Friday, August 22, 2008


Bet you're not suprised to see this on the front page today. I wonder who took this photo?
This is how they pave elf bogs, so all the elves can cross.


Nancy P said...

Andif, is the duckweed both the lotus-looking pads and the tall reed thingies? It has to be the lotus-looking pads cause they also look like duck feet, right? But what about the tall thin thingies?

AndiF said...

I don't know what the reeds are called but tall thin thingies sounds like a perfectly good name to me.

And I meant yesterday to offer up some pink and went back to the archives to find you some but being in full geezerhood, I forgot all about it.

So .... Got Pink? [LINK]

paul lamb said...

The tall, think thingies are some sort of cattail, but the lotus-looking pads aren't duckweed. The leaves of duckweed are almost microscopic. It is believed to be the smallest flowering plant on the planet. It's called duckweed because ducks eat it and it grows like a weed.

AndiF said...

That's interesting Paul. People always call those plants duckweed around here -- so now I know not to trust my neighbors.

I'm pretty sure the reeds aren't cattails since they never have a 'cattail'.

Maria Lima said...

Morning, all. I wish I could be all bouncy and energetic, but I got very little sleep last night...and not because of a great concert. (Although it was probably wonderful, I wasn't there).

Sadly, my lovely evening with Dina and the boys of Great Big Sea turned out to be me @ home nursing a vicious migraine.

Totally kiboshed my plans and I ended up working in a darkened office until about 4 p.m., then skedaddled home to silence--which helped.

Sadly, headache still in evidence this a.m. Glad it's Saturday. Off to hair appt shortly (pre-vacation visit, so crucial) then will crawl back home to bed.

A lovely, lovely side effect of menopause. :( (Yeah, I'm absolutely feeling sorry for myself right now...this, too shall pass, perhaps after some more sleep).

I hope everyone's day/weekend goes well.

Lisa Miller said...

Nancy, tall reed thingies is exactly my scientific name for those too. And the other does look like Duck Feet.

Paul, interesting info.

Maria, pamper yourself.

Andif, Passionate about the pink! Now I'll have to think of a lesson that I can use it with. I'm using last Monday's blog fog picture for my first lesson. I sent an email to Nancy to forward to you. If you would reply then we would both have email contact available.

A good weekend to all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this place is fun AND educational! Who knew that about duckweed? Thanks, Paul.

Andif, love your pix but PLEASE next time a warning before a giant closeup of a bee. 'Bout jumped out of my seat here! lol

Lisa, do you have that much freedom in designing lessons? The teachers around here have strict instructions to teach the state designed curriculum so everyone can pass the highly hated profiency tests. Good for you that you have such freedom!

Feel better wishes to Maria.

Happy weekend to all!

Nancy P said...

Andi, I forwarded Lisa's emal to your gmail address. Is that the right one to use?

Nancy P said...

Okay, Andi, Olivia really took that PINK photo, didn't she?

The bee looks as if she's hugging the flower.

Thanks, Paul--I changed my post headline.

Maria, well, dammit. Poor baby head. ::pets it verrrrry gently::

Lisa, I forwarded your wonderful story.

Hey, Anonymous! I'd recognize you anywhere! :)

Happy, healthy, in-the-pink weekend to everybody.

Lisa Miller said...

I got it.
Looking at the Pink.
That picture is life.
Each day we have the choice of what part of our life we want to focus on.
Yes, the bee can be painful and does look a bit scary, but without it there would be no more flowers.
My eye was instantly drawn in by the welcoming pink flower but the dominance of the armored bee pulled my eye to it.
Drama kings and queens abound in my classes. It is hard to bring their vision back to the flowers in life. They thrive on the adrenaline rush of anger and attention.
Your bee flower picture is a fantastic visual to discuss the many facets of life and what both the positive and the negative contribute.
I'm a focus on the flower and appreciate the bee kinda person.

Anon--I have a hybrid situation. My class is all about how to help the kids make better choices in the future. So I've created my own curriculum and lessons. I'm no longer tied to state tests like when I taught science.
Even then though I was the teacher that had them writing weather poetry and creating artwork on all sort of science subjects.
The bee in my life is that I also have to coordinate all the elective classes when students are assigned to my building. So I oversee everything from Automotive class to Spanish 3. Handing out assignments and sending back completed work. That and the discipline results in me being often emblazzened on the bathroom wall as some other sort of B.

AndiF said...

Maria, what a bummer. I hope you feel better soon.

Hi again, Nancy.

Lisa, email sent. On the pink picture, I think another facet that fits your theme (and my favorite part of the photo) is the pollen-laden legs.

anon, if I do warnings it would spoil the effect.

maryb said...

Good morning all. I'm looking at my home desk and wondering how it can be covered with ... stuff... when I just cleaned it off last week and put everything away. It is like a pond covered with duckweed (or whatever that is).

Time to put on some tunes and start cleaning.

Nancy P said...

Happy cleaning, maryb. Music does make it more palatable.

Kimberly Frost said...

Morning all!

Hee hee hee. Paving for the elves. Love it.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I don't know that we have any positions like what you describe here. Even our special ed teachers (or SPEDs as they like to be called, lol) have to teach the curriculum. Veteran teachers remember when they had more freedom in the classroom and were able to be more creative. Now, that could cause them to lose their jobs. It really has gotten that bad. Everyone hates NCLB.

You may get your name emblazened on the bathroom walls, but they also respect you because you expect the best from them. Keep up the good work! And good for you that you're so creative inside the classroom!!!

Andif, I wouldn't want to lose the effect. It's just not what I've become accustomed to seeing in your pix. BTW, I loved the pink.

So much for my disguise, huh Nancy? lol

FARfetched said...

Hi ho, Daughter Dearest is at college now, spending her first night in her dorm away from home! The music students dive right in — they had a 2-hour rehearsal this evening for tomorrow morning church service.

Spent much of the late afternoon picking tomatoes and other produce, and trying to activate a used iPhone for Mrs. Fetched. She got me a new 3G iPhone and that didn't give any trouble.