Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bebo's shadow

Cool photo by Andi


Nancy P said...

Boran2 drove by in the previous post, so I know it's time to pull up the sidewalk on Jan. 21, and roll out the new one for Jan. 22.


katiebird said...

OO -- that IS a cool photo. Nancy & Andi (when you get here) thank you for sharing them with us.

Nancy, do you have a facebook page? I think a lot of authors are getting them.

FARfetched said...

*chuckle* It would be cool to Photoshop Bebo out of the pic altogether, leaving only his shadow!

Working on Episode 80 (EIGHTY!) of FAR Future this evening. I worked on part of #81 at lunch. Life is good, except that Mrs. Fetched is keeping her sister company at the hospital this evening. Mrs. Fetched is OK, the sister… "it's a long story, and even longer when I tell it." A little more on the dark side, read between the lines and you'll probably get a pretty good idea.

FARfetched said...

Bono, from the last thread: Canon PowerShot G9. Not too many consumer cameras shoot RAW mode, that's kind of impressive. I got an EOS 40D (DSLR) for Christmas, which is approaching pro-level… it's a joy to use. I had a PowerShot in the past, and they're pretty nice cameras that give you a fair amount of control.

AndiF said...

Hey Farf, I'm a wimp at that kind of photo-editing but if you wanted to try it would be fun to see the results.

bono one: Marlo said she was so nervous that Martha Stewart could have been the Incredible Hulk and she wouldn't have noticed.

bono two: I have a G9 which I like very much. The feature set is very rich while still being small enough to easily take on my walks. I don't use the RAW feature because the editing software I've got doesn't support it but I haven't found that to be very limiting. Anyway, I'd be glad to answer any questions.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Bebo butt/shadow picture --meets the moods of many of my students this week. Not the shadow part really. I called 7 parents yesterday. I'm so mean wanting them not to sleep, talk and not and be successful.
Mean old lady be me.

Andi--Tell Margo she was soooo cute on tv. Loved the parchment paper cups. They struck me with the jagged edges. I hope her great success. My husband came in as I was watching. BEER and cupcakes??
He's definately a milk man. But I'm ready to book my flight and sample her Pairings.

Nancy, I know you're glad to be home. Away is fun, back home is even better then.

Waves to KB, Farf.

Bono--Cameras, features, bells and whistles are fun but I'd like to take a class. Any online classes in photography Andi, Olivia??? I may need to look into that.

Thankful it's Thursday.
Great day to All.

AndiF said...

Lisa, there are online photography classes but I have no idea which ones, if any, are good. I'd look into continuing ed courses in your area -- the ones around here are always offering photography classes.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all! The photo makes me want to hum "Me and My Shadow". :)

::waves to everyone::

Thanks to all of you for the congrats yesterday. I'm still a little high from all of this.

re: photography - I think Nancy's started something here. Just last night I was considering doing some fun photography--then my nag brain took over and reminded me I couldn't do anything new until my book was done.

For now, I'll settle for looking at the lovely pics you all post.

Cheers and a terrific Thursday to all.

Nancy P said...

Kb, I don't. Funny you'd ask, because a reader just asked about it yesterday.

Far, that *would* be cool to photoshop the photo like that.
(I'm not reading well between the lines. I hope everything's okay.)

Lisa--cool that you got to see Margo! I wish I had!

Bono, what I have is a Power Shot. I think. I'll check. Far, isn't that what I have? Lol. I think that's what most of you guys recommended to me. I love it, whatever it is.

I put my head back, look waaay up, and wave at Maria who's still high, which she deserves to be!!

Andi, you a wimp at Photoshop?? You, the mother of the marmot??

Nancy P said...

If we all begin taking pictures, we owe it all to Andi, not to me!! I'm merely her first disciple here. :D

AndiF said...

And I owe it all to Olivia so all credit to her!

Nancy, to be very precise (or more precisely, pedantic), I don't photoshop at all 'cause I use Paint Shop Pro. :)

But I realized with the rough white background using the clone brush would make it easy to remove Bebo. So here's the result [LINK] and now that I've done it, I think the way I shot it originally works better.

Nancy P said...

Interesting. Our minds still fill in the connection to that one paw that's out of the photo, so the shadow still doesn't seem disconnected to a body. If the shadow were in the center surrounded by nothing but white, it might be more weird. But then you'd have to fill in the missing part of the paw.

AndiF said...

What I liked about the original composition was the sense of transition and that gets lost without the real body in it. So even if I moved the shadow to the center, I'd have a very striking shadow but no story.

Nancy P said...

Ha! Dearest Andi, you underestimate our storytelling abilities, lol.

Seriously, the original is my fav of all options so far.

FARfetched said...

This was actually not too difficult.

Bebo's shadow… but where's Bebo?

FARfetched said...

Oh, BTW Nancy, the "dark side" reference means I posted some more info on my own personal dark side.

I think the shadow minus dog looks good. Just glancing at it gives you this nagging feeling that something's missing but doesn't just jump out as being totally w0rNg.

