Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marshmallows, plz

Cold. In hotel room. Fixer-people here now. Hope flares.


Nancy P said...

Fixed! I'm holding my fingers up to the hearint vent.

In the other thread, I read good news on the landlord and writing front, so cheers for all of that.

Nancy P said...

"hearint" vent?

lol. Frozen typing flingiers

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Nancy and heat! Settled in Denver airport again for the next 3 hours - didn't I just do this?

Hope the ice is melting for those of you who wuz froze. I'll be warm again tonight, although I won't be home til midnight.

Yep, landlord news VERY good! Still hasn't sunk in. Hopefully I'll be settled in a new place this week, and life will return to (semi)normal.

Congrats on the writing front, all.

Waving from the Rockies! More tomorrow from FL.

Lisa M said...

Just back in from a GLORIOUS walk. My usual 2 mile trek during the summer. It's 68 here and SUNNY.
Sorry Snow Bunnies. This be why I live in Texas.

Nancy, here's hoping you find heat so fingers can thaw.

Beth, waves to you flying by.
I just made lodge reservations in Golden, CO. for an Immersion class by Margie Lawson in September. Love the mountains. If it wasn't for winter, I'd live there. Rich=summer and winter home. Maybe my kids can live one in the mountains and one near the beach.

1st week in March I go to Monterey CA for writer workshop. That's my travel plans.
Travel--get smart--go home.
Of course meet agents and editors and published YA authors too.
Lions and tigers and bears--oh my.

Have a great evening all.

Maria Lima said...

Glad you're warming up, Nancy!

I'm snugged up warm and cozy at home watching The Hobart Shakespeareans - a PBS show that I got on DVD.

Beth, yay on the lease situation!

Nancy P said...

For supper, I'm thinking of having the following things I've never eaten before, and they're all appetizers:

Sea Scallop Hot Browns
Pimento Cheese Grit Fries
Fried Green Tomato Salad

What do you think?
Oh, and a nice Reisling.

bono said...

I love coming here and hearing all the good news. Congrats Beth, Lisa, & Maria. I'm coveting the warmth Lisa, Beth and Kelly are experiencing. I am so ready for winter to be over, but as someone reminded me recently, Winter is only half over in Cleveburg. I'm hoping that groundhog brings good news Monday!
waves to everyone

Lisa M said...

Hot browns??

The grits and Fried tomatoe salad thumbs up.

Oh and I love Reisling!!!


FARfetched said...

Yay for good news, heat, escaped leases, writing on schedule… sounds good to me!

I got a couple of lingering issues dealt with today — finished taking out the dying redbud tree that was leaning toward the house (DD, Sasquatch, Brand X, and I chopped roots and pulled it out), and the work that followed me home has been taken care of and emailed to the freakout artist. Still have to paint the cold frame, but I found a gallon of paint in the basement & brought it out… I think there's a brush in the garage, if not I'll get one when I go get my meds.

Cranking away at FAR Future… if I had a week without interruptions or distractions, I could finish it up from here.

boran2 said...

Late drive by hi. It was a busy but productive day.

Reading all the good news! Good to see it.

Keep warm!

Janet said...

I remember "teaching" my kids the dos and don'ts of roasting marshmallows.

I was INTENDING to show them how to roast the PERFECT marshmallo. Showing them how you turn it slowllllllllllly ...

How you don't want to stick it in the fire, you want to hold just above some nice, red hot coals. Oooh. Just like that.

But make sure not to get it too close to the coals as you'll YIKKKKKKKKKKKES! So then I started to try to flap the stick around with the flaming sugar mass on it to somehow "turn it off" or something. Which caused the sugar magma to fling off my stick and onto the jeans leg of my husband.

Danni with her quick wit and sharp tongue said, "yep, that's how you do it".


AndiF said...

Sounds like everybody had a fine Saturday; I hope Sunday is just as good.

How was dinner, Nancy? Did you stick with the appetizers?

Today is going to be in 40s and sunny; we will be conducting an experiment in how fast 13 inches of snow and sleet can melt. The ground is very frozen so I'm guessing we will also be conducting an experiment in how fast the creeks will fill up.

