Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Writers Need Cookies

There used to be two warm chocolate chip cookies on this plate. :: Wipes crumbs off mouth:: The little bowl to the upper left holds chocolate candy that the B&B owner placed beside my breakfast this morning. She works on the theory that there cannot be too much chocolate, and she puts that theory into practice all over her lovely home in Pittsburg, Ks. Last night, I spoke to readers in Oswego, Ks.; today I talked to high school seniors; tonight the Pittsburg Carnegie Library is serving supper and me to their patrons. I hope I'm half as popular as free food!


Kelly McCullough said...

Cookies and chocolate! Yay.

Lisa M said...

My Kinda Club!!!!
Cookies--my favorite
Chocolate--what's not to like

Nancy, I am so excited FOR you.

Meeting all these Kansas folk.
Truely the core of our country.
All coming to see you.
(Having a good meal is a plus too)

What wonderful memories.
(What do you call people from Kansas?)

boran2 said...

What, no cookies for us?!! < sound of crashing expectations > ;-)

Happy travels!

bono said...

MMMMM, warm choco chip cookies. I like how that lady thinks, chocolate = good.

Knock 'em dead, Nancy. ;-)

Hope things slow down for you at work, Lisa.

Sending happy thoughts to everyone.(32 days until Spring, but who's counting.lol)

Maria Lima said...

Mmm, cookies. I collected my GS cookies today. I'm a sucker for a cute 8 yo with sad puppy eyes. I bought $24.50 worth.

Thing is, I'm VERY picky about my baked goods and I'll end up donating these to my staff for pick-me-ups.

Another loooong day at the mimes followed by a seminar re: tax prep for freelancers (hosted at my office). Fabulous info. I told the CPA I want to hire her.

SO ready for spring.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Your schedule is astonishing. Beyond.

Have fun. Have cookies.

And see you soon!

Janet said...

Hmmm your plate looks like a wonderful cheesecake! :)

Just coming in to give you a drive by hugging. zzzzzzzoooNANCYoooommmmmmmm

I have a date with my son to eat Chinese fast food and watch a great game of hockey.

katiebird said...

{{Nancy}} I miss you so much but, I'm glad you're having such a good time.

Who knew libraries could be so fun?

Anonymous said...

I, too, like the way this woman thinks! I want to live in her house forever...glad the talks are going so well, Nancy!

GS Cookies?? Argh! I didn't realize it was "that" time again. Now I have to either avoid all grocery stores, or stock my freezer. My diet is doomed.

Spring is coming, folks - promise. It's resting down here til it's good and ready. I'll try and kick it in gear a little sooner than usual.

Am nearing the end of my WIP - first draft-wise, anyway. I think I know what happens now...until they change it on me tomorrow!

Night, all - sweet (chocolate) dreams.

AndiF said...

No wonder you're so willing to do all this traveling, Nancy -- you get too do all this find noshing and the people who feed you tell you it's your just desserts. :)

Lisa, Kansans.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Morning Andi,

That's what I thought but didn't look right last night.

Pat the pups for me.

Only one new student today!!!

Beth, Great that you're making progress on WIP. Not sure that I know what type of book you write.

So glad you are helping me nurture Spring for the big push northward soon. 59 with a high in the 70s today. Down to 35 tonight so I guess I better not pack the jackets yet.

Wonderful Weds. to All.

AndiF said...

Lisa, another puppy video [LINK] to cheer you up.

Anonymous said...

Women's fiction, Lisa. Usually with a dab of the supernatural, and some suspense. We didn't have much chance to talk writing at WRW - I was busy being swept off my feet. Ah well.

Anyway, think Alice Hoffman. Except this one only has a twinge.

Sounds like it's warmer there than here this week - enjoy it!

Hey, I heard from Family Man, if anyone was worried about him - like I was.

FARfetched said...

Cookies??!?? looks around Dang, not a single cookie in sight. Mrf. Guess I'll settle for the usual oatmeal & poptart office breakfast. Someone came around the mimes with his GS daughter a couple weeks ago… yay for cube-side service!!! Just waiting for delivery.

Sounds like the latest road trip is going really well, again — you'll be a best-seller in no time.

Lisa, I see Andi already gave you "Kansans." Denizens of Planet Georgia are either "pod people" or "transplants." :-P

Beth, yay for FM! I was worried about him, but hadn't gotten around to emailing yet. Did you tell him we're all fiercely toe-tapping out here?

