Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is my cubbyhole at my library. I'm standing as far back as I can, so you can tell how tiny it is. I love it. A door. Privacy. No interruptions. Free. No reservation needed, although I can make one if I want to guarantee a room. WiFi if I need it. And the librarians tend to "forget" how long I've been in there and let me stay until I'm ready to go home. I wuv them. I wuv my writing cubby.

License Plate: My other office is a Starbucks.
(Kidding about the L.P.)


Nancy P said...

That's where I'll be tomorrow (Friday).

Where will you be?

JimF said...

Here part of the day.

katiebird said...

LOL! I know just where that is too! Watch out.

olivia said...

I love getting sneak peeks into your world Nancy ... Happy cubbying and writing. :)

AndiF said...

Probably a little bit of here and some more there.

And getting a haircut.

Happy writing Nancy.

Morning all.

Paul Lamb said...

Do you get headaches working in such a confined space? With short focal ranges, I tend to get them and have to walk to a window to gaze across a distance for a while.

Lisa M said...

Morning All.

Happy writing, Nancy.
Cute cubby.

If I'm not at home, I write at school sometimes on the weekend. I tend to pace and talk to myself. I'm thinking the librarians might call the people with a net and straight jacket to take me a special cubby.

Jim--I've never ice skated. Really bad at roller skating. You have my admiration.

Waves to KatieB and Olivia, and Paul.

Andi--Beautiful pics. Scratch the dogs behind the ears for me.

Fabulous Friday for all.

Nancy P said...

Really, Jim? For your own fun, or for coaching?

Hee, katiebird!

Thanks, O! Is the transit strike over yet?

Nancy P said...

Oooh, nice pics, Andi. You get better and better. The foreground of the first one looks nearly 3-D, and the clarity of the second one is remarkable, too.

I don't, Paul, thank goodness.

I'm really bad at roller skating, too, Lisa. Scared of those things. But I did take ice skating lessons briefly and that was fun. I'm less scared of ice skating than roller skating. Go figure. I think being pigeon toed doesn't help. : D

Nicola Slade said...

Too spartan, I like clutter! And a poor sense of balance means skating is purgatory.
Yesterday I was here (wonder if that link works?)dropping in at the sales. Came home with nothing but decided it's the body, not the bargains, that are at fault! Today I'm slobbing at home and doing a bit of rewriting.

Maria Lima said...

Love the cubby, Nancy. I wonder if my library has those...must investigate.

Today, I'll be at the mimes. No rest for the wicked and all that. But this weekend, at home and writing some more.

Good morning, all and hope you have a great first Friday!!

JimF said...

I skate to get some exercise in the winter since I hate riding my bike on the wind trainer. Mostly, I like the way it feels to skate. I skated on creeks and ponds as a kid and took skating up for exercise about 30 years ago. I even slip into the rink occasionally in the summer if I'm feeling burned out on bike riding.

FARfetched said...

The equivalent for me is a certain table at the Johnny's Pizza near the office. I sit in a corner, walls behind me and on my right... and I have to make sure the staff sees me there, or they'll miss me!

It works fairly well: they keep bringing me tea as long as I stay, and let me scribble otherwise. ESPN on the TV provides a distraction when needed, and I get bored of it after 5 minutes so it's a self-limiting distraction.

I need something like that at the manor... The wait-staff, I mean. :-D

Nancy P said...

You were in Winchester, Nicky? End of year sales?. . .There are points in my writing when I simply cannot write in clutter--and I am NOT a neat person. I wonder if it's most likely to happen when I'm getting ready to do a big rewrite. That would kind of make sense. Clean up clutter around me and then clean it up in the book.

Maria, I'm so glad that cold/cough thingie may be leaving. Good riddance.. . .I hope you find some good cubbies at your library. I think you'll love them. I can't believe how many years I ignored them! I thought they were for students.

Far, your "place" sounds wonderful. I'd like that.

Nancy P said...

