Friday, February 27, 2009

Sun & Shadows

Photo of Sir Sniff the Noble Beast, by Andif


AndiF said...
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Lisa M said...

The trees seem a bit lonely even in their forest.
Maybe my mood shadows the interpretation.
Trying hard not to implode as EVERYTHING is getting on my nerves. Just want to be left alone to mumble and write as I try to perfect my pitch and finish some more editing.
Down in the forties so much cooler today. Supposed to freeze tonight. The redbuds and pear trees are blooming. So mother nature is messing with our minds.
Wind chimes warn of a blustery day.

Sensational Saturday to All.

AndiF said...

Olivia calls that his Zen Sniff pose. No offense to your naming cred but I like hers better. :)

And just to return to the beach reveries for a moment ... Jean-Paul Belmondo is walking down mine straight out of That Man from Rio.

Morning all.

AndiF said...

Ah I should refresh before I post.

Hi Lisa. Given the thousands and thousand of trees in my little bit of the forest, I think it's your mood. Sniff suggests some zen time with the imploding-would-not-be-a-good-thing manta. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think a walk on the beach OR in the woods is perfect for relieving that pressure, Lisa. Nothing's ever perfect - and that's the reason you're going to the workshop, to work on that kind of stuff. It'll all be fine - be good to yourself.

"Cold" front moving thru tonight - just in time for me to head south tomorrow a.m. for 10 days of friends, family, and baseball. Will check in as I can. Going to stop at Bike Week first - 30,000 Harleys, yee haw!

Have a great weekend/week, everyone - I'm off to the beach and then a writers group...

Maria Lima said...

Morning, gang. Thanks for all your kind comments! Yesterday @ work was better.

I'm off this a.m. for hair cut/color and a massage. Then I can hopefully come back and make some serious inroads on the book. I'm up to 59K, so I'm really close...I think.

katiebird said...

(waving) pretty picture. headache. need coffee. see snow outside.

FARfetched said...

A rainy Saturday here. Zen Sniff, huh? It fits the pic… the woods looks barren in this shot, but you have to look closer to see the life all around. Or in a dog's case, smell the life all around. On the fantasy beach, the sun has gone down and Samantha Fox is singing to me. :-P

I'll need to get a better seat before attempting Bike Week… I file putting a bike on a trailer under either "repairs needed" or "defeating the purpose." I've done 300 miles on the SM, and they're right that those letters are talking about the seat.

Lisa, maybe you're a day behind Maria and today will be better. I also need a haircut, but I'm saving the color for when I start looking for a new job.

pours coffee for KB Off to clean up the kitchen a little.

bono said...

Yup, cold here, again. Sigh.

Warm fuzzies for Lisa.

Can the weekend be half over already? Yikes. Must be having fun 'cause the time sure flies.

Happy Saturday.

Lisa M said...

Round one of Pitch writing wrestling done. Will see in tomorrow's light if the words make any sense.

Bono--warm fuzzies. Can't get enough of those. Thanks!!

Throw another log on the fire--blustery weather here.
Then back in the 80s later in the week. Go figure.

Beth--We'll never be finding any moss under your feet that's for sure Go Go Go Girl.

Farf--I LOVE your humor. You don't let this gaggle of gals get ahead of you.

Here's hoping Maria found the wonders of massage.

Night all.