Anonymous said...

Told him we missed him, Farf. He's been having back issues, but is getting better. He promised to stop by when he could. Send him healing wishes, all!

Dina said...

Hi, all. Not only writers need cookies and everyone needs chocolate. My kind of place that serves both

Janet said...

Speaking of libraries... which are, for me, a part of growing up and learning... much like school used to be. In Calif, it seemed that school was just about taking tests to get certain scores for the entire state.

So we got out and researched areas and schools.

Now. Our wonderful district is wanting to shorten the school week to four days!!!!! Because of lack of federal funds.


So there was a meeting and parents were P.O.'d not only at the obvious breakdown this country has gone through and the lack of priorities but also because this could cause a lot of parents to lose their jobs due to schedules.

One parent said that she'll sit in protest outside the school untill this country decides educating children is far more important than CEOs and Wars. "We can't teach our children because we're too busy killing children in the middle east."

Then they tried to say that the meeting wasn't about politics... BS! I think that's when people present got the maddest. Too bad schools weren't getting the same contracts Halliburton is. Or at least got all that missing/stolen money.

Cue: "We're number oneeeee"

My school is no longer number one.

Too bad China doesn't make those handy dandy ribbons for us to buy that say, "Support Our Schools".

Nancy, forget the cookies, I'll just eat the plate. :)

Janet said...

"tonight the Pittsburg Carnegie Library is serving supper and me to their patrons"


Quick! go to the non-fiction aisle and check out Max Brooks book(yes, he's Mel Brooks' son) Zombie Survival Guide. And try and find a machete or something sharp for lopping off their heads. Run!!! Nancy Run!!!

Cripes I hope Nancy doesn't get eaten.

Janet said...

Maria, 24.50 worth? How much was each box?

Danni came home last night after practice with a friend who is a Sophomore (yup still in Scouts - as most on the guard are very active in such things and have outstanding grades) so she comes into my house with TWO boxes and I just had to buy them of course.

She even rang off that even though she is vegetarian and only eats organic, local food (Much like us) that they are still GS cookies LOL.

They were $4 a box here (PDX). I think they went down in price since two years ago.

I told her to come back (today) and bring me some of the peanut butter ones. :)

BTW my daughter's "BFF" (whatever) is reading your book. :D

Nancy P said...

They didn't serve me for dessert!

It was a wonderful night, full of nice people and fried chicken.

Here's a local account. The photo can be labeled: Author Looking Road-Weary. The weird hair is just pulled back into a ponytail.


Anonymous said...

A pedometer and a purple dragon pen - sounds like perfect gifts for a road-weary writer. I hope there are more cookies in your future - nice article!

Janet, sans ponytail said...


You don't look road weary or weird hair.

You look like a woman who is sharing her passion. If one squinches their eyes you can actually see the electricity zapping from you and into those kids. Which is smokin hot, baby! Great googily moogily, woman! I am so darn happy for you!

Road weary. Get some Arnica Massage Oil by Weleda and warm it up and rub it into your skin. I guarantee you'll love it.

katiebird said...

That's a wonderful article Nancy. And you look gorgeous!

Lisa M said...

NANCY PICKARD IN BIG RED LETTERS on board behind author talking with hands. How fun.

Nancy, it is so great that you are getting to talk to high school students. Putting a face with a career is special. And getting to peek inside author's mind--WOW.
Your time is well spent!!!

Beth--Women's fiction--yes that's what I was thinking. We'll have to talk writing some time.

Thanks for my puppy time Andi!!!
I recognized that big sigh.
Back to the mimes.

FARfetched said...

Whew, heavy storms in the area. Just missed Daughter Dearest, then went a couple miles north of the mimes. Spring is definitely on its way when the tornados start dropping out of the sky. :-P

Cookies, chocolate, beer… sounds like a good way to celebrate!

bono said...

Wow, way cool article, you famous author, you. Very nice. I so agree with the student's statement: “It was pretty amazing listening to how she writes her books and learning what goes on in the mind of an author.” That's one of the reasons I love coming here. As a reader, it's so interesting to learn how the whole writing process works from the bunch of you. Thanks.

Farf, I'm looking forward to Spring but not whirly winds. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Guess they're heading this way, Farf - the radio stations keep telling us Planet GA is being whacked, and we're next. Glad you guys escaped - hope we have the same luck!

Off to watch the Weather Channel - love having Jim Cantore in my living room! :-)