Morning all.

FARfetched said...

Janet, that's known as a "counter example". :-)

Andi, snow melts exactly as fast as it pleases.

Lisa M said...

Morning All

Andi--Here's hoping you and the pups can get out and enjoy the warmer temps. At our house there's a towel on the porch and inside the door for muddy paws. Atticus is fastidious and stays very clean. Kip the Springer comes in a mess many mornings. Course the patroler Kip runs miles around the sentry Atticus.

Waves to Farf and all to come.

Off to write--THE END.

Relaxing Sunday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! I hope to spend the day in a lazy fog, watching Mary Poppins - now available from iTunes and the first movie I ever saw in a theatre - and other teevee stuff. I'm reconsidering some major plot stuff in the Book From Hell (TM) and realized that something drastic has to change which will require some rewriting. eep! (but of course, this is S.O.P.)

I need to take a day off from writing the ms to jot notes and think about where changes need to be made and how to proceed.

Lisa - those 2 words are the most beautiful in the language, are they not?

I understand there's some sort of sports thing happening today. ;-) I shall not participate in the festivities...mostly, b/c it's just not my thing.

Great day to all!

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! Safely back in FL, where it's a chilly 46 this morning. That same temp was warm a couple of days ago in ID. Perspective is everything.

Flew into Tampa last night with lots of Cardinals fans arriving to participate in that sporting event. Complete with fake bird hats...gotta love a true fan.

Joining friends to watch the game later - until then, researching FL towns. Hopefully I'll be writing again soon in a new home!

Have a great day, everyone, whether you root for the Card, Steelers, or Mary Poppins -

katiebird said...


Anonymous said...

PS - Congrats, Lisa! It feels wonderful to write those words, even if you know there's still lots o' work left. Enjoy the moment, and celebrate your accomplishment!

Nancy P said...

Drive-by hi. Got heat. Loved the hot browns--a Kentucky thing--but I now believe that fried green tomatoes are best served hot, and grits are best served without tomatillo sauce. Sporting event? I had completely forgotten, lol Happy Sunday, all you lovely peeps.

bono said...

Temp is 40 and snow is melting here also, Andif. Unfortunately, not as fast as I'd like when there's so much to melt before the next cold front arrives early this week. But some is better than none!!!

Go, Cards. I've always liked Kurt Warner.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.

Lisa M said...


Anonymous said...

YAY! Pop the champagne cork!! Do something special for yourself - celebrate a HUGE accomplishment!!

Toasting you from afar...I'm thrilled for you!

bono said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats, Lisa!!! Doing happy dance for you.

Lisa M said...

Beth, it's a Michelob Ultra and not Champagne. (Trying to make my weight goal this week.)
Clink of glass and a toast--Thanking you WONDERFUL folks for all the support.

Tomorrow I start a class online--motivation and plotting. Plan to get working on Book 2 while my brain cools off and brain cells regenerate for the next editing pass.
Wait--brain cells don't regenerate. Well heck, guess I'll just have to work with what I've got. That's slim pickings.

Nancy, put this in your future blog file.
The Whole Truth p.162
When Kim Kepler heard that name, she felt as if somebody had swung a mallet at the center of her chest. She gasped, and jerked in her seat, and cried out as if she had been hit with ferocious force by an invisible enemy....The remote control device dropped from her fingers, bounced onto the wooden TV tray, and then onto the carpet. The back of it broke open, spilling out both AA batteries.

I stopped and had to mark that spot in the book.
REACTIONS--You are SOOOO good at them. She didn't clutch her heart and just be shocked.
She was smashed by a mallet.
And my favorite part is those AA batteries tumbling out.

I struggle with writing fresh, distinct reactions. Maybe you could address that in some future blog. Oh Great Highness of the Blog.

Tips the bottle in salute and offers a good evening to all.

boran2 said...

I see that the fire is still burning here.

Congratulations Lisa!

It was a nice warm sunny day here. I was actually able to take some shadowy snow photos for future paintings, always a good thing.

Off to catch some of the game!