Friday, January 2, 2009

Note to self

Note to self: don't forget the weeds.

I have some scenes I'm working on that need close-up detail to make them pop with 3-D reality. Maybe I'll insert a. . .

Photo by Andif. Or two.


Maria Lima said...

Thursday I was up early writing. Tonight I'm up late writing...looking for my own weeds and using Nancy's 5 senses trick.

Egads, I LOVE when the muse is hot!

Catch you all in the a.m.!

FARfetched said...

I'm a little lost in the weeds at the moment. I'll just start hacking a path until I get somewhere. ;-)

Conda V. Douglas said...

Ah, the devil's in the details--but there's angels lurking there too.

Janet said...

Don't forget the weeds?

What is this? A scene from "Memento" or a shoppign list? :)

Daughter back from guard practice and boy are the roads icy. Had a helluva time trying to turn into my driveway. Now we have some weather warning doahmajig.


AndiF said...

I spend most of my time lost in the weeds ... fortunately I like weeds (besides, I wouldn't have frost flowers without them).

Hey DJ, we watched the hockey game. It was definitely a classic and your idea about Fenway park is a winner.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...


Weeds, wildflowers--it's in the eye of the beholder. And may vary with the time of year.

Andi, I love the rich color of the stalks and the twirls of "ribbon".
The remains of last years party stand watch over the pond and forest. Shivering in the cold, they rustle a reminder of life that was and will be again.

Maria--Glad the muse be with you.

Nancy--I love when you talk writing.

Farf--I'm a little lost in the weeds at the moment. I'll just start hacking a path until I get somewhere.
I think that is undervalued wisdom. Just doing until you get somewhere.

Conda--I'm an optimist so I love when I recognize those angels or at least those angelic times of the devils.

Janet--hope you have better bad weather drivers up your way. Texans do NOT know how to drive on ice and snow. Stay safe on your gift card spending spree.

Sensational Saturday to all. said...

Far, lost in the weeds? Look for my lucky brick while you're in there, wood ya?

Nancy P said...

Have you guys seen this you tubey about the lion? You won't even need the schmaltzy music for it to warm your cockles:


olivia said...

Hi everyone.

From the last comments -- Nancy, strike is still on yes. Federal Labour Minister has ordered the union to offer the latest city contract to its membership for a vote. The union is going to wait as long as possible before calling the vote. There's no word on if it will even pass though. :-( So people are still walking to work ... still driving for hours and hours, etc.

As for ice skating, Jim and Andi have to come up here to visit and while Jim skates up and down the canal (pictured here), Andi and I can check out the ice sculptures and whatnot -- things that klutzes can safely do ... ;-)

JimF said...

Cool! Do they run a Zamboni on it, or do they just flood the surface occasionally?

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite memories of Ottawa are skating on the canal, O - and stopping for hot chocolate!

Last day in the frozen north - wish I could bring you all back to Florida with me! I'll try to find a warm picture for my blog once I'm back. It's been nice being with family, but I'm ready to get back to my own life again.

Zooming thru my first draft - then will start the rewrite and add weeds, senses, etc. Oh yeah, and a plot. :-)

Hope all are having a great Saturday, wrapping up the holiday season.

Nancy P said...

Just back from our Sisters in Crime meeting where we had a fascinating speaker, the former supervisor of the FBI field office here in KC for organized crime. He has written a book about 50 years of the wildest and wooliest days.

Ugh, Olivia. I feel so sorry for you!

Beth, you go writer-girl!

Maria, let me know how the 5 senses thing goes. Yay for hot muses. Mine is so hot she won't let me slow down enough right now to give a proper shout-out to all the rest of youse guys! Off to cubby, then dinner with son.

Janet said...

A signed copy of Sarah Vowell's Wordy Shipmates!!!! Direct from Harvard St where my brother had her sign it for me.

Now my signed copy of Rant by Chuck P and Crimes Against Nature by RFK (all from my little bro) won't be so lonely :)

What a way to ring in the new year :)

(((Olivia))))) my husband was complaining about the snow and ice in the streets, he's from Bahstun so not used to cities not taking care of the roads.

Nancy P said...

I'm in my cubby, but not doing all that great. Tired. My Muse is cracking its whip, but I just give her a cranky, "all RIGHT," and then I don't move. I did rewrite one scene. Come on, Np, you can do the next one. . .

Any of you working still hard? Beth? Maria? Far?

Nancy P said...

I did the next scene. I'd like a medal, please.

I must think this is twitter, or something. Now I am getting up out of my chair, now I am pushing my chair in, now I am. . .

I'll stop. : D

FARfetched said...

Haha, {{{Ghost}}}

Working was all about chicken houses this afternoon. I'm poking a little at FAR Future, gotta get over this attitude of "no problems until March" or it'll be March and I'll be panicking. I figure it's just a combination of holiday fatigue & having some friends of DD's over for a long weekend (helping with the chicken houses). I'll probably be back in the saddle in a week.

Nancy, hope you can get some rest. I know what that's like when the Muse is cracking the whip. Glance up at the menubar, OMG it's 3 a.m.!

Zooming through a first draft… Beth & others, how do y'all do that? I'm always editing as I go, always have,

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't truly zoom through the first draft like you're supposed to, Farf. When I sit down to write each day, I reread a chapter or so, to get back into the mindset of where I am, and what I was thinking. And I edit that as I read it. But I just tweak the obvious stuff. I don't add senses, tweak subplots, tie up loose ends, etc. in the first draft. That's the rewrite.

Sorry Nancy, I wasn't overly productive today. We went to Portsmouth for dinner and drinks, so I lost some time. I'll do better tomorrow on da plane.

Night, all. Up vewwy early tomorrow to go to the airport. See you from Warm World!

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