Monday, February 9, 2009

Nun's hats?

Frost flower photo by Andif


FARfetched said...

Dominica-nica-nica-blah blah blah blah Dominic.

That's all I got at this time of night.

Maria Lima said...

FAR - stop reading my mind!! ::g::

I'm battling the insomnia again. Sadly, it's winning.

Day @ the mimes was pretty intense, but I did get some words written tonight. Think I'll scurry into my corner and try to read myself to sleep...

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning Nancy, Far, Maria & all who come later!

I like the frosty nun's hat. It's very cool.

Maria - sorry about the insomnia, but congrats on getting some words written.

How about this quote for the day:

"Sleep is death without the responsibility." Fran Lebowitz.

Hugs & coffee & cinnamon rolls for all,


AndiF said...

Huh, looks like a conductor leading an orchestra to me.

Well the snow's all gone, it's still warm and it's Tuesday so it must (mustn't it?) be time for the Snow Storm Monday Picture Post.

The shape of the world [LINK]
when so completely covered [LINK]
is made to be seen [LINK]

Maria, I ope you got it some great writing to make up for the lack of sleep.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Morning, all! Sorry about the sleeplessness, Maria - hope you catch up tonight. And thanks for the reminders of why I'm down here, andi - that's the best way to look at snow for me.

Another day of not unpacking - whoopee! And hopefully a walk on the beach at some point. But first, work.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

FARfetched said...

Morning, all.

Pressure's on! with two more episodes in the current FAR Future sub-series, I've been wrestling with the next one. Something about the way it was going just didn't ring true for me, and I figured out what it was yesterday. Unfortunately, this involves some fairly heavy research to get right. I found a package of data on the NASA Goddard site this morning, so that should help.

The good part is that I only have to throw out one episode written, and the first 2-3 episodes wouldn't change much anyway, and a sub-plot suddenly becomes much more relevant.

Maria, hope you can get some sleep tonight.

Off to the mimes. Happy writing, reading, and photography, all…

katiebird said...

Good Morning! I think the ice-flower looks just like a flower (but maybe that's just the lack of coffee)

(typing quietly -- my MIL is pounding on the door... she wants her drugs!)

Kelly McCullough said...


Janet said...

I know what that photo is!!!

It's Salt Water Taffy, Goddess style. :)

We've got snow here now too. Lots of ice. Gotta make it to the mimes today because people are getting fired for see arr ayyy pee reasons. Due to the economy and the lawsuit due to Whole Feuds. A double whammy for us. Morale really sucks at work right now. Everyone is paranoid. Lovely.

HUUUUUUUUGE hockey game tonight. San Jose versus Boston. IT's like a preview of the playoffs. The two top teams in their conferences. I have to watch it delayed due to work and it's early puck drop time of 4.

Here's a little diddy for you authors :) Heard it on my drive home last night and thought of you all. Maybe it will make your commute to the mimes a little more upbeat :)

Nancy P said...

My friend and fellow writer Ed Gorman has a q & a with me on his blog today:


Salt water taffy! Yes, Janet.

Far and Maria, lol.

Love the quote, Kimber. Are you still on a first-book high?

Ooo, new Andi photos to check out and steal.

Give her the drugs, kb, give her the drugs!

Beth, when life hands you a lemon, it is always best to suck it on a beach. :D

What Kelly said.

Anonymous said...

I read the interview this am, Nancy - very nice!! Well, except for this book kicking your a** right now... :-)

Good idea about the beach - might head there right now.

FARfetched said...

Looks like Maria & I aren't the only ones frustrated right now....

Anonymous said...

Frustrated? I tried to sign up for a local temp agency, and they said I don't have stable and recent employment, regardless of my stellar work history - they wouldn't even talk to me. I tried to volunteer as an usher or parking attendant or popcorn seller at the amphitheatre, and they want to do a criminal check - I need someone to witness my application and I don't know anyone here! And my ex-husband (who I've been divorced from for 5 years) has suddenly shown up on my credit report, causing my credit score to dip into undesirable numbers. So now I have to dispute that... And I won't even go into the fact that I think my mss is boring...

Must be the full moon. I know it's all little stuff - why is it piling up all at once, tho?

Off to find lemon-flavored chocolate.

AndiF said...

Nancy, some of Dorothy Hughes' books are back in print. In a Lonely Place is a spectacularly good book but it was the Blackbirder that I really fell in love with.

Beth, so sorry for all your woes. I hope things get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks andi. It's little stuff. Sorry to whine. It just seems to be piling up today. HAS to be the full moon!

