Thursday, August 14, 2008

Writer cat needs catnap or catnip

Writerr Kitteh Wantz to B Phinnished NOW, Plz.


Nancy P said...

Sick of writing.

Sick of book.

Here, you do it.


Nancy P said...

Boran2 leaves on vacation tomorrow.

I can go with plz?

Beth said...

You're almost there, Nancy! Hang in there - the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train...

Take a day off - you've earned it! We'll do the writing for you tomorrow...

Sweet dreams.

katiebird said...

Oh, poor Nancy! But, you don't really want me to touch it. That would be a terrible mistake.

AndiF said...

Good morning Nancy and Beth. Go-back-to-sleep to kb (I say as I ask myself what someone who didn't even get home till 12:30 a.m. is doing up).

FARfetched said...

Oooooo. We get to finish Nancy's book? Hope it doesn't turn out like this!

Maria Lima said...

Aww, Nancy!! ::pets you:: I *hate* that part of the process. :(

You could always go with the infamous J.K. Rowling line. When she was asked what happens in the book (before the release of Deathly Hallows), she stated, "Rocks fall. Everyone dies."

I think I need a t-shirt that says that.

Happy Friday, all!!

Lisa Miller said...

Scratch behind kitty ears.
Pamper yourself Nancy.
Like an athlete, writers need recovery time too after working hard for extended times.
That should be a time to relish, guilt free.

Fanciful Friday to all.

Jen said...

I'm not sure why (and I'm not sure this is a thread I should be tugging at), but in my head, the Fickle God of the Final Chapters looks an awful lot like Yosemite Sam.

PS. Very cute kitty! Is s/he one of yours or a kitteh of the intertubez? Representing me today is this member of Team Lolcat.

AndiF said...

Hi everybody. Jen, I love your lolcat.

I've just come back from a walk with the dogs after having been away since Monday. The dogs thought they ought to do something special so Sniff and Bebo decided to enact The Allegory of Nancy's Novel*.

* Cliff Notes: Bebo's run through the grass is the entire process of getting the book written. Sniff is the book. And I can tell this allegory would have been even better if I had a video camera.

Lisa Miller said...

I go to my editing LOL.
Jen--wonderful cat, Maria--been under that rock a few times in this process, Andif--dog romping is always good and especially Farf thanks so much. I know Rebecca and Gary were probably in my Novel 1 class at SMU. There were always a couple of people like that in class.

Sally said...

Dear friends of Nancy's blog,
Your comments to Nancy's post today has saved me from running out of my house and sitting in the middle of the street, hoping an ugly giant Deffenbaugh truck (preferably the one that picks up recycables) would come by and scoop me up out of my misery. And then I read the comments and started laughing -- big old belly laughs (the kind that could easily turn into anguished sobs but feel SO good right now). And each time I revisit the posts and hilarious attachments I start laughing again. SO cathartic.
Thank you!
Sally the lurker

Beth said...

Hi Sally! Glad you delurked. Are you the famous Sally of The Porch? If so, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you when I visited Nancy and KB this spring - I really really want to spend some time on your porch!

And if you're not That Sally, then welcome anyway - do YOU have a porch? :-)

Please don't get recycled - come here and laugh with us instead! We smell better than those little blue bins....

FARfetched said...

Yeah, Sally, stick around and chat… I'll be bringing beer & rum for "later this afternoon" (as if anyone's gonna wait that long on a Friday!).

Woohoo, off to a whole-department town hall. I shall learn how many of my manuals got shipped this quarter.

maryb said...

lol Jen. Now I won't be able to get Yosemite Sam out of my mind today.

Hang in there Nancy. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :)

Imagine that this is the writing Olympics and we're all in the stands shouting you on to win like the men's swimming matches. At least you don't have to write in the water half-naked :)

I think we should ALL go on vacation with boran2.

Lisa Miller said...

Hey Sally.
Laughter--it does a body good.
Come sit on my glider on the back porch. We can watch my two dogs romp in the rain. 1st rain really in a couple of months.

Farf, I'm weighing the beer-rum option. Hubby made killer lemonade with rum when we were dating. So I'm getting a tray out with tall glasses and cutting up lemons.
Come on over everybody. It's only 70 here in Big D.

Nancy P said...

Oh, god, you guys are funny!!

Yes, that was The Famous Sally of the Porch! I just arrived on it, myself. You guys really made her laugh so hard.

