Friday, January 9, 2009

Up close to Kansas

The Gyp Hills. This part is state-owned, leased for raising buffalo. Saw a herd, too far to photo.
Can you see the deer?
The Wallingford Inn, Ashland, Ks.


Nancy P said...

So much wind today! Some of it occurred inside the Ashland Library where I was speaking to about 70 middle and high school kids. :) Such gracious, nice people, lots of laughter, great pork lunch, beautiful drive. Even heard the story of two, possibly three murders.

Must write now.

Lisa M said...

Really doing great with the picture taking, Nancy!

Loved that we got to see the deer.
You framed that 1st picture very nicely. Close up vegetation for interest too.
I want the gargoyle outside the inn.

Maria--I need to get in the backdraft of that writing momentum. This weekend I need to make progress with story too.

I have a student reading my WIP. First atheletic trainer I've had at my school and my main character is one. So next week I'll be getting some "professional" advice on my realism in that arena of the story.
Woohoo, she liked the first chapter and wanted to keep reading.
Music to my ears.

Waves to Bono. I'm taking an online class and doing WiiFit some in the morning so am late checking in. This being a well balanced person thing takes away some of my play time.

Kelly, Caught up? All I've done is chase my tail at work. Don't think being all done is in my vocabulary.

Waves to Farf, Jen, Dina and anybody else that was in the earlier crew. And any going to come.

Gotta a date with a friend for dinner.

Great evening to you all.

FARfetched said...

Hi Nancy & Lisa! Nice pix there, Nancy. Looks like an interesting corner (literally) of the state.

I'll be doing a little writing this weekend if I get a chance. Seems the squirrel has (in the twists of my imagination, anyway) mutated into a semi-aquatic alien.

boran2 said...

Love those photos! And the inn looks inviting. I hope that things are going well.

We're awaiting the arrival of our latest snowstorm. < sigh >

Paul Lamb said...

Cold back here in KC today.

Perhaps in an upcoming post you could write about the economics of a book tour. I just can't imagine that such an expensive venture is cost effective, but your publisher must have some reason for sending you on these jaunts.

I love the severe beauty of western Kansas. My son and daughter-in-law live out in Colby, so we get to see it often. (Still prefer the Flint Hills.)

Nicola Slade said...

'Even heard the story of two, possibly three murders.'

Love that, Nancy. Always an eye out for a plot! Got some funny glances a while back as a friend and I stood at the checkout earnestly discussing whether you could dispose of a whole body at a pig farm, or have to chop it up first!

AndiF said...

Hey look -- trees! :)

Sounds like you're having a good trip and the inn looks really charming.

I hope the weather keeps being so nice to you.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Caribbean - somewhere between Florida and Turks and Caicos. Nice to see dry land pictures when all I see outside is water, water, everywhere. There's a class on "Writing the Caribbean" this morning that I'm going to check out. 740 fellow passengers who are pretending to be 18 again - I think I'll hide in a corner and get some work done. Thanks for the pictures, Nancy! Sounds like a great trip so far. And happy Saturday, everyone. I'll gaze at the sunset for you tonight.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! Nancy, that inn is gorgeous. ::has inn envy::

I'm off to see a condo today (rental). The upside: it's 2x the size of my tiny studio, with a real kitchen, brand new appliances, washer/dryer, new carpet, etc. It's owned by a colleague's dad, who has several rental properties.

The downside: it's way further from work, in the 'burbs.

The extremely tempting part: rent is the same as what I pay for a tiny studio.

If it's fabulous, I may just suck up the commute and do this.

Wish me luck!

(btw, this is not the news that I can't discuss ::g:: - all sorts of things going on right now)

Beth, btw, mmm, sunny Caribbean, how lovely.

Hope everyone has a superb Saturday!

FARfetched said...

Beth, if you get the chance to act like you're 18 again… TAKE IT. After the writing class, of course.

Nancy, what Paul said about the economics of a book tour. Long-term investment? Marketing trawl (i.e. getting info about who & how many people in an area are interested)? Both & more?

Nicola, I'm tan enough that if I were to start talking about disposing of bodies in public, I'd likely have Fatherland Security paying me a visit!!!!

Way-ell… A not-too-horrible Saturday is upcoming. Making a bank run, and I'm going to send off a battery pack to Oklahoma for rebuilding (old, old pro flash that works with my new camera). Yeah, $60 to get an old flash working, or $300 for a new flash? Decisions, decisions…

Maria, check out the immediate neighborhood as well. How far will you have to go for groceries? Entertainment? Transit? Or maybe you can work at home once or twice a week like I do, and deal with the rest. :-)

Nancy P said...

I HAVE to put this sentence down before I forget it. From my very fun b&b owner just now: "My dermatologist stays here when he comes to hunt, and while he's here he burns off my little skin cancers, so I have to run to the vet's to pick up some of the nitrous oxide they juse to freeze the bull semen they use for artificial insemination. I'll be right back!"

I'm still laughing, and when I said something to her about it, she went out the door laughing, too. I love the country!

p.s. I'll do a blog about book tours when I get back. Remind me if I forget.

Lisa M said...

Real life -- fiction.
The divide is very blurred.
I want to see ya work that one into a story, Nancy. Wait, maybe I don't.

Maria-The Energizer Bunny- have fun looking at new hutch possibilites.

Farf, you encourage Beth to act 18 and give Maria tips for new place evaluation. Now we even know about your swarthy tan. You are a multifaceted gem.

Nicky, my friend's WIP has a death on a pig farm. Didn't know that was such a popular murder scene.

Snuggle up and stay warm.
Except for Beth in the Carribean.
For sure act 18!!!!

Sensational Saturday to All.
Off to errands and writing

bono said...

Details, Beth, I want details! I need sunshine and warmth. And I'd like some of Farf's Spring! Morning spent clearing snow - nearly a foot of it & still coming down. :-(

Great pix, Nancy. I didn't notice the gargoyle until Lisa mentioned it.

Happy weekend!

Maria Lima said...

Back from the rental - sadly, not a fabulous place. Quite nice, but not worth the commute.

Feeling very sleepy and in need of a nap. :)

FARfetched said...

Nighty-nap, Maria!

Lisa, around here the weirder stuff is real life. Fiction is an escape to something logical, like aliens in my toilet or kudzu-worshipping hunter-gatherers. :-P

Bono, enjoy Spring #2 while it lasts. Winter #3 starts Monday. The extended forecast suggests it will go at least a week.

Lisa M said...

All these up close and personal snow shoveling experiences makes this winter wimp appreciate my 39 and breezy but no ice/snow.
Throw another log on the fire and snuggle up in a bright quilt with a good book and hot drink.

Farf-Fiction logic in the face of crazy reality. You are right.

Maria--Naps are wonderful.
Sorry the house wasn't more wow.
You've got us waiting and wondering. That's fun-- anticipating good possibilities for friends.

olivia said...

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a great Saturday.

Love the photos and stories Nancy!