Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Publicity in a small town

This is officially the cutest thing ever, at least when it comes to publicity. I drove into Johnson City, near the Colorado state line, and look what I found IN THE MIDDLE OF MAIN STREET! Yes! (The motel behind it is where I'm staying tonight. In a few minutes I'm going to go have a malt at the very real, very still-operating 1950's soda fountain down the street in the other direction.)

Speaking of book tours, which we were, nothing beats small towns for getting your name out, albeit to not many people. But still. When I drove into Liberal, I turned on the radio and heard my name. It was an ad for my appearance at the library. Last night in Hugoton, I turned on the tv, and there I was again, in repeating ads for my appearance next Monday in Ulysses. I am nearly convinced of my own importance, hee.

Believe me, nobody is ever going to put a poster with my name on it in the middle of Main Street in Kansas City!


Nancy P said...

Isn't that adorable? And people really did slow down to look--or maybe they just wanted to make sure they didn't hit it.

I visited a wee factory where they make kaleidoscopes. I had a good lunch at a greasy spoon. And my name is still sitting in the middle of the street.

bono said...

Way cool! How wonderful that you're getting some of the star treatment you so richly deserve. I'll make a sign if you come to Cleveland. (does best Groucho Marx imitaion, wiggling eyebrows) However, I can't guaranee it would be as nice as this one.

Maria Lima said...

Most excellent, Nancy!! What a lovely gesture.

AndiF said...

So now we know what the Beatles really meant when they sang Why don't we do it in the road.

Conda V. Douglas said...

The sign brought back so many memories of growing up in a small town (well, part of the year at any rate, during Sun Valley's ski season...not so much). I love it.

And I wanted to let you know, Nancy, I just read your short story in "Wolfsbane and Mistletoe" and even though it's no longer the right season, your story was a lot of fun!

JimF said...

That's the best looking tumbleweed so far.

katiebird said...

That IS the cutest thing ever. And hearing your own name on the radio in town after town. The whole thing sounds great!

And I just checked my old library website and they've got the image of your book up on their home page. It looks great there.

Kelly McCullough said...

That's frabjous!

Lisa M said...

Your own sandwich sign in the middle of main street--Priceless.

KatieB is right--cutest thing ever.

boran2 said...

That's a great photo, Nancy. It must have been fun to pull up and see it. Nice to know that high technology is not always needed.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we're preparing for several inches of snow and temps at/near zero. These will go well with the ice already on the ground. Ugh.

FARfetched said...

Wow, that's great!

They couldn't do that in north Georgia, since there's already a courthouse in the middle of most main streets. 'Course, they could always put the sign up on the fence around the courthouse or whatever.

Better your name on that sign than a Wanted poster!

Nancy P said...

lol, bono. I HAVE to go to Cleveland just to see that. Don't forget the cigar.

lol go you, too, Andi! Or, as I originally typed it, you, goo. Nothing personal.

Thanks, Conda! It's no piece of literature, but I had a ball writing it.

My sentiments, too, Far. :)

katiebird!! Wave widly.

Jim, I've got my eye out for more.

Kelly, Lisa, B2. . .here, have a malted.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad you have a new camera, Nancy, so you can preserve these images for posterity? :-) That's just too funny. Too bad they wouldn't let you take the sign home!

Jealous of your milkshake and greasy spoon dinner. Can't wait to see where else you land!

Sat by the pool today on my last day of warm. Joining y'all in Cold Country tomorrow. Ghostie and Mrs. Ghost and I will raise a glass and toast our blog buddies. Maybe he'll put a sign in the middle of his driveway for my arrival.... :-)

Have a great weekend, folks - not sure when I'll have internet access again. Will check in as I can. Stay warm!

Nancy P said...

Happy driving, Beth. We'll all meet you at Ghost and Mrs. Ghost's house.

olivia said...

LOL, that is so sweet!!!!!!

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