Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is it too late?

There's still 10 minutes to ask you East Coast peeps to be my Valentine! Pweeze? :D


Nancy P said...

Everybody else grab a cupcake, too.

Today at my book dissection group/class, we worked on Anne Perry's novel, The Face of a Stranger. I asked them to tell the plot in one sentence, and a woman who doesn't write and who had never done this before said, "A detective with amensia investigates a murder case and finds out he is his own chief suspect."

We all bowed to her in awe.

Some people are just naturals. We hate them, don't we? :D

AndiF said...

Some people have tidy minds, others haven't cleaned the living room in months.

I don't have any room for cupcakes; I'm still full of yummy Greek food.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Pretty Cupcakes. Yum.

Nightmare Flashback--We had to come up with one of those sentences for our story in one of my classes. Guest speaker and special combination of two classes all at a large round table. I WENT TOTALLY BLANK. Everybody was giving theirs and the speaker was smiling until I said No I'm not giving mine. Total silence, saucer eyes from other students. The lady looks over at my teacher who gave her the go on signal. And I just sat there sweating like a pig, heart hammering in my ears, totally embarrassed. I can still feel that anxiety.

Andi--You cheated and looked at the dust rhinos in my living room. Cause I sure don't have tidy mind.

Kick sand at tidy minds.

New revision pass starting today. Stay busy so won't freak out about going to CA. and meet agents and editors soon.
Have to take a query letter-bah humbug. More of that tidy mind thinking.

Breathing deep.
Great day to All.

FARfetched said...

Not much happening post-VD. We had our nice dinner, ran a few errands, hung out. Daughter Dearest and Sasquatch were out & about; they got in late but called in first to explain what was going on.

I don't think anything is going on at the manor today. I might get those cool-weather veggies started in the cold frame.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! ::snags a cupcake::

I think my mind and my apt are < tidy...probably a good thing in most respects. :)

I am taking today OFF. I got enough done Friday night & yesterday to feel better about my progress and I totally need a day of doing nothing.

So I'm going to read and watch my Netflix movies (a 2 disc documentary called MONARCHY).

Catch you all down the road a piece...

Janet said...

Hmmm Nancy that sounds like the movie Memento by Chris Nolan. Ever see it. Pretty damn cool.

You guys should really watch Who is Cletus Tout? :) It's not as good as Murder by Death... but fun movie.

Happy Belated Chocolate Day.

I had wayyyyyyyyy too much fun, not enough wine and tons of local chocolate... and mucho HOCKEY yesterday. :)

I made my infamous stuffed jalapeno poppers and gave some to a hockey friend who came by and brought chocolates.

Me and the kids bought used, widescreen movies for each other. Guess which movie goes to whom from whom type of gift giving. So who gave War of the Roses? :)

Off to the mimes, while I still have a mime to go to.

bono said...

It's never too late for cupcakes. Thank you.

Just chores today to get ready for work week. Enjoy your lounging day, Maria and everyone else.

What is a query letter?

Lisa M said...

Dear Agent--please see how wonderful my story is and ask to read it. Then please agree that I'm a great new writer and you can't help but want to represent me and help create the next New York Times Bestselling author.

Query = HOPE, Dreams

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, everyone:

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

(snags cupcake and cup of tea)

That reader who summarized the book in one line without any practice is amazing! How great. :)

Lisa - I hope your conference goes fantastic. Just don't forget to breathe. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

boran2 said...

Happy belated VD! We're having a father/son day, having sent off madame to visit a friend.

Save me a cupcake!

bono said...

Well, Lisa, there's really no question that that's what will happen. Top one and two on the NYT best seller list (unless you crank out another by then making it 1,2,3). Keep us posted so we can continue to send good thoughts your way.

Chores done. The evening is for chilling out. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Happy rainy Sunday evening. Back safely from my quick trip, and brought chocolate and a candle back. Hope there's still a cupcake left, though!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and the week stretches ahead with lots of great stuff to look forward to. I'm just hoping it rains for another day, since I missed most of it.

I queried all week, Lisa - big sympathy hugs here. It's grueling. But won't it feel good when that one person says yes?

Enjoy the rest of the evening - I'm watching cars go in a circle, after driving past Daytona an hour ago. Guess I should have stopped!

Lisa M said...

Warms the heart of this author hope-to-be to have such encouraging friends as you.
Big Hugs to you!!!

Got my 3 chapters edited today.
Goal 20 pages, got 21 done. Woohoo.

Beth--Glad yor're back home and had a good visit. We got an inch of wonderful rain this last week and could use several more inches, so hope the rain clouds stay your way for a while.

Great evening to All.

FARfetched said...

I made cheese this weekend. Seemed to be the thing to do for a cheesy non-holiday. :-D

After making horrified noises when I told her what I had in mind, then actually tasting it, Daughter Dearest asked for some to put on her garlic bread. There was more in the lasagna that DoubleRed made for us today (one piece left over, yay for leftovers!). She used about 1/3 of it, and thinks the rest will be just about enough to make a cheesecake with.

This week ought to be better than last…