Kelly McCullough said...

Good morning all. Still digging. Unfortunately, the pile just keeps getting higher. Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday.

AndiF said...

Ha! Dearest Andi, you underestimate our storytelling abilities, lol.

Ah but I would have lost the story I wanted you to tell. :)

Farf, your Bebo-removal looks a little neater than mine but I still prefer the picture Bebo-ed.

Nancy P said...

And, that, dear Andi, was a perfect reply from a born storyteller who just happens to say it through pictures.

katiebird said...

I totally agree with Andi that we need poor Bebo. But, which one is Bebo and which one is the shadow?

Nancy P said...

WHOAH!! Kb, that is cool!

Maria Lima said...

I'm loving the photo manips! You guys rock.

I'm @ the mimes, trying to launch changes to a client's site and things are a bit crazy right now...

AndiF said...

Hey kb, that is not only cool, it is way cool!

I'm not sure I'm a born storyteller, Nancy, but a childhood of constantly needing to talk my way out of the trouble I'd talked myself into sure made me one. ;)

katiebird said...

blushing fiercely

Kelly McCullough said...

I think I may have to actually go back and read CodeSpell if I want SpellCrash to make sense. This does not fill me with warm fuzzies—I'm not a big fan of rereading my own stuff after it's been released into the wild.

Lisa M said...

I'm so impressed with you photo magicians.
Bebo here.
Then gone.
Gone again.
Then an apparition.

Fight over gang signs and trash talk and a Grand mal seizure before 1st period was over.
Can somebody Photo Shop/Paint me to the beach please?

FARfetched said...

Kelly, I've always wondered about something like that — you have no notes or synopses you can refer to? Since MacOSX development is supposed to be so easy, I've often thought about trying to marry the rich text editor to a database, providing a way for a writer to keep character sketches, plot synopsis, and the like all together & make it easy to refer back to things. In the novel project that's stalled about 60% through, I have a more "flat" file with the primary characters and a list of events I intended for each chapter… kind of like the old books in which the author lists the things that are about to happen. ("Chapter 4. Joe finds a gun. Mary makes a horrible discovery. The dog knocks over a statue.")

Lisa, I'd photoshop myself onto a beach, but my real bod would still be here. No joy. :-(

FARfetched said...

KB, that was pretty clever — Invisible Bebo rolled in something that made him partially visible…

Nancy P said...

Andi, you still here? I have a photo of yours that shows some Native American cliff-side ruins--like Anasazi, or some such. I've wanted to post it, but it's really small. Do you know which one I mean, and is there any chance you could send a larger version? I can't seem to get the one I have to blow up. Thnx v m.

bono said...

Thanks for the input re: the G9. Andif, is that the camera you use for all the pix you post here? Hey, if it's good enough for Andif ... Farf, this is how uninformed I am re: cameras. I have no idea what RAW means. I could never post a pic here. lol You all are soooo talented, I'd definitely be too embarrassed!

I think I'll wait for the final Spring. It's not too bad here today. Into the 30's! Heat wave! And re: Lake Erie windmills, I don't know about pilings or scaffolding, but ecology was one of the concerns. A debate between energy greens and ecology greens is in progress.

Please tell Marlo, that we all said congrats and continue to wish her well in her venture. Also, please let us know when she's ready to spread out across the nation.

Lisa, thanks for the wrangling you do day in and day out. Your expectations of excellence will make all the difference in the lives of your students. They probably don't realize it today, but they will in the future.

Waves hello.

Beth said...

Hi from the Outer Banks of NC, everyone. Decided to take a slight detour on the way to Florida to check out this part of the world. Desolate beauty in the winter, with skiffs of snow on the sand. I can imagine it's insane in the summer, though.

Sitting by a fire in the lobby of my hotel, drinking hot cider and eating warm cookies - Days Inn gets five stars in my book!

Dog butts are about my speed today. Luckily no gang signs or seizures, though. There's a spot by the fire here at the beach for you, Lisa.

Head spinning. No sleep and a headache. Beth needs to make less major decisions in her life.

Staggering off to find dinner. Will wave tomorrow from Florida, hopefully saner.

Kelly McCullough said...

FarF, it's very small plot and world stuff scattered all through the book as it developed post outline. Minor in CodeSpell, possibly major in SpellCrash.

AndiF said...

Well Nancy we can certainly tell you're an award-winning, professional writer -- what a brilliantly precise description. ;P

And one of the dozens of the pictures we have that fit it is now on its way to you.

bono, most of the pictures that I post here were taken with the G9. And raw format means that the camera stores every pixel (no compression) and all the information about the image -- so my regular jpg images are 3-4 MB but if I shoot raw, they're 14-15 MB.

Beth, hot cider and warm cookies sounds like a great way to reward yourself for all your hard decision-making work.

Kelly, seems like you could use a web goblin to track down that plot.

boran2 said...

Okay, it's that time. You can roll up the sidewalks again.

That is a cool photo.

Andi, a webgoblin wouldn't do it. Kelly likley needs a webtroll.