Monday, August 25, 2008

Awful, Miserable, Hideous, Damned Plant!

This is The Dreaded Ragweed that turns me into a zombie every September. Bah!

That is all.


Nancy P said...

Allergy Alley.

Thank god for air conditioning.

Now on to the good news. . .only six more scenes to go!

boran2 said...

Nancy, Ragweed gives me some problems also. May the duration be brief. Keep that a/c going.

Sounds like the writing has been going well!

We're in Sedona, Az now where it is raining heavily, a rather rare event. The sky is filled with dark clouds, looking very much like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

AndiF said...

Gesundheit and yay, Nancy. Scribble, ah coo, scribble!

Happy -- soggy but not for long I hope -- vacation, b2.

Hi to the still snoozing (or groggily waking). And remember worker bees, only 4 more days till the Friday.

Lisa Miller said...

Dreaded weed--my husband and son suffer with it too. Mountain Cedar is my nemesis.
Where is that death ray? Ragweed and fire ants are top on the hit list.

Nancy--Keep this hanky nearby as you streak to the finish. I'm softly glowing a bit green.

B2--what a variety of wonderful images you will have from your travels.

Andif-worker bee here up early. I showed your pink flower-bee picture to a friend that does quilting. We love working with bright fabrics and were so blown away by the brilliant pink details against the green background.
Buzzing away to work.

A Tremendous Tuesday for all.

FARfetched said...

I'm glad I don't have any allergies. Mrs. Fetched has enough for both of us, though. :-P

Six scenes to go? Hope it's less than that by now!

B2, it's raining here too. Like i said on my Twitter feed, after several weeks of very little rain we're going to get 3-5 inches. They posted a tornado warning in Atlanta this morning, but it's gone now. I haven't even heard a thunder rumble so far this morning. But between the rain and taking two nephews to school, I won't be on the bike for at least this week.

Andi, not only is Friday coming, it's a 3-day weekend for us US folks!

Lisa, don't use an M-80 to nuke those fire ants like they did in that commercial. ;-)

Not sure I'll get back in later or not… work is getting full & it's even worse at home. Later though!

JanetMommaMia said...

Been a long weekend and I'm catching up on my friends blogs. Kinda sorta. I only have about ten minutes this morning before work.

It's been truly weird here in many ways:

We had three digit temps followed by "winter like" storm warnings. ACK!

Work has been... heartwrenching. We are seeing more and more children with horrendous ailments. The "rarest" of cancers and diseases are showing up.
Also we're getting some training on how to deal with stealing and robberies - as well as dealing with people who are complaining about prices - due to the economy falling so fast.

And then... there's a church here who decided to publicly denounce autism as being "too annoying" to allow in their church. They are getting a backlash, believe you me, but... I wonder about society. I really do.

Speaking of zombie grass, I feel like that most days.

Nancy, I know it's old but I just picked up the Eugenia Potter stories. 27 ingredients & Blue Corn. I'm making your chile rellano recipe tonight from the inner cover LOL. And a co-worker is now reading Virgin of the Small Plains. I may have kinda sort turned her on to ya.

Move of the week: Who is Cletis Tout?! Smart, funny and I think you storytellers might get a kick out of it. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Nancy, I feel for you on the allergies front. It looks like what I had this spring was a late cold and not the onset of allergies for which I am very grateful. They're utterly miserable. Glad to hear your in the sprint to the finish on the book. That always feels like flying to me.

Hello also to Boran, Andi, Lisa, FarF, Janet, and those who show up later. Writing again, so my presence will be lighter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your allergies, Nancy - mine are limited to spring and summer, thankfully. I finally had "the shot" this year, since none of the meds out there work for me. Hope the dreaded ragweed season is short this year.

Sedona - one of my favorite places in the world, boran - even when it's raining! Hope everyone enjoys whatever weather Ma Nature is flinging their way today. We have gloomy and 46, although they're promising 71 and sunny. We'll see. Fall arrives in North Idaho.

Waving to everyone!

Conda V. Douglas said...

Congrats on only 6 scenes left! I know what it feels like to be at the "scene countdown." I'm about halfway through my current w.i.p. so I've got a ways to go with this one.

And I agree with Beth, Sedona is fabulous.

Also, sympathy on the allergies, Nancy. I'm suffering today from smoke from the devastating fire in Boise--in my neighborhood--but I'm also grateful to be alive and okay--it didn't touch us, so, so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Glad the fire didn't affect you too much, Conda, except for the smoke. One of the hazards of life in the NW - wildfires. I guess every part of the world has its own challenges, and those are ours. No bad ones in N Idaho so far - fingers crossed. And this week's rain has helped. Hope some heads your way soon.

Janet said...

Allergy Advice:

It's homeopathic but Wesley and Wayne swear by it. Wayne never had allergies till he moved up here.

Boiron's Sabadil. It works. And you don't need it in your system all the time unlike Claritin et al.

Sabadil and Arnica gel/cream. Two good things I've discovered and don't know how we lived without em.

Nance, I can get you the Sabadil at 20% off if you'd like and mail it to ya.