. Well, suburbs. Citified suburbs, close to interstate and railroad. And yet we are a essentially a wildlife refuge, because of a creek, woods, and path that run behind us and extend for miles.

Nancy P said...

Katiebird, I don't think I ever said hi, to you! Awake yet? Just in time for bed.

katiebird said...