Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Breakfast at Le Blog


Nancy P said...

Kelly, there's even tea!

AndiF said...

It's unquestionably February ... because I am so very, very ready for winter to be over. I think it would be a much better arrangement if winter was the month of January and spring went from February to July, summer was only August and fall was September through December.

Morning all.

Jen said...

I vote for Andi to be the next Decider of Nature.

From previous:

Beth, congrats on finding a place, best wishes on getting settled into your new digs comfortably and happily.

Congrats also to Kimberly on the book release!

And Maria, good for you for figuring out which edits needed to be made, that can involve such difficult decision-making.

Lisa M said...

Yum--The blog has been food rich lately.

Jen and I vote together--Andi Decider of Nature.

Bought Would Be Witch yesterday.
BEAUTIFUL book Kimber. Tammy Jo Trask from Duvall Texas. My drawl is showing when I read that.
Fun Fun Fun.

Looking forward to Friday Thursday.
A great day to all.

FARfetched said...

WHAT is that poking out of the pastry? Here's some blackberry jam; I'll get some toast going. No doubts about what's in either one of those.

Last night DoubleRed was squalling about static zaps, a common issue in winter here. I reassured her: "just think, in three months we'll be bitching about the heat!"

Gonna order Kimber's book for Mrs. Fetched… I couldn't get her to try Maria's, she's not into vampires, although her older sister would probably enjoy it.

Not working at home today… someone dropped a meeting on me. Off to the mimes. It's so much better when I can mime at home.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this blog is death to diets. Especially when there's chocolate involved!

I agree with andi re the seasons. We were supposed to drop to 17 last night - coldest temps in 24 years. But the sun is shining, the skies are crystal clear, and it'll be 70 on Sunday. And there's no snow or ice to be seen - I'm not complaining.

Nice to be in my own space again, finally. Looking forward to my stuff arriving tomorrow, and a weekend of nesting. Then back to work on Monday, yippee!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday - the weekend's just around the corner!

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. I've been dancing with Mr. Insomnia all night and finally bowed to the inevitable and got up at 6 a.m. (SO unlike me!!)

Got about 1250 words written, though, so productive, I guess.

Another busy day @ the mimes expected. The entire week has been made of fail and everyone's cranky and on edge. :(

Andi - OMG, yes on the weather. You TOTALLY get to be the Decider. It's < 20 right now and I really don't want to go outside.

Jen, thanks re: the edits - I struggled with this for a while, and realized last night how I can salvage a bunch of what I thought I needed to toss, without compromising the story. I think the mojo's coming back!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day - right now, I'll settle for neutral.

Kelly McCullough said...

Ooh, tea. Need some of that.

I totally 4th or whatever Andi, for Decider of Seasons. Good call, Jen (thinks Indy).

I fought the book and I won, but it's back for another round today. So far we're at 14 rounds over 27 days with a net word new count of 27,100. 6 days lost to travel, 5 to weekends, and 2 just vaporized when I looked at them funny.

My Would-Be Witch is supposed to arrive Saturday.

FarF, I hope the meeting isn't too much of a crusher.

Maria, insomnia, blech. Mine's been under control lately. Don't know why, which is too bad, because I'd love the experiment to be replicable.

Gotta go hit the treadmill and then dig words out of my brain with a blunt laptop.


Janet said...

There's a wonderful cure for insomnia. It even allows you to wake up in the middle of the night without worrying about collapsing and hitting your head in the john thereby getting a concussion that last for 5 days. It also allows you to be alert enough to hear things in the night that would require a parent's checking.

And you wake up refreshed and without feeling like you have cement in your bloodstream. Nor do you require any pills for the rollercoaster up and down of trying to deal with insomnia medically.

It doesn't have nasty side effects, you can't accidentally overdose on it. It's not something I have to take daily. Only when the wicked fingers of insomnia are clutching my neck. When I know the triggers and stress are creeping up.

What is it? How can you get your hands on this miracle you ask? ... It's "illegal". Sorry.

Signed, the cured insomniac who votes.

Off to the mimes and then home again to catch some hockey.

FARfetched said...

Looks like a new shaft at the mimes is in my near future. Or the same old shaft with a different reporting structure. Guess I'll find out soon enough.

Maria, I've had weeks like yours, made of FAIL and not just at the mimes. Also been having the sleeping issues. I'd try Janet's home remedy, but I'd never hear the end of it from The Boy.

Andi gets to decide the weather. Looks like a really nice weekend coming up (RARE!!!) so please don't start deciding until Monday… just keep it from raining so I can take the motorcycle in, OK?

Janet said...

Hey there Farf :) Trust me, it was a life saver. I thought I was losing my mind due to the stress from lack of sleep and then the run around with the pharmacueticals. We didn't have insurance at the time even though we both worked, so my old doctor was doing most of this on they fly for me. I then wised up when he stated he could give me something to help wake me up.

I don't take pills normally for anything. So I only had taken HALF of a sleeping pill. The second or third night, I got up to go pee and collapsed in the bathroom somehow. Cracked my skull open and my husband found me in a pool of blood and vomit. I missed a week of work and had no help or hospital for my head injury - that time is still fuzzy for me.

A customer noticed my absence and asked me later on why. I explained and they gave me a small raisin box and left. I opened the box... and freaked out!

