Monday, February 2, 2009

What do you see?

Fascinating Photo by Andif

Stare into the ice, and tell us what you see. I saw a thumb, and then it turned into an animal's front leg and paw, and then I spotted the fairytale creature who goes with that. Or, it might be a puppet of the creature. I wish I could take a black pencil and outline him for you. He looks like something out of Wind in the Willows.

If you don't see anything rightsideup, try turning it everywhichway.

The same^^^could be said for a piece of writing.


Nancy P said...


FARfetched said...

Yay, home!

I thought I saw a bird at first, but maybe it's a woman with a cape… or one of those outfits that look like wings. Or a fairy would work too!

Nancy P said...

Far, do you see a bird in the upper center? Something that looks like a beak? That's the mouth of my Wind in the Willow creature. Also--is your fairy flying on the left side? With wings in the up position?

katiebird said...

I'm so glad you're home safe, Nancy. I've missed you. (A leaping man?)

AndiF said...

I can see the part you're talking about but the rest of the body doesn't look very birdlike to me -- maybe it's a griffin. :)

And welcome home.

Morning all.

Jen said...

Welcome home, Nancy.

And I don't know what y'all are talking about with the thumbs and the wings when that picture is so clearly Gandalf walking down a hill, heading westward. ;)

Lisa M said...

I see a quail poking its head out of a protective cave. Or is that the protective/menacing finger of man coaxing/warning nature?

Nancy--Home is great.

Morning Andi and Jen and Katieb.

This is a fantastical bunch.

LOVE this picture. I like the shadows cast on the ice too.

Terrific Tuesday to All.
Off to the mimes.

Maria Lima said...

Welcome home, Nancy!!

I saw a fairy in the ice, struggling to get out after being imprisoned...or a story needing escape. ::g::

Had an extremely craptastic day at the mimes yesterday on top of which, I realized that some plot stuff in the book needed to be redone. So I'm tearing apart what I've already done and reworking. Puts me behinder than I'd like, but them's the breaks.

Off to the mimes and hopefully it will be a better day.

Paul Lamb said...

A kestrel. Soaring among the clouds.

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, everyone!

I see magic spells because today is my Would-Be Witch release day. :)

Hugging you and the whole world,


P.S. Paul, I think I can see those kestrels and maybe a nergal, too. (Is that how it's spelled?)

Kimberly Frost said...

P.S. Maria - sorry about the crappy day yesterday. I hope today is better!

Kelly McCullough said...

Psst, Kimber's first book launches today. Go talk it up.

FARfetched said...

Nancy, I think what you're seeing as a bird I'm seeing as a fairy. Or maybe a flying dragon. What you see as a beak, I saw as the bill of a hat. Bottom center, it looks like there's a person standing looking up at the fairy/dragon/flying woman. Not sure if it's a man or a woman (the one looking up).

Got another 500 words in last night… had to take a hand-cramp break but it got better & I continued. This particular episode looks to be a two-part'er, due to its length. It's pivotal to the upcoming sub-series, so I have to make sure i get it all down & get it substantially right… I can revise as I type it in and tweak it up later before posting, so I'm not too concerned. The hard part comes after this particular episode; I know how it's supposed to go but not (yet) the details. I'm sure Olga, or Future Farf, will send me the info sooner or later.

Hope everyone sees cool stuff today, and not just in pix… said...

Nancy, uh, I see a vagina. But I always see vaginas. Nature is really warped, isn't it?

Kimberly, off to order Would-be Witch today. I have had it in my cart at for some time now but wanted to wait till it was official -- to maybe hurry up your re-order from amazon.

Can't wait to read you!

Janet said...

Congratulations Kimberly!

Welcome home, Nancy!

Hmmmm all I saw was a frozen jellyfish... and a vagina! :) Ghost = LOL.

I know that many are struggling due to these hard economic times, but I know that artists are struggling even more. So glad that many of you are getting your work sold and bought.

My dear hockey friend had his work picked up. It's on the cover of The Nation this week. It's of the inuaguration and it's pretty freakin cool. A piece of Americana that I think will be on the walls of elementary schools for some time. There was a big diary of it on dailykos.

Anywhos... off to the mimes. Grateful to still have a mime.

Janet said...

Actually, re-looking at the photograph and I can't see much in it, but it does remind me of something.

Tee Peed.

Down the street we have a neighbor who is a teacher. He must be extremely hated by his students because at least once a month his two story house and tree-lined yard gets completely tee-peed.

No matter how much effort goes into cleaning up the mess, especially if it's a rainy day in Oregon, there's still the white, mulch-like waste left befind.

We noticed they even got the newly posted "For Sale" sign last week during their midnight tee-peeing.

Anonymous said...

Boy, all I see is pretty - and cold!

Taking a break from house-hunting. Found a really nice condo - just have to decide if I can afford it. Things are a wee bit pricier here than in ID, or Englewood.

Sending sunshine, since it's chilly here - 51 for a high. Which is cold by FL standards.

Hope everyone's having a good day - thanks for all of the good vibes - they must be working! Big hugs to all.

katiebird said...

Janet, I have a totally off-topic question for you. Do you know of a source for Soda Crystals? They're used in Great Britain as a non-toxic but powerful cleaner. But, here you practically have to import them. Have you ever heard of anyone using them?

katiebird said...

Also (more off-topic) if anyone is on facebook, I'm looking for friends (

AND I finally got the email checkbox clicked!

Kelly McCullough said...

Katiebird, friend request sent.

katiebird said...

:) -- and answered!! (off to browse Kelly's profile)

Kelly McCullough said...

BTW, I see a Chinese black and white inked landscape, one of the ones with the fantastic towering hills and the dragons in the water below. I also see a little pug dog in a barrister's wig, but that's a bit less majestic.

Maria Lima said...

Hola, all - just got home from the mimes (yes, this does mean nearly a 12 hr day). :(

But, the good news, when I got back to the office after an all day meeting, Kimber's book had arrived! (I'd pre-ordered).

Congrats on release day, hon!

Now I must hunker down and get some writing done.

bono said...

Long day. Too tired to see anything.
Congrats, Kimber.

Janet said...

Katie, I'll check on it at work tomorrow! We have tons of alternative cleansers.