Saturday, January 10, 2009

Creme de la stove

Okay, this is a weird post, but what can I say, I fell in love with this 1950's-era Chambers stove in the kitchen of the bed & breakfast in Ashland, Kansas. Chambers stoves, as you probably know, are very cool stoves, and this is the coolest of the cool, because it does all kinds of tricks, and is plated in gen-u-ine copper, and has a secret hiding place where I could put a clue to a murder. Pretty neat-o, eh?

I'm having such a great time. Gorgeous scenery, better weather than anybody could have expected for January in Kansas, and lively, smart, funny, interesting people. I'm lovin' it.

I left Ashland at noon, drove a beautiful country route to Meade, did a gig that included homemade cherry cheesecake, drove to Liberal, just had a beer (yes! not a dry county!) with a rib eye (my fav cut of meat) and mashed potatoes loaded with garlic, cheese, onions, and sour cream, and now I'm fat and happy in a motel. It would take a microscope for me to find one single thing about which to complain on this trip.

Also, nice rental car, thank you, Enterprise.


Nancy P said...

Nicky, what did you and your friend decide about the pig farm?

Bono, I had to enlarge the photo before I could see the gargoyles, and I had been walking right past them!

Aw, Maria, next time.

Beth, we all want chaise lounges beside you.

Olivia, Far, Lisa, Paul,Andi, Boran2, I had comments for all of you, but tired just crashed in on me again. . .

staggers to shower.

FARfetched said...

That *is* a cool stove. It wouldn't go with the rest of the kitchen, but I'd be glad to tear out the stuff we got to make that bugger fit in there!

I finished my draft of Episode 77 this evening, yay! Got halfway through the "alien in my toilet" story, yay! I might be past the holiday slump, finally (and there was much rejoicing).

Get'cha some sleep, maybe run out & have another beer for me first though?

Nicola Slade said...

Too much hassle, Nancy!
And yes, Lisa, it's one of our quaint olde worlde customs over here; don't like 'em? bung 'em in a piggery! (There was actually a very high profile case about 30 years ago, gave rise to quite a lot of TV mystery plots.)

Paul Lamb said...

homemade cherry cheesecake. You're killing me!

AndiF said...

Sounds your trip is really very filling ... I mean fulfilling.

And look, Nancy! Your little red leaf took a trip too. [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Fabulous stove!

I'm with Farf, let's tear out the rest and build a kitchen that stove deserves. And a place for a clue--sweet.

Glad you're having a wonderful time, Nancy. Steak, mashed potatoe, beer and cherry cheesecake--what's not to love.
It's the little things that add up to a really great day most times.

Nicky, we have wild pigs on our property. Hairy, ugly things. Destructive and mean and the guys have been shooting more of them than deer. Definately a plot possibility.

Got a chapter done yesterday. Need to tweak it today and continue moving forward.

Restful Sunday for All.

Nancy P said...

Awww, little red leaf. Hang in there buddy. Looks like you got plastered. Andi, I can really sense the movement of the water in that photo.

Interwebs connection very slow this morning, so I won't stay and chat, but howdy to all. I'll (re)write this morning, then drive to Elkhart for a 2 p.m. gig and a stay in another B&B. Life is (not) hard.

Nancy P said...

One more--Lisa, are they Havalinas? (sp)Fierce things. Lots of hunters staying at this motel (a Holiday Inn Express).Either they're all on another floor, or else they were so tuckered out last night that they didn't make a peep.

Lisa M said...

Andi--Love the colors!!
And of course the flowing water.
That's ice isn't it?
I've been thinking I need to take more pictures. I need to build in some rewards for myself. Too stuck in work and house. Want to get out more and tromp around our creek behind the house.
Something to look forward too.

Lisa M said...

Nothing so exotic.
Javelinas are smaller.
Feral hogs were at one time domestic hogs that escaped.

Feral Hogs in Texas

FARfetched said...

Wild pigs are around here too. My b-i-l shot one on our place a couple years ago. I've never seen one, fortunately, they aren't afraid of people even with guns. The one Mr. Sunshine shot was charging him as it dropped.

The Baconator could easily fit into a mystery plot, I'd think.

bono said...

Interesting stove. I'd not heard of the brand b4. I wonder what the handles on the left do?

Packs of wild hogs?! Does that have anything to do with the John Travolta movie from a couple of years ago? ;-) Scary little buggers. Sounds like they only live in the South? One less thing to worry about up here!

Andif, did you not get the big snow we got here over the weekend? The little red leaf would be buried up here!

You're trip sounds like great fun, Nancy. Thanks for taking us along.

Off to do chores to prepare for the upcoming week. Have a good one.

Lisa M said...

Andi I went out and took pictures of the creek.
My leaves are waving at your leaves.
Bono, It's a snow free zone for you.
Maria, there's a couple of Hill Country Still Life for you.

Oh yeah, and pictures of the Grandlizard and Agatha.

Snow Free Zone

Janet said...

Dry Counties???!!!!

Heavens to Mergatroid!!!


We have a cook at work from somwhere south, I forget, wanna say Kentucky or Tennessee and he came from a county that.. GET THIS... no liquor or dancing allowed. Just like the movie "Footloose".

Seems rather Draconian to me. He said it just made them all a bunch of wild hellions. Ahh the forbidden fruit syndrome.