Jim, I picture you casually circling a frozen pond, leaning slightly forward, your arms clasped behind your back, your scarf sailing behind you in the wind.

Andie, do you skate?

Olivia would go!

AndiF said...

Nancy, klutzes are wise to avoid activities that involve very sharp objects and very hard surfaces. I ain't stoopid.

JimF said...

pretty close

Nicola Slade said...

We've had pre Christmas sales, Christmas sales, end of year sales, seasonal sales, mid season sales, Nancy. The high streets are awash with shops desperately offering 'Up to 70% reductions' and the only advice we get from our unelected Prime Minister is that we should 'spend our way out of recession.' (He's obviously forgotten that he's the one who got us into this mess.)
Remember the euphoria you guys felt after your election? We don't have that relief on offer for at least a year, probably more so we're stuck with him.

(Damn, I can feel my blood pressure rising, time for a cup of tea!)

Nancy P said...

Lol to both of the "f's."

And an Atlantic Ocean of sympathy to our Brit buddy!

Kelly McCullough said...

G-mornin' all,

Zombified after 11 hours sleep. Needed it, but oy.
Pretty pics, Andi.

Nice cubby, Nancy, if I worked at a desk I might sneak off to our library and try that too, cut down on the number of cats I have to wrestle.

I haven't been on ice skates in years, though I used to enjoy it. I was never very good at the fancy stuff, but I used to be able to pick up some serious speed on a big enough rink. Of course, that often ended with me plowing into something when I couldn't make the corner.

Dina said...

De-lurking to say Happy New Year to you all!

Nancy P said...

Happy to you, too, Ms. Dina.

Kelly, the funny thing is that I never write on a desk at home.

Okay, I'm off to my Cubby. See you guys later.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Hi all,

A friend "cubby writes" and loves it. I love the coziness of small places, but I pace when I write. Looks weird to non-writers, although I'm sure the rest of you would know what I was doing!

Anonymous said...

Happy second day of the new year! I love the cubby, Nancy - I sit on the couch and write, but yours looks like a less distracting option. Hate clutter, so it'd be perfect for me.

I'm pidgeon-toed too, so maybe that's why I can't roller skate! Ice skating and roller blading, tho, are fun. Well, except for the ice part.

In Boston with a friend today, avoiding the sub-zero temps outside. And watching football, of course! Two more days til I can take a long walk outside without cursing...

Take care, everyone! Happy Friday!

Lisa M said...

I try to be neat, but clutter just follows me around like the dirt cloud around Pigpen in Charley Brown.

I started an online course today--Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors
by Margie Lawson
I need some motivation to kick me into gear. Need to get rededicated to the writing and healthy exercise and eating choices.
It's a course for writers.

Loved in lecture 1 that she addressed what she called "Dung Shui". And the need to have a clean, workable desk. So I redistributed my clutter and am now raring to go.

Nancy P said...

Waving from my Cubby.

Doing Snoopy Dance 'cause the rewriting is going so well.

FARfetched said...

It's snowing on the Dark Side. A new story seems to have come with it.

boran2 said...

That looks like a cozy place. I hope that you had good luck with the writing today, Nancy.

Janet said...

Andi, you never told me you were married to an ice skater!

That's very close to being married to a hockey guy. :)

Didja guys watch the Winter Classic hockey game at Wrigley Field? I think next years should be done at Fenway Park with Boston VS Montreal. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumples.

Speaking of snow, we got some more again. Thanks to Global Climate Changes Portland is now considered part of Minnesota :)

I'm super tired from work. Ever since Thanksgiving time. LOL.

Janet said...

Tomorrow is my day off so I'll be in:

PJs :) for most of the day then I have a "date" with my kidlets to use up their gift cards from ... wait for it...


Which is where all you writers should come and be at so I can knock you down with some major huggage.

Nancy P said...

Major huggage :) back atcha, J.

'Night, B2. I'm eager for the next installment of The Car tomorrow.

New story? Way to go, Far!


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