Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carried away

I'm hoping the current of my story will carry me downstream to the end of the book.

Wonderful photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

If you haven't already, you guys just have to go visit boran2's blog and see his current painting project. It's amazing. He's amazing! And we remember when he first started painting. He has come a long way, baby.

(Link on my front page under blogs.)

Anonymous said...

Hope it carries you to the end as well, NP! Go Nancy go!

Wanted to get my two cents' worth in tonight, so I'll receive comments tomorrow as I travel. Otherwise I'll miss the entire day...

And wow to boran2's latest work - very cool!

Off to bed. Night, and morning to all who follow.

FARfetched said...

Thirding Boran… it's getting close to photographic.

Current… reminds me of CS&N:

So much water moving underneath the bridge,
Let the water come and carry us away.

boran2 said...

Thanks to all! And it's almost done!

I'll just have to remember not to get carried away with it. ;-)

AndiF said...

It's been lots of fun watching the progress of this painting, b2 ... particularly as you added the reflectins. Really fine work.

Water's down to a trickle now -- just my speed. :)

Morning all.

AndiF said...

Oh almost forgot -- safe journey Beth. May the warmth rise up and wraps its arms around you.

Lisa M said...

Flowing water is one of great nurturers of the soul. The sound of the riffles and kaleidescope of continually changing visual effects could entertain me for hours. Thumbs up--Andi

Boran--Beautiful!! I love the unusual view point. It's nostalgic. When I took a digital photography class I took closeups of car grills. Newer cars don't have the chrome of those oldies. I know it saves weight and gas but I miss the big bumpers and grills.

Beth--I enjoy your travels. Makes me feel I've done more than sit home for most of my holiday. Though when you talk about writing it feels quite matter of fact and easy. Tint of green in those words.

Waves to Farf and all to come.

Pouting some as back to the kids tomorrow. I won't complain too much as Maria and others don't get such extended holidays.

Relaxing Sunday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Carried away by the muse. Writing like a fiend. Back later, there are words pressing out of my fingers.

Morning, all!

FARfetched said...

words pressing out of my fingers is the phrase of the week!