Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trees on tiptoe

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Lisa, I finally figured out how to use your photos! I'll spring a daffodil on a gray day.

AndiF said...

Inspired by Lisa's splendid yellow, I've got a Winter Colors Monday Picture Post.

Green [LINK]

Gold [LINK]

Peach [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Great, Nancy.

Andi--Simple, stark, vivid.
Thanks for the winter palette!!!

Bono, Beth, KB, and MaryB--I enjoyed reading what you guys said after I went to bed.
I still mist up when I think about Paul Newman.

Marvelous Monday to All.

Beth said...

Morning, all! Thanks for the Monday pics, andi - you make winter purdy.

We had fun last night - thanks for joining us for a while, Lisa.

One more week of at-home peace, then March descends. Visitors, family, traveling - crazy month. Oh, and one of those birthday things happening, too, I guess I have to admit. Though I'd be happy for this one to pass unnoticed.

Anyway, good Monday to everyone - stay warm! Spring's coming!

Dina said...


Nancy P said...

Ents, Dina, yes!

I lurve Monday Picture Post. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I feel every time Andi gives "me" some new photos?

Lisa, I hope your school week is better than last week.

Beth, you reminded me that I haven't been checking the blog birthday calendar. Eep! I'm afraid to now, for fear I've neglected one or more of you! :: gathers courage to peek ::

FARfetched said...

Hello from the mimes!

Up way too late last night writing, but slow progress is being made. Then BrandX called & woke me up at 7:20, needing a ride to school because his mom was barfing, so I'm getting a relatively early start. 'S'ok, I'll just leave earlier. Mrs. Fetched dragged outta here around 5am, to bring her mom home from staying with Big V over the weekend, so I don't have much to complain about in that vein.

I was going to get a pic of some of the daffs blooming around the manor (or chicken houses), but see above. If I get home before it gets too dark, I'll get 'em tonight.

Andi, the Post is always appreciated. I think my fave is the second one (pond).

Beth, August & October are my crazy months, for different reasons, but I guess everyone has their version.

Time to bang out some emails… everyone survive Monday & I'll see y'all tonight!

Janet said...

Gonna be a long day at the mimes. I have a review coming this week. So many people are being fired for dumb things. It's their way of laying off people. Attrition. Not due to the economy mind you. Being sued by Whole Fueds... that really really really hurt us. Anyways...

I'm very worried about this week at work. So many rumors and paranoia going around which is not normal for our company at all.

Customer service is hard when you're dealing with a depressed and angry nation. People come in pissed off. Then complain. And now it's eating people up.

Polishing my resume in case the mimes speak.

Beth said...

Good luck, Janet. We really need some good news. All of these bad vibes are wearing. I can't wait til we look back on this time and laugh - or at least thank our lucky stars that it's over.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't need the resume...

Lisa M said...


Seems to be a rough week. On my end it's emotional turmoil among some of my students rather than economic times.
Both take their toll.

Sending you plenty of positive energy.

Lisa M said...


Seems to be a rough week. On my end it's emotional turmoil among some of my students rather than economic times.
Both take their toll.

Sending you plenty of positive energy.

Lisa M said...

Double good I guess.

Janet said...

OH yeah... I watched Alfred Hitchcock presents after a few hockey games last night. I'm not sure what Peter Gabriel was doing though. ;)

I didn't watch the Oscars. I don't go and pay $40 at a noisy, crowded theatre when I can buy the Directors Cut on DVD for $15 or less when used. So I didn't see the line up.

But... I did see and meet Sean Penn. He made a film here. Two I think. And I was the lucky girl who got to talk to him behind the stage of a peace rally outside of Ft. Lewis. He hugged me so hard my bra came undone. :) He offered to walk me to my car which was parked a few miles down from the overpass as the townies were acting like the Taliban on 'roids. So in a way, I got the red carpet treatment from him. :) I didn't take him up on his offer though. Dumb! :) Next time I will.

Janet said...


LOL Beth, I saw your post over at Jen's site and I've made the same Uuie in Canada. :)

I'm not sure how that would go nowadays. This was way before one was asked "Vere are your paperz!?!"

Beth said...

I wondered if that was you! :-)

I've done it at Blaine AND Point Roberts. Once I ended up at Sumas when I got lost in Vancouver - I was just glad to find the States, after wandering lost for hours late at night in the Canadian wilderness.

I'm thinking my internal GPS must not work in Canada...

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey (waves),

Alive but still buried. Maybe two more weeks on the book and then I get my brain back. See you all then.

AndiF said...

Janet, I hope everything goes okay. We're crossing fingers and claws here.

FARfetched said...

The Boy wants to meet up. I'm sure he wants money or something else I don't have any of at the moment.

Beth said...

Offer him a big fatherly hug...

Good luck!

bono said...

I had fun last night "watching" the Oscars here. Good luck, Janet. I hope you're review is all good news! Lisa, enough with the kid drama at school. Yikes. Well, see with the daffodils come the hormone releases - all in time for Spring. Maybe waiting 2 months for leaves isn't so bad after all? lol

Thanks for the Monday pix, Andif. Is this a big birthday year, Beth? Hope you and son have a nice meet up, Farf. Howdy Nancy, Dina, and Kelly.

Oscar late nite sleep deprivation today. Heading to bed EARLY tonight. (Yawn)

Beth said...

Yeah, it's a biggie, bono. The landmarks haven't bothered me before, but this one is looming quite nastily. I'm hoping to avoid the whole number thing altogether, and just celebrate being another year older. I have a few more days to live in denial!

boran2 said...

Good evening all. It's been a cold windy day here. At least the wind is to end tonight, thankfully.

Hopefully tonight will be better than the sleepless night that I had last night.

Maria Lima said...

Lots of positive vibes to Janet, and if you all don't mind, I could use a little of that mojo.

The mimes is getting to the point of insanity. I had a long talk with my boss (CEO) today about my role at the company (this was at 7 pm). In her analogy, I'm no longer in the right seat on the bus...but she and I both want to keep me on the bus. I was promoted last yr to Director (new position) and it seems that with the increased responsibility, plus the increased activity with my writing, plus the 8 yr burnout factor, I'm ready to do something else.

Of the good: she's willing to help figure out what that is and make it happen. My boss is awesome that way. Perhaps this will alleviate a lot of my stress.

Love you all! It's late and I'm just now eating something for dinner. (yeah)

Hope tomorrow will be better.

FARfetched said...

The Boy was mostly wanting to show me his new line of work. He's wrenching for a tuner shop that's making the transition from hobby to business; one of the people he works with has been a friend of his for a loooong time and I'd hardly met him. I told them I do some writing and photography and they were immediately wanting me to go to NOPI with them. Sounds like I might be bartering pix for some upgrades to my Civic. :-)

I'm going to try to spend some time with them, get some shots of them working and maybe write up an article for the blog. It's a fascinating little world that you might never see beyond dramatizations like Fast and the Furious.

Oh, and I wound up buying The Boy a little supper. It was worth it.

Beth said...

Glad it turned out well, Farf - sounds like a positive move on his part.

And fingers crossed for you, too, Maria - good that you talked about it. Now hopefully you can find an agreeable solution. The stress ain't worth it.

Good vibes all around.