Friday, February 13, 2009

Bebo, Sniff, & Giddy

Horizontal world by Andif


Nancy P said...

I only see two dogs.

Thanks, you guys, for the good wishes. All is well.
I am pooped.
Didn't I used to stop by my own blog and chat now and then? It will happen again some day

FARfetched said...

Just keep the drinks coming!

I'm making cheese tonight, just to see what happens. Waiting for it to finish cooling… and working on tomorrow's blog post.

Glad to hear you're OK. I know KB has to be about worn out too…

katiebird said...

{{Nancy}} and {{FAR}}

My week has been OK since that one really bad day. But, I'm happy to see the end of this week.

AndiF said...

Sniff's in the back, under the trees being a quintessential beagle -- nose to the ground. :)

bono, I adjusted the white balance so you couldn't see the paw prints.

Happy Valentines Day all. May your heart's desire show up and (metaphorically or not) plant a big, sweet kiss on your lips.

Beth said...

Morning, all. Off to see my adopted parents this morning, trying to avoid the whole VD thing. Back tomorrow night.

Raining in FL, yippee!

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend, catching up on rest, chores, and whatever fun you've missed this week. Eat some chocolate and smell your roses for me!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, gang! Hugs to all. I am SO glad this week is over and I can just stay home and write.

Like Beth, I intend to avoid the VDay hoopla as I utterly detest this day.

I am in a fun point in the book, and I can't wait to see what happens next--yeah, the one I'm writing. ::g::

Catch you all when I take a break...

Nicola Slade said...

Snow picture is fabulous. Parts of the UK have more snow/floods but we had a lovely day yesterday and a grey and gloomy, but dry, one today. And there are what the polititicans call 'the green shoots of recovery' (hah!) in the garden - crocuses, catkins, and one very stupid rosebud.
Roll on spring anytime soon, I've had enough of winter!

Lisa M said...

Sniffing my flowers for all of you. I got my favorite Spring Mix, pink and yellow and lavender. When I carried them back to my room at school yesterday, some student eyes bugged out and they ask incredulously,"Are those for YOU?" The idea of the mean teacher having loved ones is beyond their imagination.
Hubby gets off easy as his sis is a florist.

I wish I had funny little valentines, (Pooh or Super Heroes, or Wild Animals) I could drop in everyone's decorated box or brown bag.

I had to go the library yesterday and had a Nancy through history moment. I was looking for a couple of books to read and I picked up what must have been an early one because a short-haired brunette Nancy smiled out at me from the back cover. Then I pulled another one and this great Artistic Nancy longer hair with her legs pulled up in a chair smiled looked out at me.
I settled on The Ring of Truth (think that's the title) with Now Nancy inviting me to read this one.
What Fun that was.

Sensational Saturday to All.
Big hugs and kisses to Blog Family.

AndiF said...

Oh you VD (love the abbreviation) poo-poo'ers just don't have any romance in your soul -- I'm having a beautifully romantic Valentine's Day by taking my 87 year old mom to dinner*. Feel the love. ;)

* and getting to go to a fabulous and favorite Greek restaurant and end up wonderfully stuffed like a succulent dolmas.

Lisa M said...

Wonderful daughter be you!
Hugs to you too Jim.

Life's too short not to embrace all the warm fuzzies out there and in here on the blog too.

Have a great time Valentine.
Cheesy be good.

bono said...

Avoiding vd = good idea. lol

We celebrated with chocolate overload - truffles, cupcakes, cake, Hershey's minatures. Had heard chocolate makers were feeling the effects of the downturn in economy and wanted to make sure they didn't go out of business. :-D

I kinda like thinking of the pups as walking miracles.

I guess colorful phrasing isn't just a Texas thing. I'm reading a book with/by Midwesterners with this little ditty I enjoyed: "talks so much she must have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle." lol

Hugs all around.

Maria Lima said...

Done with the writing for today - just under 3K words and I broke 52K in the ms. Good progress, especially since I like the new direction. :)

Hope everyone's had a great day!

Lisa M said...

Maria, You are a wonder. I love reading about your progress. It makes me want to work better, smarter.
I've played around with Book 2's main character for the last few days. She was a minor character in my first book so I had to delve into her psyche big time. Bout got that figured out. Know the character arc she needs to make. So am light years ahead of myself with the first book.
Tomorrow I start another editing pass on Book 1. It's been a long time since I've dealt with the first half of the book so I'm ready to dive back in. I go to CA in a few weeks and I need to have this story strong in my mind and as strong on the page as I can get it.

Bono the chocolate queen. You go girl.

Great evening to all.

Maria Lima said...

Lisa, thanks! I've had to be very aggressive with this book, but it's been great having a schedule that works. :)

I love playing with characters! Good luck on yours.

I'm off to lay down and read a bit now. Catch you all in the a.m.