Friday, January 16, 2009

Scooch over

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Photo by Andif, of course!

FARfetched said...

Hey everyone!

Kelly, thanks for explaining the cardboard. That's indeed what it's for, to hinder the cooling system. I ended up blocking 40% of the radiator, and it was better but not completely. Just have to remember to yank it out in a week or so when it gets back into the 50s. And congrats on your 10K words! Pour yourself a cold one (or maybe a warm one) and relax, you've earned yourself a break.

Maria, yay for the good news from the docs! For us, it's The Glove… either way, the good news lessens the sting of losing one's dignity. :-P

The Boy and Snippet delivered us some news… will blog about it later. Hope everyone has a great three (or four!) day weekend…

Nicola Slade said...

Good news, Maria; I need to book an appointment for that too. And well done, Nancy - trip sounds fun but exhausting.
Yesterday was the trip to a Model Engineering Exhibition in London. Thousands of middle-aged (and older) men eagerly peering at gadgets, my own nearest and dearest among them. I went prepared - took a book, bought a coffee and found a quiet corner to read. It was a surprisingly restful day, even including a Tube trip right across London which is normally like traversing the seven circles of hell. Yesterday it was quiet, so I read some more.
Only way to do it - but I did get lunch out!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all on an extremely cold (-2 wind chill) day.

Off to the hair salon in about an hour or so, then back so I can start my 4-day writing weekend!

Nicola, your trip reminds my of my own sister's trips to toy/collectible events with my BIL. She brings a book and reads, he spends *hours* perusing the trade show.

Everyone stay warm and get some rest!

AndiF said...

Hope you get well-rested, Nancy ... 'cause I miss the pictures and we all know that it's all about me. ;)

And we're all the way up to 14F now and going to high of 29F, so I'll happily leave Kelly with all the sympathy for the arctic weather.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Riding the Tube - makes me miss London, Nicola. Although I used to ride it in the 70's...sounds like a lovely day, anyway!

Watching for the news, Farf...

Enjoy your writing weekend, Maria, for those of us doing other things besides putting words on paper this weekend.

Supposed to be a balmy 34 here today. This time next week I'll be back in Florida where 34 sends out the alarm.

More wandering around Asheville with Ghost today. Is your trip almost over, Nancy? Hope everyone has a relaxing holiday weekend, cozied up to a woodstove or open window, depending on where you are.

Kelly McCullough said...

We're actually at 13 with a projected high of 20--next thing you know we'll be planting palm trees. Actually, after a week of sub-zero it does feel almost tropical.

BTW, does that fact that I've been enjoying this weather make me insane? I plead nostalgia. It was a lot colder when I was a kid. Which is probably a combination of global climate change and leaving North Dakota behind.

Nancy P said...

Hi! Off to Cimarron today.

Lisa M said...

Cimarron. Rolls off your tongue, sounding exotic.
Will be interested to here about the next adventure.

Waves to all.

Have been rethinking my writing habits. Alas, no blog of my own to wax poetic. You guys/gals are a good influence on me.
Have a picture of targets on the wall beside my desk as a visual clue to get the heck writing. Actually it's telling me much more, but that's the jist of it.
Some really good Ah-Ha's for myself.

Off to errands and more writing and visiting with Sonboy before he has to go home tonight. He's off flying planes today. The scouts are doing the aviation merit badge and several planes and helicopters are at a local airport to look at and ride in. Sonboy gets to be the role model as budding pilot with his official pilot headphones and log book.
He informed us that now that he's read The Right Stuff, he'll be joining the Air Force or Navy when he graduates. Give him a book to encourage him to read and see what happens.

Sensational Saturday to All.
Stay WARM.

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning, Nancy. I hope you can shoe-horn in a nap. Rest is important! thanks for soothing thoughts yesterday!

Far- you let us in suspense! Will visit your blog later to hear the news.

Maria - great news yesterday. I hope you have a great writing weekend!

Kelly- 10,000 words. Awesome

Beth - morning. Thanks for soothing words thoughts yesterday. :)

Nicola - London!

Andi - LOL

Lisa - waving! no immediate plans on Dallas, but am sure I will get there eventually. More by e-mail and thanks for the well wishes!

Hugs to all. Am going to clean my wreck of a house today. :)

bono said...

Yes, a place by the wood stove sounds great. Sending warm wishes to all.

Is that cinnamon rolls, Nancy? ;-)