Friday, February 20, 2009


Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...


Conda V. Douglas said...

Pretty! With a hint of spring thaw, what we all need!

Lisa M said...

Your own bathroom. Your own bed. Your own coffee cup. Big sigh.

Conda you are absolutely right about the pix.

We're kicking into full Spring here. Trees budding, leaves popping, and dandelions blooming.
Alergy Alert.

Hubby leaves to camp with scouts so quiet writing time today and tomorrow morning.

12 day count down to fix story issues and fine tune WIP, pitch, and query before CA.
They say our rooms will either have a view of mountains or ocean. How can you beat that?

Sensational Saturday to All.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Nancy!! Sleep late, wander around in your jammies, enjoy the day.

Sounds like a great conference, Lisa - good luck with your preparations!

Where's andi this morning?

Sending thawing thoughts to S Idaho - although it's only 34 here right now, Conda! Not sure I'm going to venture out to the farmer's market this am after all...

Have a great Saturday, everyone! I'll be attending Parrothead meetings, trying to meet more (crazy) people. It worked last winter...

AndiF said...

Andi was being rewarded for knowing about the dogs barking in the night by getting to make up the time spent gaining that knowledge. :)

Conda and Lisa, it's sleeting right now; I think our weather gods got a little confused about how to hint Spring.

And Lisa ... mountains, ocean ... can't lose.

Happy Home Sweet Home, Nancy.

Morning all.

Maria Lima said...

Yay for home!

Morning, peeps. It's a bright sunny day...or so I hear. Will be buried in my fictional world today as I try for another marathon session. Net words last night were in the negative as I needed to clean up a couple of chapters. I'm not worried, though, as this makes for a better book.

Catch you all later!

FARfetched said...

Yay Nancy!

I escaped the mimes a little early yesterday & hung out in the B&N for a few. Faced out VoSP, saw Kimber's on the "new arrivals" shelf.

It's in the 20s here this morning too. I've been throwing an old quilt over the cold frame at night and it dips to maybe 30 in there… which cold-weather plants are OK with anyway. But I'm thinking about walking the garden plot this afternoon and getting things ready, even if only in my head.

I'm a little farther ahead on FAR Future than I thought: the next six episodes are lined up, and there's a couple more that need to be connected… I suppose if I just sit down & start writing, it will probably sort itself out. I still think I can finish it up next month!

Hope everyone has a productive weekend of the kind they want to have (i.e. no mimes).

Dina said...

Hi, all you early birds. Beautiful Saturday here and I need to prepare for taxes. Oh, well.

Jen said...

I've been working this week in a way that finally feels like progress. Months of story work without producing draft has been messing with me, but, stupid chronic illness has its stupid demands. Book is finally starting to hum, though, moving from copious notes and pencil chunks into something more like a proper draft, and I'm totally stoked to participate in the wip update. :)

Today it's all about watching the snow out the windows, slow-cooking a pot roast and some veggies, a little teevee later, and during the day, WORK. JOY!

PS. All you published folks, I also face your books out whenever I go to a bricks & mortar bookseller. :)

Lisa M said...


Does feel great when words begin to gel into what feels like a complete story.
Wooohoooo progress.

Got my hard copy and green pen making notes this morning.

Us Hopefuls gotta use that collective positive energy.
You keep at it Girl!!

Yumm--pot roast & veggies.

Waves to Dina, Beth, not sure I'd want to meet parrotheads (does this mean you're one too), Maria--fabulous fast fingers, Soon-to-Be- Gardening Farf.

Anonymous said...

Parrotheads are Jimmy Buffett fans, Lisa. There are clubs worldwide with folks who listen to his music, dance, laugh, and drink their beverage of choice. But we also raise money for charity - millions of dollars annually. "Party with a Purpose." Today's charities are the local humane societies, I think, from reading their websites.

My friends in SWFL are all PHs, so I'm hoping to meet some fun people today here on the Right Coast.

Fins up!

Anonymous said...

PS - Yep, I'm one. Founding member of the Charlotte Harbor Parrothead Club (CHPHC), whoopee!

bono said...

According to the calendar, Spring arrives 4 weeks from yesterday. Countdown time. :-) Lisa, if your leaves are popping, you're at least 2 months ahead of us.

Sending good thoughts for writers to have successful day. And you know what they say about success - if at first you don't suck a seed, suck another seed. lol

Paul Lamb said...

Hey, Nancy P. Greetings from Colby in far western Kansas. I'm visiting my son and daughter-in-law, and I think about your recent tour in this area.

Lisa M said...

Beth-- Slaps forehead---Ah, I coulda had a margarita. Sheltered, nontropical, not laid back enough life be mine. Thanks for educatin' me. Here's hope for interesting people meeting.

Bono--Two months ahead of you--yes dear, THAT'S one thing I LOVE about TEXAS.