Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where are the swimmers?

Andif sent us this interesting photo along with the observation that it might trigger some story ideas. Looks a little spooky to me. That lake in the distance looks downright threatening. Hm, is it obvious that I'm a mystery writer?


AndiF said...

It's the cover from the lost Nancy Drew book, The Mystery at Camp Whodunit.

BTW, I thought the shadow pic looked like Maori face tattoos. [LINK]

HI to everybody and thanks for all the fun reading your reactions to the shadow photo.

Anonymous said...

Boy, andi, how long has it been since it was just you and me here in the morning? Maybe life IS getting back to normal. I agree on the tattoos - either way, it's a very cool pic. As is this one - it looks like the end of summer, tho (sob).

I should see the last of the boxes today, then I can get back to life as usual. And anon, the housewarming party will be as soon as we paint over the mural (I hope to blog this am about it and the rest of the house)!

Happy Dog Days of August to everyone!

katiebird said...

(Waving Madly)

Good Morning, Nancy & Andi & Beth!!

The coffee's great and I'm just going to sit here for a while looking at Andi's photo. The colors are stunning.

Dina said...

Hi, all.

I am with Nancy - the lake looks nice and menacing to me. Perfect cover for the Nancy Drew.

FARfetched said...

I don't know… it looks to me like the anticipation of a day on the lake. Maybe there's an alligator on the loose — a little one like this guy to provide some laughs.

maryb said...

It looks to me like someone is rubbing in the fact that summer is almost over and that vacations are finished and it's work, work, work from here on out ... sob.

ok. pulling myself together ... good morning everyone. Hi Andi, kb, dina, far and anyone else who shows up.

Hi Beth - the end of the boxes are in sight? That's great. Whatever will you do with your time once the unpacking is finished. :)

Anonymous said...

Dunno, maryb, hopefully return to my regular writing schedule!! As happy as I am these days, I have to admit I DO miss my days of reading and studying and writing in FL last winter. So I think I'll get back to that.

Maybe YOU'D like to come see what's in the boxes in the guest room? Finders keepers!

FARfetched said...

Painting over a mural? Can't wait to see what's up with that....

Family Man said...

Hello Nancy and everyone.

I'm still using my old standby computer so I'm trying to get to everyone before it freezes up too much.

We've had rain, rain and more rain. It's been great. I sat out on the patio earlier and it almost felt chill. Now if it can just stay that way.

Both FMom and I are doing farily well and thankfully it has been quiet since there are no rels around. :)

Hope everyone is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog, far, and you'll see why. It takes over the entire dining room, and isn't what you'd call a professional job. I'm sure if someone I loved had done it, I'd feel differently, but this is an amateur job by a stranger...

My apologies to the painter, but it's gotta go.

Good to hear from you, fam - hope your computer troubles clear up soon, and glad you both are feeling better.

Maria Lima said...

First thing that came to mind: Croatoan.

Yeah, mystery writer with a taste for the other-worldly. ::g::

Busy day @ the office today, coupled with the tail end of the cold. Came home a wee bit early to rest.

Hope everyone's week is going okay.

Beth - saw your pics on the blog, nice house!

I'm off to watch more episodes of Mad Men.

Lisa Miller said...

Farf I tried to give the picure a positive spin but the alligator picking his teeth after having a canoeist breakfast kept coming to mind.
Biff Boff is missing. His bashed canoe bumped ashore upturned and empty...

Beth, congrats on the beautiful house. That mural is a point of interest.

Waves to all.

Anonymous said...

"Point of interest" - you are SO tactful, Lisa! :-)

Lisa Miller said...

Maria-- I love Mad Men.
That Don Draper--wow

I'm going for these bad boys.
It's been Sawyer on Lost but Don is moving up.
I've always liked the dark, swarthy types.
My hubby is now gray and distinguished.
Why is it gray associated with men isn't old and frumpy? HMMMM

Janet said...

Jason got ALL the camp counselors at Crystal Lake!!!


That Tattoo tree was most definitely from The Evil Dead.

boran2 said...

Hi all!

I agree with Beth, this looks like the end of summer. A bit lonely as fall closes in.

MaryB, Not all of us are done with vacation. Mine starts Saturday!

Nancy P said...

Jason got ALL the camp counselors at Crystal Lake!!!

lol, Janet.

Nancy P said...

Maori face tatoos! Yes! Andif for the win! (AfFTW!)

I love the lost Nancy Drew book idea. Can we combine Nancy Drew and Jason?

Beth? Is that really you? I didn't recognize you without a packing box in your hands. :)

Nancy P said...

::waving back at kb::

Hey, Dina. Have I told you lately how glad I am that you show up here? Somebody's got to keep Maria under control. :p No, seriously, glad. :)

Far, awww. . . although maybe his mommy ate the swimmers.

Nancy P said...

::a moment of sympathy for Maryb back at work, sob::

Hey, Maria and Lisa! Cover your toes. There's 'gators in these waters.

Just a couple more days, b2, just a couple more days. . .

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's me, NP, the long-lost family member. Tomorrow hopefully I see the last of the CBes - I told Bill I never wanted to see one again, and he gave me a strange look (yes, I know we're moving again in three years).

I can't wait for you to be done, Nancy!

Nancy P said...

I can't wait, either, Beth. :)