Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have finally had my fill of grits. I'm going home.


Nancy P said...

Enough grits! No more! Please! I love grits, but I may never eat another one. Srsly.

Home tomorrow.

May your favorite team win tonight.

Nancy P said...

SPECIAL BULLETIN: If you can recount one or more memorable synchronicities--Meaningful Coincidences--in your life, and you'd like for it/them to be considered for inclusion in a non-fiction book on the subject, e me, and I'll put you in touch with the writers. They're open to any good, true stories. You may also write them here, if you'd rather, and I'll send them on down the line to my friends. These don't have to be from "writers," btw. The authors are interested in anybody's stories.

FARfetched said...

Woohoo, yay Lisa!!!! My much lesser accomplishment for the day was getting a coat of paint on the cold frame (except for the bottom). I seem to have painted the back of one hand as well.

Hey, has anyone messed with a program called Celtx? It's primarily geared toward script writing, but there's a "text" component that would work for novels etc. It has several keep-track-of facilities that look promising. Free, runs on Mac, Linux, and that Microsoft thing. if you're interested.

I feel like writing tonight, but not at the computer. I guess I'll grab the Moleskine & a pen and have at it in the living room.

Nancy P said...

Happy writing, Far.

(Don't know nothin' 'bout tht program.)

boran2 said...

Good evening all. I did some painting while stealing looks at the game. Without the Giants it just wasn't as exciting as last year.

Nancy P said...

The Boss is very limber! I just happened to turn in the moment he started playing.

Nicola Slade said...

Morning all. England is covered in snow and the authorities are like headless chickens, trains and buses stopped, motorways panicking, schools closed - it's that unusual in the south. Small children thrilled to bits, parents aghast and me wondering what happened to the Gulf Stream that's supposed to prevent this kind of thing right down here in the Deep South!
To you guys it would look like a nice, easy day with a teaspoonful of the white stuff. Here - total panic. Almost as bad as the day it rained when we lived in Egypt (that's ONE day in an entire YEAR!)

Grits look - um - nutritious? I have a Victorian cookery book that features grits but I don't imagine it caught on here.

Have fun, everyone.

AndiF said...

w00t Lisa. Many more happy "The Ends" to you.

I was going to do a Snowstorm Monday Picture Post but I decided to wait till it was gone so absence would me 3> it more. Instead, here's a Whatever Monday Picture Post.

Hope you had/have a safe trip home Nancy.

Good luck getting through everybody else's snow panic, Nicola.

Layered Lake [LINK]

Frozen Portrait [LINK]
(yes I am in this picture)

Reflection out on a Limb [LINK]

Artful Creek [LINK]

Morning all.

Jen said...

Heh, daily grits is an acquired taste that some folks will never acquire.

Congrats Lisa!

Nicola, we just had almost our entire city shut down for several days due to snow and ice. It was funny to watch the evaporation of concern from the neighborhood parents as one snow day piled atop another -- on the first day off, everyone was meticulously bundled and whole families were about doing structured activities together, but by the fourth day, the kids were all mitten-less and unmonitored, frolicking down the icy street fending off traffic by themselves, lol.

Lisa M said...

Andi--Thank you so much for the pictures. I spend a great deal of my day job rushing and the details get blurred in my attempt to get it done.

You give me pause to revel in the details. And beautiful ones they are!!!!

Thanks for all the well wishing.

Marvelous Monday to All

AndiF said...

You're welcome, Lisa. It really is my pleasure. :)

And apparently I'm strangely dyslexic this morning: that's would make me <3 not would me 3>

Anonymous said...

Those are the fanciest grits I've ever seen! My mom was from NC, so I grew up on the stuff - and love it. But I guess there is always "too much" of anything, even good stuff.

Not sure what FL would do if it of NC shut down at a prediction of the white stuff.

Game was good, and Bruce was better!

Nice rainy day in SWFL - hoping everyone has a good Monday!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, gang! Nancy, safe trip home.