If a recycling truck goes by, I'll grab her ankles.

Sally said...

You are all SO clever. And Nancy said it'd be okay to do this....a request for your clever input. I need a book And the publisher doesn't want the usual cozy kind of titles. Some examples they sent, "Why Mermaids Sing," "Mark of the Lion," "The Whole Truth," etc. "The Scent of Rain and Lightning" (I LOVE this one--Nancy new book...isn't it the best?--) The story has these elements: artists' colony, the sea, fishing, ocean storms (The perfect storm, perhaps??!!)...clam bakes, all kinds of sea life, urchins, etc.

Any ideas? You are the best! It's set in a idyllic little town on Cape Ann and the fellow who dies is a rather nice guy and a talented artist from Canary Cove, the artists colony in Sea Harbor. So think Pelicans, Canary, sea life, ocean, sea,
I know you have other things to do but if you have a moment, anything you can throw out there would be gobbled up!

And a question: Do you drink beer and rum together?
And you are ALL invited to the porch. Come!

Jen said...

I'm usually pretty good at titles but as previously mentioned, I cannot brain today. All I've got to offer is:

The Art of the Storm
Fish Story in Canary Cove

Good luck Sally (of the porch)!

katiebird said...

Sally! That's so generous of you! I'll be right over.....


I can't wait for that book to come out. The setting sounds wonderful.

Lisa Miller said...

Sally --
I'm not the funny one but:
Death washes ashore
Deadly Impressions
A Deadly Work of Art
Unfinished Dreams
Lost Images
Predatory Sea
Washed Away
Swept Away
A line in the sand
The Color of Dreams
Stroke of Passion
Wind Swept
terms that are interesting
Tidal Pool

Beth said...

Lisa! You've missed my lamenting about how much I hate thinking of titles. Can I hire you for mine??

And no, I'm not avoiding the guest room - why do you ask? :-)

Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth said...

Oops, double posted. Doggone internet. Slower than I am!! :-)

AndiF said...

Drawing the Line
A Slight Trick of the Eye
Imperfect Harbor
Etched in Sand

Two art terms that seems just made for a mystery book title:
Artist's Proof

Sally said...

You are all absolutely amazing! Yes, Lisa, we should hire you out! I am awful at titles and headlines (except for one I wrote for my high school paper about a girls' volleyball team that won a GAA tourney--Ponies Trot to Victory). But you are all terrific. I am going to copy these and send them off. Thank you!

Lisa Miller said...

Beth I'm at your beck and call.

Okay Sally My second run--

The Wrong Perspective
One Point Perspective
or Two point or three point
Color Scheme
Optical Illusions
A Deadly Medium
Poison Palette
Portrait of Fear, death, murder
Still Life
TROMPE L'OEIL (French for fool the eye)
False Value
Mistaken Silhouette
Vanishing Point
Abstract Vision
Center of Interest
Depth of Field
Etched Lives
Gallery of the past, future
Fallen Icon
Uncanny Likeness

FARfetched said...

Mortality Coast.

It has to have "Coast" in the title, whatever else you do.

Lisa Miller said...

Okay, I'm coming over with my tray, glasses and Lemonade. Rum in seperate bag.
David is spray painting the attic roof with ceramic beaded paint to act as heat barrier. So with noise from paint spray rig in one ear and an electric drill in the other brain cells have collapsed.

Lisa said...

I haven't even had a glass of lemonade and get double posted. Heck if I know how to undo one either.

Beth said...

Lisa, if you're still logged in, there should be a small trash can at the bottom of your comment. Click on it and it will ask if you really want to delete it (see Beth doing the same thing above, blush). If there isn't, then you'll have to wait for farf to help you (resident computer guru).

Lemonade and rum? I'm sure going to try THAT this weekend! Come on over - although it's going to be 100+ here - we'll have to go to the lake, I guess, doggone it.

Janet said...

Am I the only one who misread the Kitteh as wanting to be Punisshed!? :) Thought I had accidentally entered some puddy porn chat.

Keep going Nancy! You're almost


Nancy P said...

Lisa, I emptied your trash for you. ;)

Jen, that's a cat I picked up in the google-gutter somewhere.

This is a great bunch of clever people. Have I ever mentioned that before? Here, have a compliment. And rum.

boran2 said...

Drive by greetings. Hi all. Preparing for vacation is hell. No, really.