Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A curiously sensual phto

by Andif

I see this as a murder scene. Blood drops on snow.


Lisa M said...


Leaving the first comment is like walking into that beautiful unblemished snow.

My WiiFit made snarky remarks to me this morning about needing more sleep. DUH. I do get a crowd of Wii people cheering when I headbutt those soccer balls and don't crash and burn as I slolam down the ski slope, so I guess ya gotta take the good with the irritating.

Story ideas for new book beginning to come into focus. But mind still unsettled.
Dogs and cats get up with same expectant look for outside trip and breakfast or doggie treats. Companions no matter what. Course they'll just snooze in a bit more(is that possible)after we go to work.

Farf--Hope son woes have eased.

Beth--If it's a good day, walk on the beach for me.

Andi--My pups send tail wags to your pups. Actually it would be barking and butt sniffing but that's not near as poetic.

Weekend is winking at us.
Great day to all.

AndiF said...

Hi Lisa. Sorry to see you up so freaking early.

Hey, hey -- we only lost our electricity for a few hours yesterday which counts as minor miracle in these parts.

I think the photo feels sensuous because of the soft, gentle curves.

Wow Nancy, all this traveling -- it makes me tired just hearing about it.

Farf, I hope things go as well as possible.

Morning all.

Anonymous said...

Repeating good morning wishes to all who follow - and those early-risers ahead of me.

Dabbled my toes in the water yesterday, Lisa - supposed to rain today, but will hit the beach for you if it doesn't.

Watched a friend in ID with her WiiFit, and laughed myself silly at the various obstacles she dodged. Then I crashed and burned on the ski jump. Sure was fun!

Safe travels, Nancy. And a snowless day to everyone else.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, gang! Lisa - looks like we're trading the insomnia back and forth. :( Frankly, I've been sleeping thanks to Tylenol PM. I hate that, but needs must...

Love the pristine snow photo! I agree with Andi - the curves = sensual.

I've got another fun-filled day @ the mimes ahead including more calls, clients coming in and crazy schedules. Still trying to make this a 15K word week at minimum, but sadly, not even close. I have a feeling Fri/Sat/Sun will be marathon days.

Srsly looking forward to Friday.

Happy day, folks!

Kimberly Frost said...

Lisa- you and Maria and I, who all appear to suffer from insomnia, need to get on instant messenger one night and do writing sprints together! That would be such a better use of my time than watching DVDs I've seen a million times.

Andi & Beth & everyone who comes later, good morning! (And Beth - thank you for facing out my books and talking to the B&N staff about them. That is so sweet of you!)

Okay, I'm totally out of printer ink...and food. What day is this? LOL I like traveling, but it leaves me a little disjointed. Nancy, I don't know how you're managing it!

Everyone, have a wonderful day!


Kelly McCullough said...

WiiFit snark rant, be warned.

< rant> The part of that which drives me crazy is the BMI stuff. The only time in my life that I've ever been anything but overweight by BMI standards was the summer I was 15 when my friends thought I had some sort of consumptive illness. But then I put on sixty pounds, a lot of it muscle and turned into a hardcore martial artist and its been overweight bordering on obese by BMI standards ever since. Mind, I have been mildly overweight from time to time and could really stand to lose about ten more pounds now, but that will still leave me with a high BMI. < /rant>

Now I've got go write. I had flow yesterday. Cross your fingers for it to continue for me today.

bono said...

Hey, taking day off from work. I'm not worried about being infected. I was up most of the night due to howling winds.

Lisa, I'm reading a book with a character from Texas in it who uses the most colorful phrases that make me laugh. (someone is described as "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" and someone else is "busier than a hound in flea season") Is there a book y'all get these sayings from or do people just make them up on the spot. I love it and wish I could be as witty. Of course, I learned fairly recently that in the South you can cut a person to ribbons but if you add, "bless his/her heart" it's not taken as an insult.

Hey, everyone. Hope you have a great day. Happy traveling, Nancy.

Jen said...

I have been arguing with my WiiFit for months. It does not understand disability at all and it thinks I am just lazy about my left half.

Kelly, from what I understand BMI is dodgy methodology due to shortcomings in exactly that department, apparently it's not uncommon for muscle-bulky athletic builds to get marked as obese. You could lie to the machine about your height and not have the issue anymore, but make sure the Feline Collective doesn't rat you out. ;)

boran2 said...

Checking in way early today, courtesy of my day off from my role as humble civil servant.

Best wishes for your son, Far.

Safe travels Nancy.

I'm off to a local gallery this afternoon to see if they'll be able to give me any advice as the where I can show my paintings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boran! I had to look at my watch to make sure I hadn't wasted the entire day rewriting my synopsis. Nice to see you in the daylight! Good luck at the gallery - and enjoy your day off.

Kelly McCullough said...

Jen, that's occurred to me. What I'm really mostly annoyed about is that the designers built these boxes to put people in without any way for the user to go about addressing them. I'm perfectly happy to be snarked at for the number of pushup-side plank combos I can do, because that's objective snark and I have the potential to do something about--which is really the point of the Fit. The fact that I have the genetics of a tank and that the Fit's version of BMI doesn't take that into account, not so much. What I want is an "input-body type" function so that it's only snarking at me for the extra ten pounds I know I need to shave off instead of suggesting the kind of weight loss that would require sawing off a leg.

Janet said...

((Farf))) sorry about the clinker. Keep us posted.

Katiebird, I sure did see your post - Thanks. And no worries okay. You can always be brief with me and... you can talk dirty to me, too :)

Jen, I'm loving my WiiFit. I'm not one of those exhibitionist exercisers so doing this is fun and without the cranked up dvd aerobis. This thing knows whether or not I'm doing it right and keeps me a bit more honest :) I've lost about 4 pounds in two weeks. But I've gained a bit more muscle. Need to get fit before my hockey vacation to San Jose :) I'm still volumptuous though :) Oh well, more of me to love and grope.

Off to the mimes.

Jen said...

Janet, awesome. I like mine for similar reasons, plus the accessibility is essential.

What I'm really mostly annoyed about is that the designers built these boxes to put people in without any way for the user to go about addressing them.

lol, preaching to the choir, brother.

boran2 said...

Hi Beth! Yep, the upside of being a civil servant. The gallery gave me some ideas but wasn't otherwise interested. Back to the drawing board.