Thursday, January 15, 2009

This way! Which way?

Photo by Andif.

No photos from Thursday. I was too busy being cranky. But I'm okay now. At least once a trip I hit a wall, and Thursday was that day. Part of it was that I didn't like going from tiny towns and wide open spaces to a much bigger town, traffic, and colder weather. Part of it was just, well, seven towns in eight days. But I gave myself a good talking to, had a fine chicken fried steak for supper, and all is better now.


AndiF said...

Ah, the curative powers of artery-clogging food. :)

Hitting a wall is certainly understandable. It exhausts me just thinking about all the traveling you've done and there's not enough chicken fried steak to make me do it -- actually scratch the chicken fried steak and substitute Pad Woon Sen (which I'm pretty sure will be unavailable in any quantity).

We hit a temperature wall ... cause the air is a block of ice. It's -9/wind chill -23. And the dogs says the way to go is whatever leads you to a wood stove [LINK].

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Pass the Chicken Fried Steak, mashed taters-no gravy, squash casserole, and fresh rolls, please. Home cooking--yum. Somebody else's home--even better.

Cold--Only 25 here so I won't complain.

Work's been so busy, I think I've passed myself a couple of times in the hall.
No kids today--hooray. Workday to get ready for next semester.
I'm ready to throw a pallet down on the floor next to the pups at Andi's and toast my buns for while.

Fabulous Friday to all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning from the omg SO cold Mid-Atlantic. 13F this a.m. with a high of 20 predicted. May seem like small potatoes to you midwesterners, but this former Texan is COLD! ::g::

Nancy, I totally get hitting the wall - I tend to hit it about day 2 or 3 of a con. Too many people, too little time to myself.

::waves at Lisa and Andi and sets self down for the best comfort food ever::

I've got a short day at the mimes, b/c I have to go back to medlab for more boobage views. Hopefully nothing but old age, but pls wish me luck. Then, I get to start my LOOONG writing weekend, w00t!

Frabjous Friday to all!

Kimberly Frost said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

Nancy, thanks for posting such wonderful information these past couple of weeks. I've just been reviewing the posts I've missed. Since my release is coming up rapidly and I'm working out the details of a pair of signings, your posts about tours and appearances are very timely.

I have been absent from the blogosphere a lot lately because I'm overwhelmed. (I turned in Book 2, updated and gave a huge medical lecture, and am trying to finish the millions of Q&As and blog posts and e-mails that need sending in the couple weeks before the book comes out.) I have bitten my thumbnail down to the quick. Please say something soothing in that Nancy way of yours.

FARfetched said...

Single digits here, first in five years. Certainly something worth being cranky about. Eh, dig down jacket out of closet, stick a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator (which I should have done when it was in the low 20s anyway), go on to cubicle.

Three day weekend, both kids coming over tonight, yay!

Kelly McCullough said...

Maria, good luck!

Kimber! waves madly

Nancy, glad the wall went down before you did.

Andi, love that front page photo.

Lisa, FarF. waving slightly less madly since I've seen you more recently

Power out at 3 a.m. here and 20 below and still going down. Fortunately only for about an hour. Weather station froze up somewhere below -25 and just kicked back in at -21. 8,100 words so far this week, and shooting for a bit over 10k. Gotta dig up the other 2k.

Kimberly Frost said...

In protest of the weather, I think you should all jump in your cars and drive to Texas. It was in the mid-fifties when I went to lunch yesterday and I can order more of the same if I know you're coming.


Nancy P said...

Andi, block of ice, I guess. Whoa. If the dogs lick you, their tongues will stick.

Hey, Lisa. Three days in a row with no kids? Call in "cold and tired" on Monday. Go for four!

Oh, Kimber, I sympathize. That's a load of Stuff to Do. Soothing. Soothing. Wracking my brain searching for something soothing to say, but coming up blank, which is a reflection on my own state of mind, I suspect. You're doing great, all the right things, and you deserve the success it will--god willing and the crick don't rise--bring you.

Far, what does the cardboard in front of the radiator do? (Scratches her head. Feels dumb.)

Maria, fingers crossed, sweetie.

Eep, Kelly!! Those temperatures. Now I don't even feel sorry for Andi.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you win the "omg it's too cold" award! 6 here at Ghostie's house - coldest temps in 30 years. My sis says I brought them...but it was 58 when I left Florida yesterday!

Gorgeous sunny day, but way too cold for this beach girl.

Maria, keep us posted. Probably just want to double-check something - good luck!

Deep breaths, Kimber. Just make sure to make time for yourself, wherever you can.

I know what you mean, NP. I'm nearing the end of my rope re not having my own place. Visiting people is wonderful and fun, but at some point you just want your own space and company. You'll be home soon - in the meantime, look for chocolate malts and other comfort foods.

Having fun with Mr and Mrs Ghost - wishing you all were here to join us. Well, wish we were all in Florida....

Maria Lima said...

Back from the lab, never has the word "innocuous" ever sounded better.

Since the lab is in the same complex as my apt., I came home to spend the rest of the day gathering tax data and keeping warm.

Indeed a Frabjous Friday!

Thanks to all of you for the good wishes.

Lisa M said...

Kimber, How wonderful about the book release coming up!!
Sending plenty of good vibes and relaxing thoughts your way.

Kelly--you inspire with your word count!!!

Farf--enjoy the kids. Sonboy is coming in tonight here.

Beth -- Wanting what we don't have. Me wanting to be traveling like you. You wanting to spend some time at "home".
Tell Ghostie -Hey.

Maria--What a relief!!
Now you can ENJOY your long weekend.

Having a heat wave at 41 right now. Three extra bedrooms here--No Waiting. Putting on a big pot of chicken and dumplings.
Everybody grab a quilt, a dog, or a cat and stay warm.

bono said...

Well, it was only -9 overnight here, but that was enough to freeze the water pipes. :-( Fortunately, I've learned how to wield a blower dryer and defrost them. It took a long time though. Warm up is on the way! Forecast is for the 20's this weekend! Thanks be!

Thanks for sharing your good news Kimberly and Maria. Farf, I don't get the cardboard in front of the radiator either?? Chicken and dumplin's sound good, Lisa.

Happy Friday!!!!!!

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all,

10,100 words for the week and my brain is leaking out of my ears. Going to go drool in the corner.

On the cardboard, since FarF hasn't checked back in: If your car is optimized for temperatures in a range above whatever you've currently got, you can stick a piece of cardboard between the radiator and the front of the car. That will reduce the airflow through the radiator, reducing its efficiency and making the car run warmer.

Anonymous said...

I know, Lisa, grass is always greener. I'd trade my wanderlust for your stability in a heartbeat.

I'd also trade ANYTHING for a plate of chicken and dumplings!!

Stay warm, everyone. I'll hug Mr and Mrs Ghost for all of you. Your ears should be burning - we've been talking about our blog buddies! Fondly, of course.

Kimberly Frost said...

Maria- I'm so glad things turned out well! I'm behind on what's happening.

Thanks for the soothing and encouraging thoughts, everyone!

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