Found chocolate-covered dried cherries. Almost as good as lemons...

Kelly McCullough said...

Writing frustration is widespread. This book is making me fight for every word. I'm winning, but the battle is definitely wearing me down. The cats who keep climbing in my lap and trying to comfort me, bless their fuzzy little hearts, are not helping.

Lisa M said...

Flying Nun--I see it.

Sprinkle sleep dust for Maria.

Andi--I miss not seeing snow. We don't get real snow down hear.Quiet, pure. Especially like #3.

Beth--Gulf beach or Atlantic Beach near you? Showing my FL ignorance.
You vagabond traveler--putting down roots is a bit harder than expected. Limited whining aloud. But not too much. No Beach No Pool out my window.

Raising hand to join writer frustration group. Figuring out new story not coming. I started with this part with book 1. So getting there this time is challenge.

Nancy, enjoyed your interview. I'm wanting to read those short stories now.
Admire your candor. Looking at your picture by my desk. Strong hands, warm heart very visible.

Good Night to All.

boran2 said...

Good evening all. I'm looking forward to having Thursday and Monday off. Civil servants have so many holidays!

We've turned down the heat a bit here with the warm weather. Hopefully it will continue through the weekend.

Maria Lima said...

Thanks for all the sleep vibes, gang! I'm summoning the writing mojo tonight by jamming to Little Feat and indulging in Trader Joe's Lacey's cookies.

Another srsly busy day @ the mimes and late exit. But I hope to nail down at least 2K words tonight. Kelly, I'm with you on the struggle - this book is making me pound my head against the wall.

Must get back to it!

bono said...

Yup, flying nun. Sister Bertrille?

Nice snow pix, Andif. I'm enjoying early Spring while it's here. Most of the snow's gone except the king of the mountain piles from shoveling/plowing. Really big ones in mall parking lots.

I haven't seen The Reader yet, Lisa. It's on my list along with Slumdog. The only 2 I need to see before the big night (of best pic nominees).

Nice interview, Nancy. I miss Jenny and Marie, too. Was surprised you were able to name favs from your wonderful list of "children." ;-) (See, I always knew Mom had favorites! All that stuff about loving us all the same was a bunch of whooey.)

A tired good evening to all.

Nancy P said...

Thanks guys bono, lol. I only have one actual. Sometimes he's my favorite. Sometimes he's not. :)

Man, there are sure a lot of us having Book Headaches. Maria, maybe you should stop pounding your head against the wall?

Ack, Beth!! Whine away, kid, whine away. You rarely do, so we can take it. :)

Thanks for the info, Andi. Such good writers.

Lisa, no! We don't want you in the frustration group!

Hey, boran. Howdy.

Janet said...


My daughter is 14. Major Drama Queen stuffing going on these past few months. I think it's normal teen stuff added with over-achiever student stuff, pint sized political activist stuff, and dance guard BS PLUS I think she's on the edge of getting her first period... iffin you knowin what I meanin.

She's unbearably dramatic and whiney, and easy to cry and EVERYTHING pivots around her... or should. If there isn't stress going on in her life she'll manufacture it.

So last week when we were sick in bed together and watching some old Hammer Horror flicks, she gets all emotional and quiet and says she has a serious question to ask me. We're very liberal and open with our kids and they know they can ask us anything. I might freak out... cause I am human after all ya know LOL... but they can ask and we will listen, think and asnwer.

So she asks... and I'm ready for it to be something about sex, boys, whatever... So I'm all prepared in my head for another round of me trying to answer her stuff without

1. Crying
2. Laughing while crying
3. Feeling realy old before my time :)

Her question... "Mom am I adopted?"

Whew! Easy cheesey one!

I thought. Looked deep into her baby blues and said,


But they brought you back!"

And slammed her with my pillow. :)

Made the dramapalooza queen giggle till she thought she'd puke. Although she did at first struggle to pretend she was all pissy.

Kids. So easy to freak. :) muhahaha.

Janet, again said...

PS My Sharks kicked Boston's Ass!

and work let me go home early to watch it. Might not be a good sign...cause it was so slow.

But... it was great to watch the game. (((((((((Olivia)))))))))

Nancy P said...

Oh, Janet! What a perfect retort, and hilarious!

Congrats on your team!

Damnit Janet, again said...

Hey that's a wicked, kick ass interview there at Ed's pad. Congrats!

I finally got to read it in depth and in peace. :)

Gotta run, my hockey family is on the phone jumping for joy.