Saturday, January 24, 2009

Past perfect/ present tense

Tonight, there's snow on this deck. All of those plants are inside, and every day I suspect them of inching their pots closer to the glass to get to the sunshine.

I am not a happy writer tonight. And I don't want to talk about it. Ever get that way? (Ha.)

How 'bout them Chiefs? Think they're gonna hire the Denver coach? If they do, a lot of Kansas City heads will explode, which should be entertaining, if messy.


Anonymous said...

I thought that when I heard he was interviewing - HOW could he coach the Chiefs?? Then again, you'd have a better chance of winning with Shanahan...I'll keep my fingers crossed you end up with someone good.

Sorry about the writing - this is me not asking.

No snow down here - but I did see some on the beach this week. Hopefully your plants will be outside again soon, basking in the sunshine.

Going to bed - my brain hurts. Too many decisions. Night, and morning, all.

FARfetched said...

Nancy, whatever it may be, I'll bet you don't feel as bad as the redbud tree alongside the manor! I took Mr. Chainsaw to it today, as the tree was uprooting itself and leaning ever closer to the house. With a little help from a rope and Mrs. Fetched, we kept it from clobbering the wall or the A/C unit as it came down.

We still have a 5-foot high stump to deal with, but I think we'll use a tractor to pull it out the rest of the way. There's also a little offshoot alongside the driveway; we'll transplant it next month, probably during Spring #4.

Lisa M said...

Yippee plants and sunshine.
Even if it's just a picture.
Black thumb here. I struggle to keep my one plant alive. So there's not bringing plants in for the winter. Mine are perennials that are on their own.

Brewing Cuban coffee for Nancy.
Snuggle under the bright(your choice of color scheme)quilt.
(I used to design and make quilts before the writing sucked my time away.)

Farf, Fire up the tractor. Got four plum tree stumps I need to deal with. Hubby keeps saying he'll have that taken care of. My riding lawn mower won't do the job.
Tell Mrs. Fetched she is WONDERFUL helping her husband.

Beth--Happy Trails.
I defer to you on all knowledge football.

Bono--maybe we need to plan a trip together. Get to meet and see something new.

Maria--You Go Girl. Keep up all the GREAT writing.

Andi--scratch the pups behind the ears for me.

Waves to any coming.

Restful Sunday to All.

AndiF said...

Minor miracle ... Jim agreed to go see a movie yesterday (a dislike of crowds combined with the discomfort his arthritis causes when he has to sit for too long). We saw Slumdog Milliionnaire which was very good -- excellent acting, mesmerizing story line, thoughtful.

Indiana folks can't get involved in thinking about teams' coaches -- everybody is in mourning over Dungy's retiring.

Hope your head feels better this morning, Beth.

Lisa, I can't grow anything either but after my last plant died, I realized I really didn't care. Freedom!

Morning all.

Paul Lamb said...

Chiefs. That's football, isn't it? I keep hearing stuff about it.

My deck looked like that in the summer too. Now the plants are all over the house, clocking time until the warmth returns. (So are my toes.)

Maria Lima said...

A brief good morning to all as I return to overdrive and try to make my 10K word goal for the weekend.

Nancy - sending you hugs and loads of understanding.

::waves to everyone::

Maria Lima said...

...and I'm back. A few hours later and 5103 words. 10,197 for the weekend. Whew!

Nancy, neat article here about VoSP being named 2009 Kansas Reads title. :)

Off to grab some lunch, then to read, or watch DEAD ZONE.

Cheers, all!

Lisa M said...

Wait, I have to straighten my clothes. This writing whirlwind
Maria just streaked by and blew my socks off.

Congrats on reaching your goal!!!

Waves to Paul.

Now back to finish my own scene.

bono said...

Good for you, Maria! Good idea re: travel plans, Lisa.

I come from a family of green thumbers, so I don't know what happened to me. I did not get the green thumb gene. Like Andif, I'm enjoying the freedom of not bothering anymore.

Cool article re: VoSP. I'd like to be part of the discussion group. I wonder if they'd consider doing it online.

Is it really the end of the weekend already?! :-p

boran2 said...

Hi all. I hope that a bit happier today, Nancy.

This has been a busy weekend for us. We've finally started the first steps toward our refinancing. Woohoo!

Nancy P said...

Happy, but only because I'm not thinking about writing. :p

Thanks, Maria, and wow on the words!