Friday, August 8, 2008

Takin' it easy (chair)

This is in honor of Dr. Family Man who always gives the best prescription--relax. (Also, he likes to have his own lounge chair.) This being Saturday and all, maybe SOMEbody among us will be able to do that. Me, I'll be chillin' with the Sisters in Crime and then at Sally's house where we'll both be writing. When the writing is going well, there is hardly anything (note I said "hardly") more relaxing, strange to say.

Is anybody going to take off and relax today? Anybody?


Family Man said...

Good very early morning Nancy!

Yep I decided to take off today and do no work. The most exertion I'll expend today is working the keyboards or the remote and taking plenty of naps in that nifty lounge chair you provided.

Oh wait! That all I do everyday. Never mind. :)

Lisa - I'd love to fly out to Dallas to clean for you, but my DNA lacks the gumption to fly.

Kelly - Hope you have a very enjoyable trip.

I hope everyone has a most relaxing w/e and if you need me, I'll be napping in the lounge chair. :O

paul lamb said...

Afraid I'm not going to be relaxing today. I'm hauling my oldest son and his gear down to U of MO at Rolla where he begins his first graduate semester. As they say "You can't get there from here," but with a packed U-Haul truck, I intend to try.

I'll spend the night in lovely Rolla then dash up to Sullivan, Missouri to meet my new little nephew (#10) before I find my way home late Sunday afternnon.

With all of that, I may still find some time to write a word or two.

AndiF said...

Hi Nancy, FM and Paul. Hi-in-wait for the later arrivals.

I'm not relaxing today. Got a bunch of errands to run in Indy and the dogs want their walk before we go ... so bye.

Lisa Miller said...

I'll take some time in that wonderful chair this afternoon.
I am a champion napper. Usually Sunday afternoons.
After I get my editing goal met for the day, clean a bit (Not as good as Family Man) and run some errands.

I'll doze as I watch some of the Olympics. Beautiful opening ceremony, culturally interesting. For me watching takes me back to my childhood. This was something we always did as a family. On Sundays it was the Wide World of Sports and often a pot roast dinner.

Paul--You're a great dad transporting son to school.

Andif--Enjoy the daily dog time.

Nancy--Enjoy your time with the Sisters and may the muse be with you.

Stay cool Saturday to all.

Maria Lima said...

::yawn:: Morning, all!

Slept in this a.m. after a late night reviewing copy edits.

About a 1/3 of the way through, so today will be a work day for me, too.

At least I can do it in my own lovely recliner. :)

Hope everyone enjoys their day, no matter what they're doing.


Conda V. Douglas said...

Blink, blink, rub eyes, yawn. Boy, that recliner invites me--nope, can't do it until tomorrow. Today, I'm attending a reading of a winning script--and the announcement that my s.o. won third prize in that contest! Woohoo! I'll be awake by then!

Janet said...

No relaxing here. Gonna try and close down another recruiting station. It's the same one that a few years ago got in huge doo doo over recruitung the autistic student and assigning him as calvary scout.

The same one that had all the Raging Grannies/Surge Brigade arrested for sitting out front in rocking chairs. :) The rocking chairs have never been released. They might be in Cuba for all we know. Or some "homeland detention center" in Wyoming or something.

And then... I'll see about getting my hair cut and rotating laundry. Mind you I said ROTATING laundry... I never seem to get it folded and put away. Just washed and stashed.

Still not watching the Human Rights Violaters and Worst Polluters Olympics. Hey... it used to be when athletes pulled out of the Olympics there'd be media attention. Not so with this one. But in my town where we have Nike and Adidas just a few blocks away... we are hearing about the athletes who refused to go. Heartbreaking tales but they are the real Olympians to this family.

