Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February green

Photo by Andif


AndiF said...

Sigh. If only everything else was green. Unfortunately, that's about 8 weeks away.

Are you back home, Nancy?

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Eight weeks? Oy. Sending green vibes, andi. Although the lawn outside my window is very brown.

That picture makes me feel cold. I'm glad I saw your woods in warmer weather!

Talked to two dear friends yesterday, AND got an early BD present - a book! And both my teams won their basketball games last night. Goes in the book as a good day.

Back to rewriting. Hope everyone has a drama-free day.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, peeps. Not much green here, but warmer weather expected today.

Lots of stuff coming to a head with the book, as the Pocket schedule is a heck of a lot more crunched for time than the original Juno schedule was. In one day, my editor asked me for 3 major things, and my agent asked me for something else. Sigh.

I'm still trying to finish the book. Had to really slice into the first half and remove some flab so I could send that to my editor for the marketing copy people. This week's tally is in the negative numbers. :( It's all for the best, right?

I have a massage booked on Saturday, and as much as I need time to write, I need that more. I've never had one, but I am a ball of tension right now. Hopefully, I can slam through a bunch this weekend.

Such a glamorous life we writers lead, huh? ::g::

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you have to wonder why we do it to ourselves.

Enjoy the massage - once you've had one, you'll be hooked! One a month is the prescription for good health... :-)

Good luck with the deadlines, Maria!

katiebird said...

(Waving Madly) I'm supposed to be discussing the book 3 Cups of Tea today but, all I can come up with is, "Overrated" has anyone else read it? (I'm desperate to copy from someone else's paper)

Kelly McCullough said...

Ooog, that is all.

Nancy P said...

Hi, guys. Yeah, I'm home, but just barely. I don't like being so out of touch with my own blog, and that's not going to change for some time. I skim, I miss important things, sometimes I don't read it at all. Sucks. If it weren't for Andi's photos, often there wouldn't be a daily post at all. But we do have her photos. And there is almost always a daily post. And you guys are here taking care of yourselves and each other. Does not suck.

Anonymous said...

And we're all here knowing you're out there, and knowing you're swamped, and patiently waiting til your life gets back to normal.

At least you haven't been posting any food pictures, so my diet is going quite well! :-)

Hope you're having fun...


FARfetched said...

Hey all!

Working at home today. Most of what I see outside the window is still brown, but got a splash of red as a cardinal perched on the butterfly bush for a moment.

Maria, I hope the rewrites go smoothly. I have that kind of thing at work right now; the point release is a week from tomorrow and the programmers are still adding documentable features! Ain't no way to run a railroad. Enjoy that massage!

Nancy, aren't you & Maria supposed to be kicking back, relaxing, and showing us all the glamourous side of the writer's life? :-P

Hey Kelly, there's no "uuggg" or "agggh" in there?

Still torn about next week's FAR Future episode… it steps out of the "blog of the moment" style of all the previous (and subsequent) episodes, but I'm not confident that I can transition to the next sub-series in any other way. If I rewrite it, I've got three days. No drama… if I can't come up with something better, I'll just go with it.

Back to work here… hugs all around first, though.

Janet said...

Going up to Washington tomorrow. My brother is coming down tonight. My mom has gone into congestive heart failure and in critical care. Dealing with the wingnut side of her family has been.... a bit brutal these past few days. But thank Lord Stanley I have you guys

Sorry for the post and run. Off to the mimes.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels, Janet. And good luck with it all. You know we're here when you need us.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Ohhh, more cheerful pretties. Thank you Nancy!

bono said...

Nancy, you are missed and loved, but we're glad you're getting some of the recognition you deserve with all these trips. An interesting article this past week in the San Fran Gate talks about the future for first time authors being more in the self publishing arena. That's what I got out of the article, what do you guys think? The article is entitled, "Book Publishers, R.I.P.?"

KB, I liked "Three Cups of Tea." I think it's because it gives a more human face to the people of Pakistan rather than the terrorist portrayal we see on the nightly news. Also, I was amazed that this guy could build a school for $2000. It left me asking why haven't I done more to make a difference with my life. Although, what bothers me with books like this (there was also one about a beauty school in Kabul?) is that the real author isn't the person who built the school or the beauty shop or whatever. I think these books should be classified as authorized biographies because the real author is the person who took all the experiences and wove them into a cohesive, readable whole.

Kind thoughts sent your way, Janet.

Waves hello to everyone. (Missing Lisa when she's not here by the time I get here.)

AndiF said...

Janet, I'll be thinking of you. Take care.

Sorry, Nancy. We do miss you. Here's a little gift from Giddy for the blog -- a really pleasant picture (with no snow!) she gave me yesterday. [LINK]

boran2 said...

Nicely done, Andi! Now you're giving Bev Dolittle some competition!

Welcome back, Nancy!

Safe travels, Janet.

Maria Lima said...

Major hugs to Janet.

If I could steal some my way, please? Things at work are still pretty toxic. :(

I'm trying to keep sane, but I'm losing the battle...

You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Maria. Hang in there. It's going to get better.

Sending you your own share of hugs. And chocolate. And warm sunny vibes. Whatever it takes...