Friday, August 15, 2008

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Photo by Andif


Nancy P said...

An hour left in Friday. On Saturday, I'll have lunch or coffee with katiebird. Ya'll come and join us.

::Waves to Boran2 and wishes him a great vacation::

pablo said...

I hope you get to relax on the weekend. Sounds as though you've been writing yourself to distraction.

AndiF said...

Happy vacation, B2. Wish we were all going too.

Good morning all.

Lisa Miller said...

Ah for the quiet of the woods with deer.
The paint sprayer is going but they will finish this morning. Hooray lower power bills.

Close to finishing edits on this pass of another chapter. Have slowed way down but big time work needed on these last chapters which are very much first draft quality.

Vacation Envy of B2 creeping in as this is last weekend before back to the salt mine.

Nancy and KB enjoy time together.
Nancy thanks for cleaning up for this cyber klutz. Still very wet behind the ears with this blogging thing.
Pablo, Andif and all have a sensational Saturday.

FARfetched said...

Hey all!

I've got vacation slated for the week of Sep. 8… only an hour from the manor. I sure hope The Boy or the chicken houses don't have a meltdown this year.

I just fixed a "potato and egg brunch" found in a recipe book my late uncle Sonny wrote for my dad. Most of the recipes in the book are Cajun; this one is a little strong with wine vinegar, but sampling it was quite delightful. Just waiting for Mrs. Fetched to get back from running feed then we'll eat. You guys don't have to wait. ;-)

Maria Lima said...

Bonjour, tout mes amis! And happy vacation, B2!

I'm in hog heaven, having just found the French version of Le Petit Prince on for Kindle. Hoorah!

It's one of my favorite books of all time, and I love both language versions. I had the English translation on the Kindle, but not the French. Now, thanks to the power of teh Intarwebs, and the fact that it's in the public domain, I have it. Yay!

Starting work on Book 3 today, mostly shaping the theme of it; the overarching through line. Also need to start paring down Matters for screenplay version.

Two weeks and counting for Vancouver trip!

Have a fabulous weekend, all!

maryb said...

darn, if I had read this last night I might have been able to get there in time for lunch :)

I've got errands to run and hair to get cut today. I also (supposedly) have a guy coming to tell me what it's going to cost to replace the decorative wood around my front door area. I say supposedly because people always tell me they'll come give me estimates for things I want to do and then they never show up.

Have a good day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone has a productive day ahead of them. We're doing some shelf-erecting this morning, so I can organize some of the stuff we need to store.

But first I'm off to the farmers market - something I've wanted to do all summer, but haven't had the time for. Then it's off to the boat for some well-earned R&R.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Nicola Slade said...

Any Jane Austen fans round here? Prepare to be DEAD jealous! I've just spent two days in Bath researching the city in the 1850s for the sequel to my Victorian crime novel(came home yesterday). My protagonist is an Austen fan so of course I had to do all the sights (well, that's my excuse). And it was fabulous! I now know exactly where my heroine is going to trip over a body.
And now all (all!) I have to do is finish the book!

Lisa Miller said...

Farf--Breakfast sounds really Ymmm.
Cajun Recipies how fun to experiment.

Maria--My Le Petit Prince is on my self. One of my favorites too. That was the first book I read in French in high school. Blew me away to learn some words can't really be translated. Foreign Languages are a weakness for me though.
Bon Chance with your work on next book.

Waves to MaryB.

Beth-- Glad you are able to do fun things again. I am not going near the "doing some self-erecting" line. Remember I teach teens.
You inspired me to go buy fresh veggies too. I love the smell at the Farmer's Market.
Now I just have to start my creative chef engine.

Nicky that sounds like so much fun, being able to walk the streets like your character. We Americans are so nouveau by comparison with just a few hundred years under our belt. You come to Texas and I'll show y'all a taste of the wild west.

Nicola Slade said...

Lisa, I'd love to see Texas, but I want Glen Campbell to sing Galveston to me when I visit!
Have actually swooned around Charleston pretending to be Scarlett and looked out of the porch room at Green Gables, not to mention communing with Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy in Concord. I'm a sucker for literary tourism. But Bath was extra special, the Roman Baths in particular. Well worth a visit, and I've been loads of times. (Am also a Jane Austen fan and live near Winchester where she is buried).

Anonymous said...

Glen Campbell --Now that would be interesting.
Let's see literary Texas. I've got it.
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
Pulitzer Prize winning novel about retired Texas Rangers on a cattle drive from Texas to Montana.
Wonderful book. Strong female characters too. May be a bit rustic for your tastes but if ya feel the need for some wild west pick that one up.

Nancy P said...

I am writing myself to distraction, Pablo, you're all too right, but at this point so close to the FINAL deadline, the only way to relax is to "have written." ha. Like, I've written 10 new pages today, and so right now I'm having a glass of wine on a friend's porch and reading my own blog. Quel luxury!

Your blog looks interesting. I'll go back and peruse when. . .I can relax. :)

Nancy P said...

Lisa, your work ethic impresses me. Actually, we have a lot of truly hard working writers who hang out here. Sometimes you guys put me to shame. ::hangs head::

I had a lovely time with katiebird, who looks as if she is adjusting to retirement quite nicely, thank you.

Nancy P said...

Far, potatoes and eggs sound yummy right now.

Maria, j'adore Le Petite Prince, aussi.

We'll give you more notice next time, Maryb. :)

Beth, pick up a nice tomato to go with the eggs and potatoes, will you?

Oh, poor, Nicky, now the fun part of writing is already done. :)

Anonymous, Lonesome Dove is one of my favorite novels of all time. I fell so much in love with Gus that I created a character in one of my own books who is very like him, just so I could get up close and personal. Or, at lesat my heroine could. Hee.

Nancy P said...

Hm, that was supposed to be "least," instead of "lesat," although I could claim it's a mispelling of "Lestat," another one of my fav fictional characters.

Lisa Miller said...

Nancy what book had your Gus?

I'd be interested in reading it.
That is so fun morphing a character into another character. This writing thing has so many possibilities.

I'm still having blog issues since that was my post but I hit anonymous. Fumble fingers be me.

Maryb said...

well, not unexpectedly, no one showed up today to give me any bid. Or if he did he didn't call me or leave me anything. sigh. But at least my hair looks good.

N - glad you and kb had a good time. AND you wrote 10 pages. A good day.

Maria, believe it or not i've never even read The Little Prince in English. I should put it on The List.

Nicola, I love Bath and I love Austin so I'm very jealous. I've been to Bath twice and the first time I remember meeting a very cute Old English Sheepdog while I was looking at the river (where the rapids, or whatever they are, are located). It was my first day ever in England and I was very jetlagged. The second time I took the walking tour and our guide was Miss Marple. Or at least she looked like she could have been Miss Marple.

Lisa, blog problems are solved by lots of practice. You're doing fine. :)

I've off to see Mama Mia. I hope I'm home in time to watch the important swimming.

Nancy P said...

Hi, Lisa, remember Gus McCrae from Lonesome Dove? Gus and Woodrow Call.

Nicola Slade said...

Thanks, Anonymous, I'd forgotten Lonesome Dove, read it and enjoyed it very much. As for 'rustic', that'll be me!