Sorry, I saw George Harrison on the Dick Cavett show last night (dvd) and he said the easiest thing for people to do is to do nothing. It's hard to take a stand or speak out. He was talking about the war back then as well as his trying to get the Concert for Bangladesh going. He mentioned that before going to UNICEF they were thinking about the American Red Cross but heard... and this is where my jaw dropped again, byt thta they had heard that the Red Cross was corrupt. That there had been HURRICANES in AMERICA where the Red Cross didn't get the $$$$ to the victims. De ja vu, my friends. Same fight. Same story. Just a different decade.

Maryb said...

No relaxation today until now. But I did drive out into the country and pick up some fresh peaches which turned out to be sorta relaxing. I like driving if I'm the only one in the car. Otherwise I'd rather be driven.

Paul - have fun visiting mini-stonehenge :)

FM - stop hogging the recliner.

Lisa - thanks for reminding me the Olympics started. I forgot. I like winter olympics better than summer - you just can't beat good live-blogging of curling. I'm trying to think what would be the comparison in the summer olympics and I'm coming up blank.

Hi Andi.

Lisa Miller said...

I've got a question for you and other writers in the group. An editing panic attack tried to rear it's ugly head but I beat it down.

What I realized was that it had to do with the fact that I am a big picture/sees the forest first kinda person. Being able to see my story as a whole and the actions and scenes that make up the story is no problem. It's when I start paying attention to all the trees in the forest, the details in the story, I easily get overwhelmed.

As I am moving forward with the editing I am trying to figure out a manageable framework to deal with those details and not feel like all those trees are just gonna fall down and crush me.

My question--When you begin writing a new book/story do you start with the forest,big picture or do you start at the tree level?
Then after the first draft, would you describe your editing as walking slowly through the forest checking and dealing with each tree as you pass or walking at a more brisk pace looking at only a few trees as you go. Then revisiting that forest many times until you've studied all the trees? Or something totally different?

Maria --hope edits go well

Conda--prizes are always nice

Janet--You do watch the most interesting TV.

MaryB-I'm thinking the badminton I watched this morning might rival curling for excitement.
Peaches ymm on ice cream or in cobbler

Andif I'm feeling this next week will have me begging for a tree picture. You've given us plenty of forests.

FARfetched said...

Hey all…

Lots of little things to do, but I'm getting a little chill time in between. We had visitors today.

Off to clean up the dishes & surprise Mrs. Fetched. I'm going to try this "AOL Radio" thing with my iPod touch & see how it works when wandering through the house.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick wave as I pass through. Finally back online after a week of no internet - talk about withdrawal, Kelly! But the new house is pretty well set-up - needs to be cleaned and pictures hung, and paint the walls soon, but for now we can actually find things when we need them. The garage is still a disaster, and at SOME point everything in there has to come in here...and we're already full in here. The result of moving from 4800 sf of living space to 2450. Not to mention from a 40x60 shop to a 3-car garage. Whose ideas was it to downsize??

So today I'm still unpacking. I missed everyone! And am wishing I was on Sally's porch with you, NP. 80 and breezy here today - never any humidity - massive thunderstorm last night, which is very rare - wish you all were here on the back deck with me, enjoying a North Idaho summer.

More soon - happy weekend! Waving as I head into the garage to find another box to unpack...

Nancy P said...

Thanks, Family Man, we need your example. :) As if you're not the hardest working person around here!

I eaked out a chapter today, and so did Sally, but man we had to work for it. It wasn't an easy chair writing day. Maybe tomorrow.

Lisa, I'm worried that if you tried to sit in that chair you sat on top of Family Man. :) We'll get you your own chair!

Andi, Paul, Maria, Janet, Maryb, Conda, Beth, geez, we are a bunch that doesn't do weekends.

Aww, Far, she's so pretty. Thanks for sharing that photo.

Lisa, maybe I'm too tired to think straight, but right now I hate to tell you that the answer to your questions is, yes. Each of those things is the way we do it. In other words, it depends a.) on the book; and b.) on what works. Not necessarily in that order, either.
But I will say that it's hard to beat Annie Lamontt's advice in her book Bird By Bird. (You have it, right?) When in doubt and anxiety, take little steps. One tiny step at a time and don't look any further than that until you feel more in control.