Friday, February 13, 2009


Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

I just noticed my typo on yesterday's post headline. Maybe I'll just leave it, rather than disturb the snow.

Traveled most of the day. Home. Bed.
waves goodnight.

AndiF said...

Pristine (pris-teen, pri-steen) adj. The two minutes between the snow falling and the dogs running through it.

Illustration [LINK]. Warning: snow in this illustration appears much prettier than it actually was.

Glad you're home safe and sound, Nancy, and getting (I hope) a restful night's sleep.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Loving the snow.
Course haven't seen any this year.
Daffodils beginning to bloom and a few trees and bushes budding here.

Sleep a little extra for me, Nancy.

Waves to Andi. Pat pups.

11 new students today. About 30 new this week. Brain and nerves will be toasted by the end of the day.

Fabulous Friday (13th) to All.

Nancy P said...

Restful night's sleep for about 3 hours, then woke up worried about mom, 'cause she popped something in her back last night. Lots of pain. She's afraid she may have broken something, but wanted to wait until this morning to see how it felt. I'm thinking could be a rib. She never complains, but she's been having new pain the last couple of weeks. I have a feeling we'll be going for x-rays today, but maybe not. fingers crossed.

AndiF said...

Fingers, toes, and claws on paws all crossed here, Nancy.

Nancy P said...

So far so good with my mom. She's amazing. Smiling, getting up and down, moving around. Whew.Thanks for the crossed appendages, andi. I love the new photo of the dogs.

Lisa M said...

Nancy, Much support sent your way for YOU and MOM.
How wonderful that you appreciate each other so much.

AndiF said...

Great news Nancy.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, gang!

Nancy, welcome home. ::sending loads of hugs to you and your mom::

I'm off to the mimes in a bit, hoping today will be less made of fail. It's been a VERY stressful week, which made my writing week less than successful.


Jen said...

Best feel-good wishes to those around the Casa de Pickard today, and best general wishes all round.

Anonymous said...

Ditto with the good wishes. Glad you're home safely, Nancy. Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned - I'll be visiting my adopted parents. Today plan to wander around Old Town, and become part of the world for the day.

Oh, it IS the 13th, isn't it, Lisa? Watch out for black cats.....

Happy Friday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to check the box.

FARfetched said...

It has been a trainwreck of a week, hasn't it? I've got a placeholder up at my place now, which I intend to fill in tonight or tomorrow with all the gory soap opera details.

Friday the 13th today, VD tomorrow. Most of us guys would suggest they belong together every year. :-P One nice thing, though: DoubleRed is standing a VD lunch for Mrs. Fetched & me.

Beth's at the beach. Something else is going right, anyway.

Dina said...

Hi everyone. Glad you survived the trip, Nancy and best to your mother. I hope she is out of pain soon.

Love the pictures (as always!) of the snow. I hope everyone enjoys their Friday.

maryb said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for mom.

waves to all.

katiebird said...

Nancy, I hope your mom is OK. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too.

Janet said...

Mday fdingerrrrs aseree xcreoisssesssed

(That's me typing with my fingers crossed, XXXNancyOOO) :D

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Valentines Day to all.

Big Chocolate Coated Kisses for ya guys... without the peanut butter of course! ;)

bono said...

That must have been the time that ice coated the snow? Or the pups are walking miracles? ;-)

Glad your mom's OK.

Happy weekend!

Maria Lima said...

Happy weekend, indeed, bono!

I just got home at my normal time. Today was NOT made of fail. In fact, there was much win.

My assistant procured me a bottle of Lagavulin, 16 yo single malt whisky, simply the best thing ever.

I am sitting in my recliner, inhaling the peaty fumes and remembering that no matter what, stressful things can and do blow over.

Hope you all have had a lovely day.

boran2 said...

Another cool snow photo, Andi.

We celebrated madame boran's birthday today. Even the b2 boy cooperated. Well, sort of. The Nintendo DS can be your friend in a restaurant.

Best wishes to your Mom, Nancy.