Far - never heard of Celtx, sounds a bit like Scrivener, which is what I use (it's Mac only).

Nicola - I heard it was snowing there. Best of luck with the crazies!

It's off the mimes today, clients visiting, etc. Argh.

Am wrestling with a plot point in BLOOD KIN. So far, I'm losing...

Happy week, all! said...

Lisa, Congratulations! on writing The End. I'm tickled by your urge to keep writing once you are done. Some universal thing going on there.

I watched John Grisham on Charlie Rose recently and thought once again "Oh crap, I should learn to outline."

Cranking away at FAR Future… if I had a week without interruptions or distractions, I could finish it up from here.

How finished, Far? Do you mean finished finished? As in "The End"?

Nancy and Beth, amazing that I know two different people who were out traveling about in this weather. I'm glad you are both taking your feet from the gas pedal for a bit.

FARfetched said...

Thanks for the happy writing wishes, Nancy. I got about 500 words down… figuring an average of 110 words on each of these little notebook pages, and four & a half pages.

Nicola, that sounds like Planet Georgia: you know you're in the south when they forecast an inch of snow and it makes the front page of the Atlanta paper. Here today, gone tomorrow, right?

Andi, nice shots. I have a couple shots of the in-laws' pond with partial icing like that, but the other ones are seriously eye-catching.

Jen, are you guys about dug out yet? We've had a couple occasions like that over the years here, where ice would just shut everything down for a week.

Keep pluggin', Maria! Send in Niko and Tucker, they'll pull that plot point down & make it cooperate for ya.

Ghost, yup, finished as in "The End." From here, it looks like maybe 8 episodes to start from scratch and a handful (5 or so) to clean up.

Beth, hope it warms up for you soon. We're getting a cold snap coming in here, but it doesn't look like it will last long enough to be Winter #4.

The mimes are telling me to start chipping… later!

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats, Lisa! Make sure to really celebrate, endings are rare sweet moments that should be acknowledged with care and joy.

Jen said...

Yeah, Farf, we're finally up and running and again. Which is especially good because the ground around our back shed had frozen solid, preventing the doors from opening, and we had failed to take the snowblower out of it first. Now that we've done so it's a virtual certainty that we'll only get an inch of snow at a time for the rest of the season. ;)

Looking forward to seeing how you wrap up FAR Future!

Nicola Slade said...

Oh, for goodness sake! the UK tabloids and television are talking about Arctic conditions and more snow to come! (Artic my left foot - people in the arctic would be sunbathing at this temperature!)
However, here in Planet Hampshire, I've just been digging a hole for the geriatric, almost blind cat to perform in! (Well, poor old thing, he's 16 and has only seen snow about 6 times!)
And well done, Lisa. It's a great feeling, isn't it.

Conda V. Douglas said...

My mom loved grits, but only one way: fried in bacon fat with calves' brains.


Travel well, Nancy!

Lisa M said...

Nicky, You even hear the word ice here in Texas and the tv goes on red alert that the end is coming.
So I say put a log on the fire, snuggle up with a fun novel/tv show and let the outside world disappear.
I can't take too much tv news anytime. Give me the old movie channel.

Nancy, with me it's cilantro. When I went to Equador several years ago cilantro was in EVERY meal except breakfast. I still can't eat much Mexican food heavy with that oh so popular herb.

Maria I'm starting a Motivation and Plotting online class starting today. Trying to be smarter with this second book. You have been a mean writing machine so it's probably time to switch to the other side of the brain a bit and regroup your thinking about the story.

Jen glad you got that snow blower out even if you don't need it soon.

Ghostie, I'm really itching to keep at it. Probably crash and burn if I stop and think about things too hard.

Waves to Kelly, Conda, Farf and Beth back in FL.

Anonymous said...

No memorable sychronicities here. 'Course, I have difficulty remembering yesterday. ;-)

Congrats to all the writers hard at work creating masterpieces I can't wait to read.

Loverly pix, Andif. Though I didn't find you in the icicle.

Welcome home, Nancy.