Thursday, February 26, 2009

dreaming of. . .warmth

Picture us. . .sand warm between our toes, water warm around our ankes, sun on our backs.


maryb said...

... and Johnny Depp comes down the beach to meet me ...

Well. As long as we're fantasizing.

FARfetched said...

Ahhhh… now we're talkin'.

(The beach, not Johnny Depp.)

Nancy P said...

What mary said.

AndiF said...

Well if the beach is Ke'e on Kauai, and I'm about to hike down the Na Pali coast, looks good to me (with or without Depp), I'm good.

Morning all.

Lisa M said...

Andi--Waving wildly. Wait I'm coming.
Beaches BE GREAT--Thanks Nancy.

I prefer Sean Connery for a companion. Love his accent. And Sawyer from Lost for a little younger eye candy.

Slept well and hope to make it through the day for a busy WEEEEEKEND of editing. Less than a week until Monterey and real ocean. Wooohooo.

Fabulous Friday to All.

Beth said...

Come on down! We'll have a big slumber party on the beach! I'll call Johnny et al and make sure they're here. :-)

Yay to Lisa getting to a non-virtual beach. I will go to mine, and wiggle my toes in the sand for everyone. Sad that I never go, and it's only 4 miles away. If only I could see my laptop screen outside.

Happy Friday, everyone. And a warm weekend ahead, even if the warmth is supplied by family and friends and not Mr. Sun.

Beth said...

PS - Andi, your beach is a lot purdier than mine! Wanna go!

Maria Lima said...

I could so use that beach...and Johnny Depp.


::prays today is better than yesterday::

Liss said...

Needing some of that today. (and seriously - I do not want snow for my birthday tomorrow after having warm temps earlier this week - wrong wrong wrong)

katiebird said...


Do they serve coffee and pastries on that beach?

Beth said...

Birthday tomorrow, Lisa?! You're a week older than me!! :-)

I thought Johnny would be bringing chocolate croissants...

Janet said...

Nancy, I've lived that. Snorkeling after work every day. Eating mangoes off the beach. Smelling like a coconut all day.

There is a dark side though. Yes, there is my sweeties.

JELLYFISH. I have the ability to find every jellyfish and get stung by it. Dead jellyfish can still sting ya. Wanna see my scars?

CORAL being scraped out of your ankes by a doctor because that stuff will grow on/in you.

Fire ants by the beach. They get into your stuff. As does sand.

Sun burns and Swedish skin... just. don't. mix. No matter how much crap you lather on yourself. You're gonna burn a bit or at least harm your skin to the point of looking like a saddle bag when you hit 50.

:) just sayin'....

That's just the natural stuff that can get ya. I haven't even begun to talk about the non-contributing zeros of the earth who think they can toss their Bud Lite Bottle anywhere they want. Wanna see my scars?

But...then again there's Mangoes and Rum. Yo Ho Ho and babysitting BeatleMania dudes for your boss as you're paid hundreds of dollars to make sure the drummer doesn't break any fingers and no one gets too drunk so as not to be able to perform in 4 hours. Ahh... the life.

My companion??? Daniel Craig. Yum! Either Bond Craid or XXXX Craig from one of the best flicks "Lay3r C4ke".

(((OliviaSenFan)))) did ya see the game last night? :)

Off to Washington. Take care and thanks for the happy vibes.

Janet said...

Beth, I think Johnny would be bringing a glass of Absynthe or... or or or a plate of ...MEAT PIES!


FARfetched said...

Snow? They're forecasting snow tomorrow night and into Sunday on Planet Georgia, but with a forecast low of 38 I just don't see it happening. Any we do get will melt on contact, I suppose.

Janet, I have a little darker complexion… all the same, as I'm skidding into middle age I'm finding I need the lotion. (Never needed it when I was younger, I just got dark and darker.) Probably not this time of year though!

The mimes are being annoying this morning. Especially compared to the fantasy of hanging out on the beach with all my blog-buddies.

Kelly McCullough said...

Ooh, Ke'e! That sounds particularly lovely after two hours of wrestling with the snowblower.

Gonna go drool in a corner for a bit and see if I can recover enough to write before running into Minneapolis for Two Gentlemen Of Verona at the Guthrie.

Conda V. Douglas said...

Right on time, Nancy. We had a humongous hail storm yesterday. Yuck!

Lisa M said...

That is LISS--having a birthday. Mine is in May.

Welcome Liss here's hoping you see redbud blooms and daffadils soon in your area. I see both out my Dallas window.

Waves to all you cold weather folks. It's down to 56 from a start at 68 this morning.

Beth said...

Sorry, Liss AND Lisa! I noticed that as I hit the "publish" button. Isn't that always the way?

Happy Birthday early, Liss!!! I guess you're the one who's a week older than me. :-)

Snow and hail - egads. Supposed to be 76 here tomorrow, but 52 on Monday - winter still hasn't let go, apparently.

Just a few more hours of miming! TGIF!

Nicola Slade said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I want to go there and I want it NOW. But you can keep Johnny Depp, I'll have Colin Firth and Hugh Laurie instead. This has been the greyest, dreariest winter and it followed after the greyest, dreariest summer and I need heat and sunlight.
But a glass of wine will do for now!

bono said...

Now this is change I can believe in! The good news is that (according to the calendar) Spring arrives three weeks from today! The not so good news is that today started in the 50's is already down to 32 and falling. Snow tonight and off/on over the weekend. BUT Spring IS coming!

Kind thoughts for Janet and Maria and anyone else who needs them. Stress, who needs it? To the beach with us all! (Yup, Johnny gets my vote, too!)

boran2 said...

Good evening all. We're bracing for the nor'easter coming late Saturday. Ugh. That beach is looking awfully nice right about now.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Snow arrivng here tomorrow. Six inches, something like that.

I'm opening a bottle of Coppertone, and sniffing that summer smell.