Monday, January 5, 2009

Red leaf caught in ice

I can't take my eyes off the red leaf. What captures you?

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

Hey, bono, welcome home!

I'm still home until Thursday, but probably won't be around to talk much.

FARfetched said...

Ping in, ping out. We had our anniversary dinner this evening. Mrs. Fetched loved the flowers I'd ordered. Daughter Dearest was greatly amused by the squirrel story.

I'm hoping to write a few paragraphs before bed. Maybe it'll happen.

katiebird said...

(waving) Hi Far, I hope you had a happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

The water falling on the right. I didn't even notice the ice. Is that a surprise, my omitting something cold?

Echoing welcome home greetings to bono!

Writing away - know I should go to bed, but hate to stop. Hoping you're still screaming through the rewrite, NP!

Night everyone - and good morning to those who follow.

Kelly McCullough said...

From yesterday's thread:

Thanks Lisa. I love to have Laura home, but I get a lot more work done when she's at school. We're going to have figure out a way to make that work when she's on sabbatical next fall. I'm thinking we'll need to have some very firm working hours in which we stay in different parts of the house. Even after nearly twenty years I can't take my eyes off her if she's anywhere nearby.

Welcome back, Bono.

And now on to today:

Hey FarF, hope you get that writing time in.

Waves at KB, Nancy, and all those who check in later.

Kelly McCullough said...

Waves at Beth after the cross post. I'm a sucker for the falling water too.

Anonymous said...

Waving back, Kelly. And I'm so touched that you still feel that way about Laura - she is one lucky woman. And vice versa. If only we all could have that kind of love.

AndiF said...

I like fine spray of water, though what caught my eye originally was the glow of color in the rocks.

Echoing the welcome backs to bono.

Happy writing to Farf, Beth, and wife-in-the-mimes Kelly.

Hiya kb.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

It's the golden sulfur colored rocks that grabbed my attention. But now that you mention the leaf, my eyes are drawn to it. Flowing water--Ahhh.

It's RAINING and the ice is melting.Yaaahoooo. Ground was so thirsty.

Farf and Kelly-we need to clone you guys. There are not enough good ones out there.
The way you discuss your wives is FANTASTIC.
After so many years, love takes on quite a different feel. There is an element of that comfortable Andi talked about a few days ago with her friends. For me there is still a sense of wonder that my hubby picked me. He was that suave older man don't ya know. And I am, to say the least, a challenge to put up with.

Kelly, I too find it very hard to work when hubby is in the house. He is so sweet checking on me, and checking on me, and checking on me. Gotta love him.

Waves to KatieB and Beth.

Terrific Tuesday to All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all and Happy Anniversary to Far and Mrs. Far!

What draws my eye is the rock sticking up out of the water. It's potential, something obvious, yet with hidden depths. Kind of like people. :)

I'll 2nd Beth's sentiment, Kelly & Far - you are special people.

BTW, Kudos to Kimber, who got a nice review and spotlight on debut author slot in this month's Romantic Times Book Review.

Off to the mimes on a very grey rainy turning to ice day.

Janet said...

Happy Happy Farf!

This year it will be me and my husband's 20th. We were married at a VA home's little wooden church in Retsil, WA. The non-denoninational pastor/preacher was more than happy to marry us rather than bury us. :) We wanted to just do a justice of the peace but in WA that wasn't allowed. So we got a rag tag wedding set up in about a week's time. Borrowed dress, sailors bought me flowers and one guy made a cake. It was actally all very lovely. Wayne was enlisted at the time but tons of Officers showed up. (not supposed to frat with enlisted LOL but that's how respected he was) We had Navy and Marines arrive(due to 3rd platoon duty, which used to be one of the actual counter-terororism units which has been disbanded).

off to the mimes. :)

boran2 said...

'Evening, all.

What's capturing me is the continuing bad weather, some of which is happening even as we speak. That and a certain small canvas that I need to finish soon.

Wow, Kelly, I'm impressed!

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey, I forget to wish FarF and Mrs. Fetched a Happy Anniversary! Consider this a correction for that oversight.

I can't take too much credit on the uxoriousness front. Laura makes it virtually impossible to be anything other than head over heels about her.

bono said...

How sweet. Happy Anniversary, Farf. I'm a sucker for a good love story and you and Kelly win the award. Well, not together, but each with your respective wives. ;-) Congrats.

I love the color of the rocks in the photo. Andif has such a good eye for pix.

Lisa's ice melts and moves to Ohio. It's freezing rain here right now. Another "exciting" drive home tonight. :-p

Thanks for the warm welcome home. Waves to everyone.

Jen said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to Farf & Mrs. Farf, I hope you two were able to enjoy a magical, squirrel-free celebratory evening. ;)