Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apres speech

I'm staying in a lovely b&b in a town where some of the cowboys used to go when they "got out of Dodge." Feeling somewhat rejuvenated, because of the nice and entertaining people who came to my speech, brought pot-luck supper, and then stayed to tell stories about murder. Hog heaven for a mystery writer!


Paul Lamb said...

I stayed at a B&B in Dodge City several years ago. Sat above the town, on the north side if I remember. Nice room.

FARfetched said...

Sorry, can't talk about what I really want to vent about right away. So I'll vent about getting yanked out of a comfy chair to help get some hay to the cows earlier, then have to endure an MLM presentation, and now I'm about to get yanked out of a chair again to make a 100-mile round trip in the sleet.

I need a bumper sticker that says, "I'd rather be writing."

FARfetched said...

Hallelujah, sleet trip has been cancelled!

Writing now. Socializing later.

leaves a bowl of party mix, boogies

Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, Paul, Nancy & Far, and all those who come after.

I've only stayed in one B&B. It had the best breakfasts!

Nancy - Cute pjs! And I'm glad you are rejuvenated. The potluck sounds quite fun!

Lisa M said...

Pot Luck--Now that's good food.
Won't find that in the big city.

Farf--I can't find words for your Wobble application.

Morning Kimber--Glad you're finding some time to visit.

Quick wave to all. Have to write.
Banana Bread and coffee/tea for all. Got in a baking mood last night.
Weight back in the going down position. 15 lbs now. Woohoo.

Restful Sunday. And we get another restful Monday. YaaHoo

Maria Lima said...

And here I thought I'd be the earlybird today. Morning, all.

Nancy, love the flannel pjs!

I'm writing, so will be mostly offline for a few hours. Have gotten in 1000 words already this a.m.

Superb Sunday, everyone!

AndiF said...

Love the picture, Nancy. What cute feet you have. :)

And look at all the people who got here before this morning! I'd be all celebratory for my late sleeping if it hadn't been caused by a dog (yes, I'm looking at you Giddy) who did bark in the night.

Morning all.

FARfetched said...

Maria Twitter'ed that her morning word count is now 2700! I managed 1000 last night myself.

I guess I need to get up & get ready for church.

Anonymous said...

I was up early, but driving. Now at Panera on my very own Mac again, catching up on mail and quiet time before more visiting and football games.

Jealous of all getting writing done. Maybe tomorrow...

Only stayed in one B&B so far, but it's on my list for the second half of my life to stay in more! Sounds like a nice one, Nancy.

Had a great visit with Mr and Mrs Ghost - excellent hosts and good friends. Sorry to leave them and the doggies this morning...

Have a great Sunday, everyone! I'm unwired this week unless I find a Panera, etc., so will stop in when I can.

katiebird said...

Those pajama's? I love them!

(priorities are so important)

FARfetched said...

Just called out of church with a cold. Might try writing some more.

boran2 said...

Looks comfy!

And look what's on the laptop!

bono said...

It's definitely a flannel pjs day. Veggie chili, football playoffs, and Sunday "get ready for the week" chores.

Celebrating Monday is a no work day this week. :-)

Conda V. Douglas said...

Great pic, Nancy, so cozy!

bono said...

A couple of things I've come across the past few days which I only noticed because of the education I'm receiving here. I currently have 2 books from the library by the same author from a series. The books were written 4 yrs. apart and have different editors. That surprised me given what Nancy has told us about how important the relationship with an editor is.

The second piece of interest I came across today is an article in the Village Voice re: authors' experiences with book tours. I am so glad Nancy is having a better experience than was recounted in the article.

FARfetched said...

Wow, bono, what a horror story! Maybe those regional & small press tours go better? Or maybe Nancy's not telling us about the stops in which the store's empty…

Lisa M said...

Bono--that article was like a train wreck I couldn't stop reading.
Glamor = author, not as much a reality as we want to believe.

Being in the public eye on the internet is scary. So easy to say things to people you can't see and don't know. Cyberbullying.
Pump yourself up by bashing someone else.

Nancy's blog is family. What a great contrast.

Great evening to all!!

bono said...

Farf, I think we're getting the real story on this tour. It sounds like the library association has done a good job of PR for this tour. Unlike the experience in the article: "Indeed, from the writer's point of view, the entire book tour is one that seems curiously designed by publishers and booksellers to diminish you and the product you're all supposed to be selling together. No one takes responsibility for publicity—so, usually, there is none." How exciting was that to have a welcome sign in the middle of the street. So, maybe you're right, regional tours are better advertised/attended.

I agree, Lisa, this is a wonderful, friendly community that Nancy has built.

Nancy P said...

Bono, you're right, the libraries have done the best job! I've had tv, radio, print. . .and a sign in the street. At Syracuse yesterday, they apologize because my name wasn't on the movie marquee. I'm hoping for next time. :)

But honestly, my experience has been that the publicists at my various publishers have worked hard to get me publicity in various towns. Some bookstores do a lot, too--put it in their newsletters, send out email notices, invite book club members, take out ads. I've always suspected that I couldn't do any better, and I found out that two hired guns--pr people--did it much, much worse than the publisher's staff.

Of course, so much depends on so very much. The publisher and how much they care. Whether they have much of a publicity staff and what that staff is like. How much money is budgeted for your book. On and on.