Thursday, January 22, 2009

Variation on a theme

This is Katiebird's way cool interpretation of Andif's way cool photo.


Nancy P said...

Weirdly, now when I look at the original photo it looks like a painting to me.

Did you guys see the variations that Andif and Far did yesterday. Way cool, too.

Creativity rocks.

katiebird said...

Ghost Dog.

katiebird said...

(cough waving Thanks Nancy, you are too kind.

FARfetched said...

KB, Nancy's right. It's cool.

Hey, speaking of ghosts, has anyone read Koontz's Odd Thomas? I just finished it up (audiobook) the other evening. Very well done, but I didn't like the ending in spite of that.

Plotzing away in the FAR Future when I should be in bed.

AndiF said...

Bebo feels so used. ;)

So Farf, did the words just come out of you in one big explosion ... 'cause plotz is yiddish for "burst". :)

(More info you don't want: It's usually used in the sense of "to die" as in "If I work on this any longer, I'll plotz" or "A cupcape so good you could plotz".)

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Morning all! Drive-by comment. On the way to Daytona Beach - 12+ hour driving day ahead. Last long one for a while.

Off to find breakfast - and hopefully no snow on the beach at the other end!

Have a great day -

Lisa M said...

Doggie ghost--

Sends pats to Giddy and Sniff who have been ignored.
Requesting autographed picture from Bebo.

Beth--Safe trip my friend.

Waves to all as I go get my 15 minutes writing before work.

Fabulous FRIDAY to ALL.

AndiF said...

Lisa, Giddy and Sniff thank you for thinking of them and as a sign of their regard, they want you to have this memory of lazy summer weekends [LINK] to help you through the day.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all and Happy Friday!

It's another writing mania weekend for me, but sadly, only a 2-day weekend. I really *liked* working 3 days this week. Too bad that's not standard. ::g::

I've been doing some decluttering as well...seem to get in this mode during writing times, so I'm lugging a bag of books to the office to pass along. It's kind of fun, since I have a staff of readers. Great to share with. :)

TTFN as its off to the mimes!

Nancy P said...

Ugh, poor Beth, and with awful DB at the end of it. Sorry, Daytona Beach fans; the residential areas are no doubt lovely, but the beach strip of hotels? Ugh.

Oh, and a cheery good morning to Traveling Beth, katiebird, Far, Andif, Maria, LisaM, and all who come later.

Julie T said...

Good morning, all! Love the photo.

Happy weekend.

Nancy P said...

G'morning, Julie T!

FARfetched said...

Andi, it fits. I tend to work in bursts.

Amazing, isn't it, the words we pick up from our parents that don't mean what we think they do. I seem to remember hearing once that a klutz is a stumbling block, rather than the one who stumbles over it, but that's English for you… we borrow words all the time, then make them mean something else. :-P

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all,

I think I cracked my continuity issue from the other direction--authorial handwaving. Or, problem X was solved whilst Ravirn was offscreen for book IV.

Cool Bebo shots all around!

Back to digging.

Lisa M said...

Andi--I would so love to be napping with Giddy and Sniff and Bebo. Thanks for my photo.

BUSY DAY. Too much to do and I get grouchy when stressed so I came home to hang out with critters, eat lunch and get a little zen time.

Maria--what a nice boss you be sharing books.

Nancy--I'm seeing by your bookjacket you used to live some in Florida. I've only been to Destin and that area. Beautiful beaches there.

Nice to see ya Kelly and Farf.

Hey Julie T, glad you stopped by. Where do you hail from?

Gotta go heat my afternoon tea water and get back to the mimes.

bono said...

Happy beginning of the weekend to all. Enjoyed the warmer weather for the past 2 days, now we're headed back to the freezer for the weekend and beyond.

Thanks for the camera info, Andif.

Anonymous said...

I was actually heading to New Smyrna Beach, but this is where the cheap hotels are. Will check out the sandy part of the beach tomorrow am, then wander to NSB and maybe St Augustine again before returning home to Englewood, finally.

I like bare beaches too, NP!

70's here, phew. Sending warm vibes northward...

boran2 said...

The great disappearing dog! Good evening all and happy weekend!

olivia said...

Neato katiebird.