Friday, January 23, 2009


Cliff Palace Ruins, Mesa Verde
Photo by Jimf


Nancy P said...

Raise your hand if you've been there. I took my son there when he was about 7. Poor baby got so car sick on the twisty road, and I kept telling him it was just a little way further, even though I knew it wasn't, because I was sure he was going to be glad once he saw them. He was--both miserable and glad. I think he forgave me, but I'm not positive.

FARfetched said...

Not been there, but one of my college buddies worked there.

Car sickness: take a 10-20 minute break. Remind sufferer to look as far forward as possible at all times. :-)

Maria Lima said...

::Raises hand:: Went there as a kid, probably around 13? Fascinating place.

I'm doing the whole insomnia thing right now and wishing I could sleep. :(

Catch you all in the a.m.

AndiF said...

::Raises hand. Grins stupidly:: Oh, I guess everybody already knew that.

Correction: it's "Photo by JimF."

Ancient peoples ruins that Jim and I like better than Mesa Verde: Chaco, Hovenweep, Canyon De Chelly, Wupatki -- they're just as spectacular in their own way and don't have the crowds that Mesa Verde does.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Another hand up! Explored many of the national parks in the west, summer of '86 with my boyfriend. A day at each. What a great trip. I was struck by how small everything was, even for a short person like me. I still need to check out those other places, andi.

Same with seasickness, Farf. Get outside and look at the horizon. It's the only thing not moving. Don't believe students when they tell you a shot of tequila will work better. Or three.

Waving from the beach. Back to Englewood tonight, and take a deep breath before flying to Idaho on Tuesday to grab my stuff and head back to the warm ASAP.

Hope y'all have a fun weekend! I'll be glad not to be driving for a few days. Although I'm not sure flying and packing are great alternatives.

Happy Saturday!

Lisa M said...

I need to get out more.
You guys see such great places.

Maria--Sorry I got the good sleep last night. Sending well needed rest your way.

Andi--thanks for the other suggestions.

I just started a Where to Go file.
Traveling possibilities that is not where my students would prefer me to be.

Beth--drink in the day and plenty of water before back to Idaho. Then on your mark, get ready, PACK.
Hurry and be excited.
I just caught a glimse of the greatest thing just beyond the headlights.

It's a Pooh bear blustery day here.

Sensational Saturday to all.

Jen said...

Have not seen Mesa Verde, even though I lived nearby for years. (Out west a 6 hour drive = nearby.) I love Wupatki, though, and have traipsed around that park a lot. Done a fair bit of writing there, both sitting in the park itself while writing, and setting pieces of fiction amongst the ruins and the painted desert.

My desktop is still down so I can't access most of my pictures right now, but here's one of the pathway up to Citadel Ruin at Wupatki that I uploaded some time ago.

Nancy P said...

Morning Far. I, too, am a sad expert on car sickness. Thank god for outgrowing it.

Andi--your poor husband always has to work harder for his photo credit. I don't have any of the photos labeled as to which of you took them. They're always "Andif" until proven otherwise. Good thing you're honest, lol.

Maria, your brain must be accustomed to being on Writer Overdrive.

Omg, Beth, car sickness and tequila??? Just hit me in the head with a hammer and be done with it.

Lisa, so your students want you to go somewhere warm? It's been a rough week at the not-OK school Corral, yes?

Where's Wupatki, Jen?

AndiF said...

Lisa, if you ever need any help for a trip to the Four Corners area, I'd be delighted to be your travel planner. :)

Jen, Sunset Crater, Wupatki, and Walnut Canyon are a big part of why we like going to Flagstaff so much ... Macy's of course being the absolute best reason. ;)

Jen said...

Where's Wupatki, Jen?

Wupatki National Monument is about 45 mins drive north of Flagstaff, Arizona, in the same general area as the Grand Canyon, although that's further and more northwesterly from Flag than Wupatki.

Yeah Andi, the whole area is pretty rich in archaeological and anthropological sightseeing. And beautiful on its face, in that haunting way the desert has.

katiebird said...

I feel like I've never been anywhere. But, I'm just sulking because my sister in Santa Cruz, CA says it's 50 degrees there. And I'm stuck in a place where it's not even 10.

(pulling myself together)

Good morning everyone! Andi, I like Jim's photos almost as much as yours. Please thank him for sharing.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! I woke up at 7:15, after a ridiculously short amount of sleep, but immediately went into Writer Overdrive again. 3156 words and I'm taking a break now.

I think my brain hurts. Think it's time for some Leverage (fun new caper-type show) and perhaps some Tudors. Then, a nap and more writing later.

Happy Saturday, all!

bono said...

I'm wondering why I've traveled to visit the "ruins" in Mexico but not in the U.S. of A. Like Lisa, I'll have to start a travel file. Let's see, so far it contains Kansas and "ruins" of the SW. I've actually been to the common National Parks in AZ, NM and UT.

I'm with Katiebird, it's too cold here. Soak up that warmth before you head north, Beth! Horizon is good if you can see it, which is impossible in fog on rough seas. :-p

Happy Saturday!

Conda V. Douglas said...

It's been too many years since I've been, but I remember so well. When we were there I was 10! and nobody thought of guardrails along the view point up above on the cliffs. I'll bet that's different now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa - I'd be watching...

Maria Lima said...

Hola, peeps. I'm peeking out of the Writing Insanity(TM). Have managed 5504 words today and am now in a competition with fellow UF author, Jeri Smith-Ready to see who can get to 10K words first this weekend. ::g::

I've stopped for now, and am going to go heat something up for dinner. (Even managed a nap earlier!)