Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ghost fog

Photo by Andif. Click to enlarge to fullest beauty.


Nancy P said...

Early post for Thursday.

Damn, do you ever get behind reading your own blog? So much juicy stuff from you guys in the last couple of days and I can't even study it yet.

Right now, I can't look at a computer screen for one more minute.

Over and out. ::Faceplant::

AndiF said...

Suddenly, from the depths of the fog-shriven lake arose the unbidden and unwelcome misshapen mass of the legendary monster Lottospam.

Lisa Miller said...

My story hides among the wispy tendrils of fog on that opposite bank. I wake up disoriented on this solitary shore and find no path or footprints to my trusty companion. In my gloom I see the brightness above what is surely my friend. The message from the bottle said she misses my words and will never find her end without me. My heart twinges with regret at my weakness in abandoning her. The aching back, burned-out brain, and early-to-bed sirens have lured me from my journey this week. My steed stomps and tugs at his tether, impatient to rescue our friend. Sadly, I turn away from the light to continue digging my trench and building my bulwark, as we prepare to battle the forces of ignorance. I nod slightly as the plan to save my friend takes form.

Maria Lima said...

OOh, shivery fog quietly wrapping its chill tendrils around the vegetation, dampening sight, sharpening sound.

LOVE this pic, Andi!

I'm in the midst of collecting imagery for Book 3. I save them to my delicious account and then will transfer to my Scrivener file. All part of my mental world building. :)

Morning, all! Busy day ahead with the work stuff. But yay, nearly the weekend, upon which I will see Ms. Dina and we will go to a Great Big Sea Concert. Whee!

Kimberly Frost said...

I am loving the fog!

Yesterday was really rainy in Houston, and I loved it. I drank hot cocoa and curled up with a notebook to brainstorm.

Today, peppermint tea is steeping. Anyone who wants scones, I've got 'em. :)

Kelly McCullough said...

Ook. Ooooook! Ook, ook, ook. Urgh. (Shakes head, realizes he is speaking his native orangutan) Sorry, morning.

Hi. (waves)

Caffeine! (Staggers off in search of tea pot, is distracted by scones that Kimber brought. Eats half of one then falls asleep on couch in corner)


Dina said...

Andif, I don't know how you do it. Love, love, love this picture. And I just know the monster is lurking.

As Maria said, soon I will be heading due South to see her and listen to Great Big Sea. Doesn't get much better than that.

Nancy P said...

Andif,lol. Unforunately, I deleted Mr Spam's comments before I read yours, so now nobody coming along later will get the joke.

AndiF said...

Well drat Nancy. A joke is a terrible thing to waste.

Dina, basically all you need to do it is a house in the woods, a p&s camera, and 3 dogs who are very, very good at pestering.

maryb said...

I bet there are fish feeding in those weeds along the shore. Oh where is my rod and reel .... ah, here they are.

Now, someone bring the little boat around and we can troll along the shore in the mist and catch breakfast.

FARfetched said...

***pops out of the water***
Mmmh ffmmh mmmfh.
***spits out snorkel***

Lordy, early all-morning meetings are a major time-suck. At least I have some idea about what I'm going to be documenting next year.

Hold down the fort for me. Maybe things will ease up a bit next week.

***wanders over to drip on Kelly***

Conda V. Douglas said...

Gorgeous pic, Andif, gave me a shiver. Which I need right now!