Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fern gully

One of these photos was taken by Andif in May and the other in December. (Gee, I wonder which is which.) I think it looks cool with the spring one seeming to reflect down into the winter water. There's probably a writing lesson in this, but I'm too cold to try to think what it is. You guys do all the work, 'k?


Nancy P said...

The more I look at yesterday's photo the more interesting and beautiful it gets. Now it looks to me like an oil painting.

'Night, y'all.

AndiF said...

You've got a good eye, Nancy. That's the same little ledge in both pictures. It's not a pond though; it's a creek. Lesson: it may look like everything changes but if you look beneath the flux, you often find a rock solid base.

We had freezing rain yesterday bad enough to shut down the interstate. But Bebo didn't care because she thinks ice sliding on the deck is the bestest game ever.

Lisa M said...

The colors struck me. Both green and blue are cool colors. So different seasons but very similar feel of color. One is more realism while the winter is more impressionism. LOVE both. Another pair of pictures for my writing wall. I would love to have an photo wall that I could rotate. I have three paintings that my father did: An ocelot, a hawk and a goose. There seems to be a theme.

Andi I LOVED the rock solid base thought.
Work is crazy. Kids whiney. Bah teaching this time of year.Give Jim an extra hug for me.

Wonderful Weds to All.

Jen said...

Lesson: it may look like everything changes but if you look beneath the flux, you often find a rock solid base.

Corollary: things may seem solid but if you look beneath what appears to be a rock solid base, you will find more flux.

And no kidding about the ice, yesterday I wiped out in my own driveway (I'm fine) because ice + muscle weakness = nature's cruelest slip & slide. Bebo can have it, BAH HUMBUG.

Beth said...

Sorry about the ice - it's best under skates and in drinks. Way too scary under feet and wheels... although paws seem to do just fine!

Hope you're okay, Jen. And an interstate closed? Wow.

I love the spring green of the first shot. Looks alive and promising - probably more so to those of you in cold country. It's green here, but it never looks that fresh.

Might be offline for a few days - visiting folks with no computer, and then on the ship for the weekend with limited access (reunion for my around-the-world program). Everyone stay safe and enjoy the weekend! Nancy, have fun on your travels. I'll check in if I can.

AndiF said...

Sorry about the fall, Jen. I hope you aren't too sore. Bebo says you can send the ice to her ... plus, she says Did you know you can eat it too!

Lisa, if Jim were here, I'm sure he'd be completely simpatico with your bahs.

Have a great time on the ship and reuniting with your friends, Beth.

Oh and Nancy, "gulley" is spelled "gully".

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Still gray and rainy here. The temps warmed up enough so it's not snow or ice, thank goodness.

I love both pics - there's such a feeling of strength and fluidity with the rocks and the water.

Off in a bit for the annual boob smashing (TMI!) and then to the mimes. Got about 1600 words done last night on Blood Kin, so I'm happy. I need to do about 8-10K a week to meet my deadline. It's doable...it has to be. ::g::

FARfetched said...

The kids loved that movie. 'Course, winter & tropical rain forests don't exactly go together…

Nice juxtaposition of those two shots. I need to be in the car on the way to the mimes myself, but if I had time I'd do some (very simple) Photoshop work to line up the little ledge so it's spring on top & winter below.

Lisa, the kids getting cabin fever? That's the thing about winter in the south… nobody has the right clothes for it & there's usually no snow to play in anyway. Up north, you just bundle up & you're good to go.

Jen, good to hear you're OK. Snow is one thing, ice is another. I agree with Beth: best in drinks & under skates. Or as a Bebo-snack!

Maria, I thought that was more like an MRI, not a TMI? [jumps in car, takes off for the mimes]

Power's flickering here, high wind & warmer than usual. Cold front's a-comin'.

Lisa M said...

Andi--optimist--solid rock
Jen--realist--flux below

Jen--Body not doing what we want is cruel that's for sure. Glad you weren't bad hurt.

Maria, WAY TMI, girlfriend.
You are an energizer bunny working away. You'll make that deadline!!!

Farf--careful going to work. You're another one whose schedule wears me out just hearing about it.

Beth, I want to go around the world. Maybe you can at least tell me about going around the world sometime. Enjoy the warm.

Nancy--Safe trip.

Waves to any and all.

Beth said...

Happy to, Lisa - one of my favorite topics! A date, the next time our paths cross. It's all you can imagine, and more...

AndiF said...

Lisa, you wouldn't think seeing solid rock underneath was the sign of an optimist if you'd found it 8 inches under the soil when digging out the basement for your house. ;P

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all,

Yesterday was my first time on x-country skis in nearly a year and now I know exactly where all my leg muscles are again. Oy.

Lovely shots, but I'm way too tired for insight at the moment. Perhaps, no matter the season, beauty is still beauty? Or time is only a matter of shifting perspective?

Jen, Laura went down on the ice Monday, but also managed to remain unhurt. Take care out there.


Jen said...

Oh you are all so sweet with your care and concern, thanks {{everyone}}.

bono said...

Glad you're OK, Jen. For those of us in snow/ice country, someone just recommended YakTrak to me. They fit over your shoes/boots and allow one to walk on ice - safely.

Love the pix. Long week already. Is it really only Wed.?!

Safe travels, Nancy.

Waves wearily to all.

Lisa M said...

Hey Bono--
Winter Wimp Resolution--Do not live in a place where you have to wear anything called YAK.
I will leave the ice/snow to you Brave Hearts.

Off to soak in hot tub.
Neck and back are revolting going back to work.

Snuggly warm night to all.

boran2 said...

Ooh, those are nice photos, especially the bottom one. I really like how that reflection.

Our ice storm is finally done. Everything is covered in ice! I did manage to get to work today.

I hope that you're okay, Jen. The b2boy fell flat on his back on the ice but was fortunately unhurt. 10 year olds are so resistant.

FARfetched said...

Boran, he probably laughed it off and then did some sliding, right?

Jen said...


I actually have a couple pair of those. They are indeed terrific for ice (mind yourself on concrete that is not icy, however), but the key element to them is: one actually has to remember to use them, which I had not. ;)

Heh, Boran, I wish I could still bounce like a 10yo. Glad the little guy's okay and that y'all are holding up through the deep freeze.