Sunday, January 25, 2009

Outside in

See what I mean about the fleurs inching toward the sun? I think the white flowers are craning their necks to look at the snow out there, and they're exclaiming to the Impatiens, "What is that fluffy stuff?"


Nancy P said...

I'm hungry.

FARfetched said...

slips in, leaves a large container of candy that a sister-in-law made, slips out

Anonymous said...

My bowl of cereal for dinner didn't last very long. Wish I was close enough we could run out for a late-night snack, Nancy!

Although cyber-candy is probably a better idea...less fattening!

Listened to live music, suntanned, and watched the sunset with an old friend I haven't seen since last winter - seeking good vibes today.

Packing for Idaho tomorrow...will be glad when this trip is over with. Night all - and good Monday morning to those who follow.

Nancy P said...

What kind of candy, FAR?

Ah, Beth, one more time. We'll be with you in spirit, growling and snarling at anything that gets you down. Unless you need us to charm your troubles away, and we can do that, too. :D We're talented like that.

Nancy P said...

I just saw that I had edited my front page post into incoherence. There needs to be a rude horn that bleats when I do that. Bwaaaaaa

AndiF said...

As always, Beth, safe journey.

And the Monday Picture Post has a message for you:

Keep to the straight [LINK]

and narrow [LINK]

... oh wotthehell, do what ever you want. [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, nice to have flowers in winter. But I kinda feel them twisting around my ankle looking to suck out some life blood.
I have way too good an imagination.

Farf--You are such the treat guy.

Beth--Andi has good advice.
Safe trip. Strong back. Stronger will.

Andi--I like how my brain snaps at the stimulus of the different pictures. Would love to build a fire in the woods, sit around telling stories.You guys are GREAT storytellers. Toast a marshmallow or a hot dog. Snuggle up to a pup and then go for a walk.

Alas--off to get ready for the mimes.
I hear some dripping rain, but think a winter storm is headed this way.

Marvelous Monday for All.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! ::yawns:: I'd like nothing more than to stay home today and continue with my writing mania, but alas, it's back to the mimes.

Must head out soon, so I can stop for brekkie along the way.


Kimberly Frost said...

Good morning, Nancy (thanks for the flowers), Far (thanks for the cyber candy), Beth (thanks for the pretty pix on your blog), Andi (for the good advice), Lisa (for the morning wishes) and Maria (ditto).

Hugs to all who come later, too,


Nicola Slade said...

I don't care what the weather's doing, my agent loves my new book! Now I just have to pray the publisher feels the same way about it.(Should hear quite quickly - yikes!) And that means cyber candy is nowhere near enough - I'm off to buy chocolate NOW!

Lisa M said...


Celebration in order!

Let's meet for drinks to go with the Chocolate.

Nicola Slade said...

Brilliant idea, Lisa. What's halfway between us? New York, I guess - see you there. (Munching on chocolate even as we speak!)

Nancy P said...

Nicky! Hooray and sweet relief!

Nancy P said...

Wow, Andi, great photos. I esp. love that first one. And the last one. And the middle one.

Hi, everybody.

AndiF said...

Congrats Nicola. And if you're going to meet in New York for sweet stuff, the perfect place is clearly my niece's cupcake place. :)

And to inspire you -- and Nancy's hunger -- here's a link to the video of her making one of her signature cupcakes on the Martha Stewart's television show last week . (Why yes, I really am the cliche proud aunt.)

And for those of you with a sweet tooth and some kitchen talent, the recipe is on the same page.

FARfetched said...

Hey hey!

Nancy, the candy is: dipped pretzels, peanut brittle, peanut butter balls (everyone says they're the best of the bunch), and a couple different kinds of fudge. Mrs. Fetched made me take most of it to work with me, where hungry engineers are demolishing the pile. Cyber-candy, like Beth said, is less fattening.

At the mimes. I got in a bit over an hour late, but considering that I put in about four hours over the weekend revamping a flowchart that turned gnarly, I'm not going to worry about it. Mrs. Fetched was home for the first night in a few… will blog about that in a day or so as things shake out. More drama, like as not, since it involves her sister Big V.

Meanwhile, FAR Future #70 auto-posted this morning as planned, and I'm chewing on the plot device for the next (which is the next-to-last) sub-series.

Andi, that was a pretty funny series of photos. I was expecting Sniff & Bebo tracking then going in different directions, but this works too!

Lisa, we usually have pansies out front here this time of year, but we didn't plant any. Sage and chives provide the green this time of year. But yeah, it would be cool to get everyone together in meatspace. Plenty of room at FAR Manor for campfires, and I could cut up enough fallen pine to keep it going as long as needed.

Waves & hugs for Maria and Kimber, with fingers crossed on behalf of Nicola…

Kelly McCullough said...

Congrats to: Maria for word count, Nicola for agent response, Kimber for next week's book launch, Andi for niece's TV appearance...who am I missing?

Haloooo! to everyone.

Good luck in Idaho to Beth.

Thanks for the treats, FarF.

And back to deadline mode for me.

Lisa M said...

That's it Andi--To Sweet Revenge for Beer and Cupcakes with Nicky-- Boran could meet us. Then a caravan to Far Manor for bonfire.
We can do this cybertraveling pretty good. I think we could pick Maria and Ghostie up as we travel down the coast.

Ah if I could only twitch my nose and make it so.

Maria Lima said...

Nicola, yay!! Always good to hear one's agent loves a book.

I'm still @ the mimes, prepping for a 4:00 conf call with a client re: their budget. Ick.

Hope everyone's Monday is going well.

bono said...

Oh, I can identify with those white flowers. Yearning. All day I've been singing, "I need the sunshine the palm trees of Florida." sigh

Andif, great pics. What went through my head as I clicked on them one, two, three, was hickory, dickory, dock (I'm pretty sure there's one in that last one?).

Thanks, Farf. Wishing you good travel weather, Beth. CONGRATS, Nicola! Waves to everyone.

boran2 said...

Hi all. My plants don't talk too much. They're mostly listening these days. I'm surprised that you've got such a chatty group of flowers, Nancy.

Gotta go read Far Future!