Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue, white, and palomino

This is a photo only its mother could love. I do love this palomino color of grass--which isn't accurately captured in this shot-- and I like the white band between earth and sky. It looks like the earth's aura. Although I prefer Kansas landscape when it's uppy and downy and curvy, there's nothing like miles of straight flat earth to slow down my pulse and make me feel peaceful and content. I feel no panic or restlessness at all when I'm on flat expanses of never-ending land; rather, I feel as if I could happily stick around for a long time.* No, I do not wish I were a pioneer woman! I like Kansas, but I'm not crazy.

*All bets are off if the wind is blowing non-stop.

(More on book tours at another time.)


AndiF said...

Most of the land around me ranges from hilly to gently rolling and we don't have any grasslands (despite what people think the only prairie in Indiana is in the northwest corner) but I have the same reaction to a field of wheat or hay ready to be mowed -- especially when there's a gentle breeze making gently undulating waves across gently undulating land.

Lisa M said...

Peaceful picture. The contrast with the bright blue and the palomino grass. LOVE that color.
Love that word--Palomino.

I'll have to read the book tour info later. I'm taking a class and limiting my internet time. And work is CRAZY right now. But Friday is a work day-no kids and Monday is a holiday. Woop.

My parents both grew up in the panhandle of Texas. Very flat, wide and going on forever. Spent much of my childhood traveling through it going to see grandparents. It is a comforting place, but not one I would like to move to. I love hills and trees.

I know this is a writer's blog, but I do love the pictures. Nancy, so glad you have gotten the shutterbug.

Maria Lima said...

I love the idea of the plains. It invokes the thought of freedom, unfettered ideas, the days of early exploration.

Waxing philosophical of a Tuesday a.m. before I'm off to the dentist, then the mimes. ::g::

Terrific Tuesday to everyone!

Nancy P said...

G'morning, Andi, Lisa,Maria.

FARfetched said...

Not much horizontal ground here, except along river bottoms. There are compensations though (link to 3-year-old blog post).

When the wind gets up in Kansas, just sit down in the grass… that should hide you from the wind & pretty much the rest of the world. Now there's a comforting thought.

Jen said...

Hey, shouldn't there be a Little House somewhere on that Prairie?

Nancy P said...

Ooo, pretty fall fotos, far.

lol, Jen. My mom had a Little House on the Prairie early childhood on the plains of Montana. Her dad was a sheepherder and they lived in a tiny house fives miles from the nearest neighbor.

Janet said...

Give me the mountains and the ocean. Better yet give me both. Voila! :)

Of course, if you head East of Portland you end up in another world and terrain.

We have Rain Forests AND Desert. Beach, sand dunes AND mountains and glaciers. All in one state.

Wayne states that he's "FROM Boston but his HOME is Portland". He's traveled around the world alot and I all this time he'd been looking for roots. At 50 he finally found some.