Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Photo by Andif

I'm on the road again, or rather, in the air. Lexington, Ky. this time, where they had a sleet storm today (Wednesday), and the home where I was going to stay is without power. So, sigh, poor me, I have to endure being put up in a lovely hotel. Oh, how I suffer for my art. Y'all have fun in my absence. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to put up a daily post of some sort or another, depending on whatever these things depend on. Or, to be grammatically correct albeit silly, depending on that, whatever it is, upon which these things depend. Hee, y'all.


Nancy P said...

Back Monday, God willin' and the creek don't freeze.

AndiF said...

Poor Nancy ... not. Poor Lexington ... for real. We ended up with snow, sleet, and then more snow for a grand total of 13 inches but it was too cold for the sleet to stick to anything so no power problems. And no school again for Jim. :) Of course, he has to make the days up at the end of the school year. :(

bono, as a wonderful coincidence I took a nearly perfect picture yesterday to go with the line "and the dog will porpoise through the drifts" in your Collins poem. [LINK]

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy--Enjoy Lexington.

Andi--love the picture of puppy porpoise.

Back to the mimes for me.
That back end making them up is the pits.

Andi--thanks for the link about the Morning in the Desert. I read that before but had forgotten. I need detail people like you around.

Bono and all others Stay warm.

Looking towards Friday Thursday to all.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. I'll be miming today as well. Still have a headache, but can't miss a 2nd day. Weather's improved somewhat.

Enjoyed all the poetry yesterday!

Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Travel safely, Nancy. We'll eagerly await pictures and stories of your latest adventure.

What a storm, andi. We had bright sunshine in Idaho yesterday - shining on the piles and piles that are everywhere. Glad everyone is safe.

Packed all day yesterday, and am almost done. Great to be in my own home again, even if only for a day or two. Cross your fingers that my landlord will let me out of this lease, so I can get my own place in Warm Country, and stop sleeping in guest rooms, waiting for life to start again.

Great poetry yesterday, indeed - thanks!

Have a good day, y'all -

boran2 said...

'morning all.

Another great shot, Andi!

Have a good trip, Nancy. And don't suffer too much!

I'll be back at work today, that is, after our two hour school delay.

FARfetched said...

Andi, on Planet Georgia they build some closure days into the school schedule. If they're needed, they take 'em. It's part of a nefarious plot to extend school to a year-round schedule, slowly enough to raise no more than grumbles.

Glad to hear everyone's getting to where they're going with a minimum of drama! I'm at the mimes too. The sun's out, which means it's cold, but the chill felt weak this morning. The wind was more blunt than cutting. There was a heavy frost out at the manor, but other than that it just didn't feel very serious.

Anonymous said...

Wow, boran, is this a first, you're being here in the am? The day feels upside down. But it's a nice treat!

Hopefully spring #15,456 will be there soon, Farf.

AndiF said...

Farf, we do that in Alien Indiana too but there are only two built-in snow days and counting these three they've taken 5 days off so far.

Lisa, I like "detail people" much better than obsessive anal-retentive pedant. ;)

Good to hear your packing is almost done, Beth. I hope it's along time before you have to again.

Afternoon all.

bono said...

Well, I can travel. Ky isn't that far from where I live. It would be worth the drive to meet the blog mistress and famous author in person. :-D

Love the pix, Andif. The one on the front page gives a wonderful blast of color to someone living in a world covered in white. I love the one of Giddy (?) porpoising through the snow.

Maryb, thanks for the poem you shared for poetry day. How fitting this week, "how
this world brave with hellos turns all goodbye." Goodbye, Mr. Updike.

Beth, don't freeze. You've been down South long enough to have your blood thin out and make you more sensitive to the cold. Wishing you good luck in getting out of your lease.

Getting ready for an Alberta clipper snow system headed here tonight/tomorrow. :-p Lisa, you're invited to come experience a snow event. ;-)

Waves to everyone.

FARfetched said...

Lovely evening, isn't it? Andi, they need to build more slop into the schedule… I think they have five snow days planned, but they haven't closed school here yet this year.

We might get snow Monday, though. Looks like Spring #3 will be short, with Winter #4 coming in early next week. Dunno what kind of accumulation we'll get, if any, but that Alberta Clipper is going to bonk us too.

Bono, I wouldn't go traveling to KY at the moment. The renter dude has to go up to haul some chickens, he says 3/4 of the state doesn't have power at the moment. Major suckage.

Kelly McCullough said...

Hey all,

Greeting from Cali. Drinking wine and eating with academic publishers--Dr.Mc's trip with me just along for the ride.

Maria Lima said...

Egads, today, was just one of those "teh suck" days.

Loads of work.
Meeting in Bethesda (took Metro, then got stranded coming back b/c staffer told incorrect metro station)

Worked until 8:00 p.m.

Had to cancel a book event this weekend (big multi-author thing) b/c I may have to do RL work stuff.



So, how's everyone else?

AndiF said...

Oh dear, no sign of Nancy. I hope her trip went okay.

Much to our shock, Jim is off yet again.

bono, that's Sniff in that pictures. This [LINK] is Giddy.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Nancy in fancy hotel in KY. Hope they have power. Farf said it was bad.

Maria, It so sucks when real life interrupts our fiction world.
Hope today goes a bit no MUCH better.

Jim--Hope you can handle all this home time. My hubby will brave ice, sleet and snow after prolonged stuck at home time.
Read any good books?

Andi-- I need to print pictures with names so I can keep Sniff and Giddy straight. I got BeBo down.
LOVE the snow dog picture.

Fantastic FRIDAY to all.

off to the mimes. (if only my students would be so quiet.)