Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tumbleweed 3

Blame Olivia! She encouraged me. :: evil cackle ::


FARfetched said...

Do you get tumbleweeds in eastern Kansas, or only in the west?

(I'd always thought of tumbleweeds being in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico… maybe parts of Texas too. I was kind of surprised to see you seeing them on your in-state road trip.)

olivia said...

I LOVE this one!!! Love it!! :D

Nancy P said...

Just in the west, Far. So far. And so far as I know. Far.

Hee, O! I spotted another one a little while ago but have to wait until people are gone. It's a RED TRUCK.

Anonymous said...

I love how much fun you're having with your camera and pictures, Nancy! Feels like we're riding right along with you.

Back on dry land - in Florida for a couple of nights (Port Charlotte and St Augustine). Then off to NC to visit Ghostie and his bride! And then family. And then I have no idea...keep your fingers crossed my landlord rents my house in CDA so I can move somewhere new...wherever that is.

Will try to get my cruise post up at my place in the next day or two - when I'm not driving.

Stay warm as these cold fronts whip through...like tumbling tumbleweeds!

Maria Lima said...

Ooh, great pic!

Love me some tumbleweeds.

AndiF said...

Nancy, you gotta watch out for that olivia; she's a sneaky one. She'll get you going on a little gateway casual picture-taking and the next thing you know she's got you completely addicted to where you're out there every day shooting pictures of everything that moves and whole lot of stuff that doesn't.

Lisa M said...

Tumbleweed artist = Nancy.

How fun.

FARfetched said...


Those things have a wider… range… than I thought!

Janet said...

You get those in California, too.

There's something about them that reminds me of the cheesy, low-budget flick "Critters".

Sage. I don't think those would make good Sage Smudges. :)

G-night, I'm bushed from the mimes.

Nancy P said...

Far, lol. Yeah, watch out.

Sage smudges, Janet, lol!

Ooo, thanks for the warning, Andi.

Beth! Dry land! Lots of it out here if you need more to practice walking on it.

And tumbleweed loves you, Maria. :)

Hey, Lisa, Texas is tumbleweed country, right?

boran2 said...

Now that's a cool photo. I see in this one the potential for a book cover.

olivia said...

Nancy, the red truck sounds great ... good luck!

LOL Andi ... you're funny.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Yeah, you get tumbleweeds in the west, but not these big monsters, at least not in my part of Idaho! You've found some glorious beasts, Nancy!

AndiF said...

Hey I've rolled back around to the same post just like a tumbleweed.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Think this tumbleweed snugged up to the fence right next to Andi.

Morning all.
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Wonderful Weds. to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, boys, girls and tumbleweeds!

It's FREAKING COLD and getting colder here. Friday's high is slated for 20F.

BRRRR. No snow in the forecast, though.

I've decided to take a mini vacation this weekend, MLK holiday off, taking inauguration day off and 4 days to WRITE! Glorious.

I can tell you *part* of my good news now: I have an agent. I got into being published the back-asswards way, by meeting said publisher at an event and having him on-the-spot, offer to reprint my first book (which was originally published by a now-defunct press).

They then offered me a 2-book deal for the 2nd and 3rd book in the series (I did get a literary atty to review the contract!), so no agent involved.

But, in the world of publishing, an agent is key. So, I now have one, courtesy of an intro from another UF author.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

YAY Maria!! That's GREAT news!! And what a great way to celebrate, 4 days to write. I'm very excited for you - I hope this makes your path a little easier to follow.

Big smiles for Maria!!!

Paul Lamb said...

In eastern Kansas we do get a lot of people's recycling blowing around. It gets lifted right out of the bins and blows down the street as though it is late for an important meeting somewhere.

GhostFolk.com said...

There's The Author and there's the (small voice) writer. They dress different, too. :) Somebody--was it Sharyn McCrumb--called it "Sparkling." We go out and sparkle.

And we talk different, too. :-)

Nancy, I am so enjoying being on your tour with you. Thanks for taking us along!

About 1970 or so and for a few years there were Sparkle Girls in the South -- well, at least, this part of the South. They wore uniforms (think baton-twirler skirts), crowns and carried a glitter wand.

Throughout the summer they drove across the state inspecting filling station restrooms as part of an effort to increase tourism.

Particularly clean restrooms won Sparkle Awards. In smaller communities, a Sparkle Girl would often get her picture in the local paper bestowing a Sparkle Award.

So, did you bring your wand?

Nicola Slade said...

Do you know, part of me didn't believe tumbleweed was real? I just thought it was kind of 'window-dressing' in the Westerns. Well, we live and learn on this blog, don't we.

Speaking of which, anyone fancy trying their hand at a piece of collaborative fiction? http://greylingbay.blogspot.com/
(You have to go to the bottom to find the start of the story, if you see what I mean.)
It's supposed to be literary fiction which is something I'd rather poke a pencil in my eye than read, on the whole, but I'm having a go at it for fun.

FARfetched said...

Paul, here it's plastic grocery bags (aka Walmart tumbleweeds) that blow across highways and snag in various places.

Maria, congrats on the agent! Stay warm… Winter #3 is in full swing here, looks like lows in the lower teens coming in the next couple nights.

Ghost, that's pretty funny - Sparkle Girls! They had some strooong stomachs if they were going around inspecting gas station restrooms… whoosh.

Nicola, sounds kind of cool. I've always had a somewhat dim view of literary fiction being a mishmash that goes nowhere… sounds like exactly what you'd get from collaborative fiction on a blog! ;-) I'll have to go check it out.

At the mimes, need to start working. Type at y'all later!

Jen said...

Congrats Maria!

Nancy P said...

Oh, I love that news, Maria. So happy for you. . .and for your smart agent. "Your agent." Nice phrase.

Paul, lol.

Hey, Jen and Janet and Beth and B2!

Conda, sometimes the monsters flock together and form colonies that could scare Tokyo.

Nicky, that's funny about thinking tumbleweed was aprocryphal. You know jackalopes are real, too, right?

Ghost, I thought I needed that sparkle wand where I ate lunch today, but it turned out to be good food, so cleanliness mattered less. :)

Who have I missed? :: looks around wildly ::

Nancy P said...

Olivia, I couldn't get to the red truck, sob.

AndiF said...

"Hmm" say the dogs looking around unwildly, who could Nancy have missed?

Why good morning Lisa, you tumbling Texas tumbleweed gift purveyor.

Also, congrats to Maria!

bono said...

Interesting story, Manny, thanks for sharing. lol - Buy tumbleweeds, Lisa? Some people are so industrious. Congrats, Maria.

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats, Maria!

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