Turns out he was a medical grower for Peron in San Francisco. After reading tons of stuff... and hearing from several advocates... I tried it. One small tiny little "hit". Voila. Then I met patients upon patients for so many things.

Then I met an elderly woman who had MS. She couldn't do her own dishes. Then she started eating a small cookie twice a week. She then was able to regain her driving license and do her own shopping. She got legal. She got busted. She was sent to prison the same week they released a twice convicted child kidnapper and rapist at my children's bus stop.

Thus I learned a valuable lesson in life:

Bad laws are meant to be broken by good people.

Good luck with your insomnia. I know the monster well. Mine is due to two reasons, one triggers the other. I get overly stressed sometimes from being a parent with a disabled child. I am able to deal with numerous things but at a cost. The cost is my ability to fall asleep sometimes. I have to be "ON" all the time. And it's hard to switch "OFF". Other times, I tend to fall into a nasty pattern of stress, sleep loss which will trigger worry and fear and some nasty nightmares and recollections that is the big nasty of my insomnia. As some know here, I was left for dead by the side of a road. And although I strong, brave and all that razzamataz... certain things will if I'm overly tired, stressed... will come back to haunt my sleep.

It can be a real bitch.

Nowadays it's just a sign for me to tell myself I have to take care of myself a bit better while I'm awake :). ... After a good night's sleep that is.

Take care my friend.

Janet said...

I should add that I'm talking about INSOMNIA.

I have a co-worker who said she suffered insomnia so I empathized with her till I found out that insomnia to her meant it took an hour or so to fall asleep one night. LOL

Not insomnia where all you may get is ONE hour of sleep in two nights.

Some triggers that I simply have a hard time dealing with and aren't really about taking care of myself:

Hearing about or seeing...

The overturning of victim's rights is just about as fatal as a one, two punch to my psyche. And I know that I have to be uber vigilant in my day and night.

Sensationalized rape cases in the news.

Sometimes I notice large amounts of trash on the side of the highways and a few days later it will creep up in my dreams and cause me to pick away at myself.

Something as simple as a kid crashing on their bike and having DIRT and BLOOD on them.

I used to see this as a sign of "weakness" and that I hadn't "survived"... instead now I see that it's just a reminder to take care of Janet.

I knew reading Small Plains was going to be hard. So I got to make sure I took extra special care of myself while and after I read it. Which... can be a wonderful thing. Taking care of yourself :) I remember I gave myself an extra special bedtime treat, I read mostly while in bed, of eating the most fabulous manilla mangoes and not allowing myself to feel guilty for not sharing them. :)

Janet said...

KatieBird, we dont' carry Soday Crystald at my store. But we carry a ton of other cleaning agent alternatives. Some top brands are BioKleen and Citrosolve.

Soda Crystals are a product from the UK. But here in the states you can get the "almost" same thing from basic washing soda AKA Arm & Hammer.

I sprinkle baking soda in the oven and then spray vinegar on it for a chemical reaction to clean it. Passed Military white glove inspections. :)

Hope that helps?

FARfetched said...

{{{Janet}}} What I've got is more like the "sleep an hour or two, wake up, take a long time to get back to sleep, lather rinse repeat" kind of insomnia. Some of it's work. Some of it's home. All of it's annoying.

Maria Lima said...


That's me, hitting the proverbial wall.

Insomnia for me = lack of being able to get to sleep. Sleep for 1-2-3 hrs, then OMGAWAKEAWAKEAWAKE.

Thus my night last night. This week @ the mimes includes 1 all day meeting, 1 one-hr meeting that became 3 hrs; 1 3 hr mtg that became 5 hrs. And it's only Thurs.


Janet, I SO wish I could find some of that lovely, yet not so available sleep aid. ::g::

bono said...

Yum, breakfast for dinner. Sounds wonderful.

Andif, I like the way you think re: the weather. If anyone knows of a place fitting her description, please let me know. I'm open to moving once I retire.

Yes, Janet, I know that type of insomnia well. And the questions that go with it: "Why do you look so tired?" "You're not thinking too clearly today. What's the matter?" None of your sleep aid available here.

Beth, congrats on finding a new home. May you be very happy there. Housewarming party?

Lisa, how cool that you can arrange a visit with Kimber with your students. Way cool. Keep us posted.

Waving hello.

katiebird said...

Janet, I've seen that alternative product. But, I'm on this British kick... I guess I'll just have to talk someone into bringing it back from a trip to London....

boran2 said...

Mmmm. I'm hungry for breakfast even though it is now 10:15pm here in good old New York. Make my coffee extra hot, it is about 7 degrees here.

Sleep well, Janet.

Janet said...

Back atcha ((((Boran)))) :)

It's my Friday, so tonight I'm gonna stay up late... on purpose. :)

Go Sharks! (That's hockey talk)

katiebird said...

I was totally distracted when I replied to your note and totally forgot to thank you for looking for the soda crystals.

It's really kind of you to do that and I'm VERY sorry for not mentioning that.

Or that I AM also going to look at those products.

It's just that the crystals are an obsession and I was carried away....

Kimberly Frost said...

Hi guys,

I'm sorry I missed all the posts today. Tons of thanks for the Would-Be Witch purchases!

I'm going to the next day to finish...