Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All of us

On Sunday evening, serendipity gave me this photograph in the driveway of my hotel. It wasn't until I downloaded it that I realized it's a gift for this day.

There are a couple things I'd like to say about this photo and what it means to me.

One is that I have felt for the last eight years as if I couldn't raise the flag, because if I did there were things that would be assumed about me that I would never want anyone to assume. The other is that it is my passionate hope that before President Obama leaves office, our gay and lesbian friends--and any other Americans who do not share all of the rights or privileges of citizenship--will be able to feel that this flag waves for them, too.

Good luck, President Obama. You can't do it all by yourself, so count me in.


Nancy P said...

Notice how it flies left. Hee.

Happy inaugural day, kids!

AndiF said...

Wonder photograph, Nancy and just perfect for today. (And your creative abilities really show up in your photos.)

If I can lower the discourse for just a moment, Bebo has a symbolic message for Bush.

Okay back to the uplifting thoughts and images. :)

Anonymous said...

When I traveled around the world in 2005, everyone I met asked me what Americans were thinking, electing him...there was scorn and disgust at our country making such a horrible decision. I tried to tell them I was Canadian... :-)

Hopefully we've redeemed ourselves.

He has a long steep road ahead of him - I hope people help him along the way.

And it's snowing in NC - only 1/2" here, but 3" elsewhere. And still falling. Everything is closed. Stores have been emptied of bread and milk. Pretty funny. I'm going to stay inside - folks don't know how to drive in this stuff here.

Enjoy the festivities today!

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to check the box. And thanks for the picture and sentiment, Nancy!

Maria Lima said...

Happy Inauguration Day, everyone! I'm nearly teary eyed watching Colin Powell on MSNBC talking about being teary.

It's really eerie outside my apartment - I overlook a major highway into DC. It's EMPTY. Closed to northbound traffic at 3:00 a.m. There's barely any southbound traffic.

The sight (on TV) of the crowds on the Mall make me "yay" in happiness. People really CARE about this inauguration. I haven't seen anything like this since I came to live in the DC area (8.5 yrs ago).

For the first time in so long, I have hope. I have no fear of my leadership. I feel GOOD about our country.

Go us!

(I'm hoping the folks out there in person keep warm. It's 17F out, feels like 10)

Kelly McCullough said...

I'm hopeful.

FARfetched said...

I'm just relieved!

I loved the line he used in his speech, "The time has come to put childish things aside." Soooo true. Well, it was true 8 years ago, but nobody at the top was listening.

Great pic, Nancy — definitely a gift for all of us…

Lisa M said...

LOVE the flag picture, Nancy.
You got a good eye!!

The students watched with interest as the inauguration went on.
Ah the wonders of streaming video in the classroom.

Think I'll just stand facing forward, hand over heart.
Appreciating the opportunities for change.

Proudly American now, but then I've always been. America is not great only when we are happy about how things are going. Because it is the people that make it great, not the government, or the person in power. It will likely never be perfect, but that is a reflection of its humanity.

Nancy P said...


I love all your comments.

Happy day of hope.

olivia said...

Beautiful photo Nancy.

And welcome home. :)

Maria Lima said...

The day just continues to get great. Remember my sekrit news?

Well, it's been announced in Publisher's Weekly.

Quick recap: Pocket Books has signed a co-publishing agreement with Juno Books through which Juno will release one title per month under its own imprint.

My books will be reprinted (Matters in Sept, Blood Bargain in Oct) and Blood Kin will be released in Nov. from Pocket Books/Juno Books.

This series has now been born 3 times - first with a small press that went belly up, 2nd with Juno and now with Pocket.

Pretty wild!

I'm totally celebrating.

boran2 said...

Amen Nancy.

That really is a nice photo. It will be nice to feel good about being an American once again after the depressing void of the last 8 years.

Congratulations Maria Lima!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Maria - that's great news! Congratulations!!

FARfetched said...

Yay Maria!!!

FARfetched said...

I love this line from a Daily Kos post…

And as for me, I feel like a semitruck loaded with pecan pie, porno and whiskey has just jackknifed in front of my house and I'm running around like Templeton the Rat at the county fair in "Charlotte's Web" just soaking it all in.

katiebird said...

I was banned from dKos months ago and never go there anymore.

moscow daily photo said...

Yea! I typed "President Obama" for the first time today and just sat and looked at the words, so beautiful.

Nancy P said...

((hugs moscow))