Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cool new blog

My pals Rob and Trish MacGregor have opened a brand new blog on the subject of synchronicity, because they're working on a book on that fascinating subject. If you visit the blog, you'll find out why there's a photo of a plum pudding on this page.

Synchronicity Blog

Rob and Trish, btw, are--as far as I know-- the only married couple ever to both win Edgar Awards, he for Best Young Adult Mystery Novel, and she for Best Paperback Original Mystery Novel. They live in Florida, damn them.


Nancy P said...

Going to 6 degrees here tonight and then 70 degrees this week. We are nothing if not inconsistent.

katiebird said...

(nodding) Consistently. So now I've got to read another blog?

AndiF said...

The FSM gave us free will, kb -- of course you don't have to read another blog. ::desperately tries and fails to resist clicking link::

Mazel tov, Kimber on the book release!

We've got the cold temps (current temp 8°, low tonight 4°) but we aren't getting the 70s. The highs are going to be in the 50s, thnough, so I guess I'll have to be satisfied with that measly 50 degree change in temps.

Morning all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Cold here today with a topping of more cold--but, the value of cold is closer to above freezing than not. :)

Evidently, the trend is to warmer and sunny by the weekend.

The day job continues to be insane and stressful, and I've managed to add to that stress by realizing that I need to revise a major plot point. It wasn't working and I was trying to force it, then realized what was wrong. Grrr arrgh for the re-do but yay that I figured it out.

I plan to hunker down over the next several days so I can catch up to myself.


FARfetched said...

16° here this morning, 13° tonight, 62° this weekend. Only a 49-degree swing, but I'll take it. I guess Winter #4 started last week and I didn't quite notice… but if it only lasts a week, is it really winter?

I transcribed two FAR Future episodes out of the notebook & into the computer last night, doing a little revising and adding as I went. Chronologically, I need to add at least one episode in before these two, and I still haven't figured out how everything comes together in this sub-series… only that it involves various people at various distances. No worries for a month or so… the other ones just kind of happened organically, so it will probably sort itself out as I continue.

Hope everyone gets through their day in good order, especially Maria! I'll check out the new blog, but it'll have be a grabber to get me to add it to an already too-long list.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, Nancy, and welcome home to your strange weather.

That is amazing about TJ & her husband both winning an Edgar. How cool!

Maria - I'm taking Matters of the Blood with me when I travel to a conference in California this month. So while you're reading me. I'll be reading you. :)

Have a great day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Morning from Florida, where it's 38 degrees with 26mph winds - so the wind chill is a brisk 29. Don't envy the FL folks TOO much! But at least it's not snowing...

I found a place to live! Gorgeous condo in a complex of second homes, so no one's there most of the time. Which means quiet writing time for Beth! Big sigh of relief once I sign the lease later today. My furniture should arrive Friday, and then life will get back to normal.

Thanks for all of the good house-hunting vibes! And thanks for the link, Nancy - interesting stories.

Good luck with writing, weather and travel, everyone.

Kelly McCullough said...


Motivation has been subverted, but Discipline is doing a fine job of pinch-hitting. If any of you see Inspiration run by, tackle her and send her my way.


bono said...

Cold and snowy here. Hopes of warming into the 40's by the weekend. :-)

Happy hump day.

boran2 said...

Stay warm Nancy.

We're supposed to see some warming here in the next few days. I have managed to get some nice snow scenes for painting during the cold weather.

I was off today, back to work tomorrow. :-(

Lisa M said...

Waves to all on the way to a hot soak and bed.
Very fun day doing research with athletic trainer at the high school and talking to people about having Kimber come talk to students about writing.

Yeah, Beth=Home now.