Monday, January 26, 2009

Branching out, or maybe in

Photo by Andif

Poem by Emily Dickinson.

I stepped from Plank to Plank
A slow and cautious way
The Stars about my Head I felt
About my Feet the Sea.

I knew not but the next
Would be my final inch--
This gave me the precarious Gait
Some call Experience.


Nancy P said...

We haven't had a poetry day for a while. Shall we say tomorrow? Although if you want to bring one today, that's good, too!

Nancy P said...

Andi, I just watched your niece's segment with Martha. She's so cute! I thought she did a great job. I think it's smart of Martha to do the "cooking," cause the guest is not used to doing that on air and would be so nervous. I would, anyway. Let us know if your niece reports a burst of new business, okay?

Nancy P said...

Me, again. You absolutely have to go to Olivia's blog and see her photo of tulips. Link on front page, right-hand column, under "blogs."

katiebird said...

I'm waiting.

. . . . .

It's just too cold.

Nancy P said...

What are you waiting for, kb? Spring?

Anonymous said...

Olivia's tulips are gorgeous - the things she can do with a camera.

And andi - and 'head - so many talented people we know!

Getting ready to head to the airport. Will follow comments along the way. And check in as I can this week. Sure could use some help packing!

Back to Warm Country on Saturday - til then, I'm up in the Frozen North with all of you. Will participate in Poetry Day vicariously.

Have a good week!

AndiF said...

In honor of Beth's heading back to Cold Country, we have our first real snow of the season, 4" so far, up to 6" more possible. Jim is loving it because school is closed (sorry Lisa).

I thought she did a great job too, Nancy -- a little nervous to start but then really got into it. She said they did have an increase in business but she's waiting to see if it lasts -- the downturn has definitely affected the NYC sweet tooth.

Those tulips are wonderful. The color are so vibrant and the use of light just perfect.

Hiya Beth and kb and everybody still to come along.

Lisa M said...

Tulips, stained glass,cat,woman in black and white--Thanks!!! Olivia for a little SOUL RENEWAL.

I love words but pictures streak to my very core.

Beth--Here's newspaper (all funny pages) for you to pack with.
My favorites comics are Lio and For Better or For Worse.
And some bubble wrap--entertainment if you don't need it for packing.

Yeah Jim--A day off.
We have a winter storm warning for here. Drizzling rain that will likely freeze tonight so tomorrow may be off for me. I just have making it up on the other end.
READ, SNOOZE, Wait your wife works at home. Hmmm. (That was a Farf statement. He's rubbing off on me.)

Andi--I'll tell a lady from NY I'm working with in an online class about Sweet Revenge. She lives in Great Neck and might get that way some time. Cupcakes make sense to me ANYTIME.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! I'm all for poetry day tomorrow.

Must off to the mimes in a bit, but trying to catch up on blogs and such before I go.

Just looked outside--there is snow. Actual sticking type snow. Damn. Guess I'll need to leave a little sooner than normal.

Terrific Tuesday to all!

FARfetched said...

Poetry day?

Snow is falling 'way up north,
Some play, some slide, some kvetch.
I'm rubbing off on Lisa M?
(Don't tell Mrs. Fetched!!!) said...

>>This gave me the precarious Gait
Some call Experience.>>

When Emily is at her best, she IS the best.

In coll I wrote a c-w song (not bragging - I was very crummy at it) that a bar band just to peform at area dives. About the only line I remember is:

I'm a fool from heel to toe.
That's why I walk funny.

Emily has a much better take
on the topic of gait.

Beth, I didn't know meeting me in person would drive you so far north. The bride told me once "You may not have a positive effect on people, but you tend to have an effect." said...

LOL, FarF. You naughty boy.

FARfetched said...

What can I say, Ghost? I'm the perv-in-residence.

Kimberly Frost said...

Wow. That is beautiful. And another gorgeous AndiF picture. Thanks for that! :) I'm coming tomorrow for poetry day, though I couldn't write a decent poem to save my life...well maybe then, if given a few years... But as I recall on poetry day, we get to bring other people's poetry. I like that policy. :)

Kimberly Frost said...

Oops, and I forgot what I wanted to mention!

A wonderful friend of mine just sent me a jazzy book video that she made for Would-Be Witch!

I'm really quite overwhelmed that she took the time. Anyway, it's great, and I posted it on my blog if you want to take a look. The music is a real pick me up. I may use it in the morning in place of cofee. ;)

Hugs to all!

Maria Lima said...

Snowpocalypse! I spent an hour traveling 2 miles (I only commute 4 to work), then another hour BACK home, b/c my route was blocked off by police.

Working from home today, I reckon.

FARfetched said...

Working from home is always The Win, Maria!

Hey, guess who popped up in my RSS feed? Rick B!!

katiebird said...

- Yes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, everyone. Sorry about the snow, andi - although I'm glad Jim gets a day off as a result! Glad you made it back safely, Maria.

There isn't much that can drive me to Idaho in the winter - and especially not you, Ghostie! You shared lots of cold weather with me already...

Stuck in Denver due to a late plane - am going to find some lunch, since it's too early to drink.

Will watch the video later, Kimber - how cool!

Waving from sunny (with snow on the ground) Denver International Airport -

FARfetched said...

Kimber, I'll have to wait 'til I get home… they block video at work. [grump. least they could do is open it up at lunch hour.]

KB, I'm not sure what's worse: waiting for spring, or being teased with four or five false springs with bouts of winter in between. The sun goes away, it rains, the sun comes back out, it gets cold…

katiebird said...

While I wait, I found this:

Procrastinating Writers
A hang out for all writers who are finding Facebook the perfect place for procrastination. Share your procrastinating tips, online games, pointless applications here.

Now if only there was such a group for non-writers!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Oooh, poetry day tomorrow, yay!

Kelly McCullough said...

Delurks. Looks around for the snacks left by FarF. Finds empty tray and nods sadly. Pretty much what he expected. Relurks

boran2 said...

That is a gorgeous photo, Andi!

We're getting ready for the big snow here, possibly 9 inches. Ugh.

Happy lurking Kelly.

Okay, roll up the sidewalks.

bono said...

(unrolls sidewalk)

Poetry day! Yippee!

(rerolls sidewalk)

FARfetched said...

pulls some peanut butter balls out of the stash and passes them to Lurking Kelly

Going from bad to verse tomorrow I guess…